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You (season 2)

911 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The story of a successful manager who turned into a maniac is not over. In the second season, viewers will find out what happened to Beck and what kind of girl from the past broke into the life of Joe, who came to Hollywood in search of love. Actress Victoria Pedretti will play a major role in the second season. She got the role of Love Quinn, a novice chef who works as a managing manager in an upmarket grocery store. Having met Joe Goldberg, she sees in him a soul mate. (more…)


You (season 1)

3,956 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

Joe Goldberg works as a manager in one popular bookstore. The new series “You” will tell, that the guy is fond of literature, so he likes this work. But in fact he is a dangerous person. And when a protagonist encounters a charming novice writer, then his life changes dramatically. From this moment the guy decides that it’s necessary to start watching the charming beauty. He learns the smallest details of the heroine’s life thanks to social networks, which makes it easier for her to get to know her better and becomes obsessed with her. He seeks to control his beloved, but it was not easy.


UnREAL (season 4)

432 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

Rachel was lucky. She was hired by a well-known company that is engaged in filming various reality shows. And the new project, with which the main heroine will work, promises to be very successful. The producer chose a handsome guy for the role of a wealthy businessman and several attractive girls who, according to the script, were to get his attention. But such a show can not be surprised. And to attract the attention of viewers to the project, the woman went on some tricks. She hired two dark-skinned actresses who had to follow racist stereotypes, and also demanded from Rachel that she pour oil on the fire.


UnREAL (season 3)

3,270 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

In the series “UnREAL” the main character Rachel is responsible for the selection and preparation of participants in the dating competition program. And people come to participate in the reality show very different. Some just want to find the right person with whom they want to make friends, and maybe even love relationships. For others, this opportunity will light up on the screen (maybe then the producers will pay attention to them). Others participate simply because there is nothing to do. With all the contestants, Rachel should work, because the main thing is that the rating of the program. Yes, and the general manager of the program, Julia, the girl should please, as much depends on her. Not everything in Rachel turns out, sometimes she gets into comical situations, this is the plot of the series.


Devious Maids (season 4)

6,656 views Comments (7)


10 episodes

The plot centers around four young and attractive girls working as maids in rich houses Beverly Hills. They are very friendly and ambitious, just understand each other perfectly, but this is not the only thing that connects them. Girls keep one thing in common quite a dangerous secret that they vowed never to anyone not open.
Once they find their friend brutally murdered, but they do not even know who could have committed this terrible crime. Or perhaps the violence is directly related to the very secret that women are trying to hide? They have no choice but to start a more carefully hide their secret, and continue to live on …


UnReal (season 2)

1,936 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The show gives us the opportunity to look at the absurdity and horror behind the scenes of reality show. On the set of the fictional show Everlasting, serial version of the reality show “The Bachelor”, participating in an effort to eliminate the competitors offer sex, the young woman actually held hostage on the set, while her home is unfolding family tragedy, and African American women reported that they will remain in the show only provided following the racist stereotypes…


Drop Dead Diva (season 1-3)

390 views Comments (0)

Deb, a shallow model’s sudden demise results in her being reincarnated as Jane, a plus size lawyer with astonishing intelligence. As Deb sees life through Jane’s eyes, she realizes it doesn’t matter how big you are, just how you accept it and know you’re beautiful no matter what people say.


Devious Maids (season 3)

9,611 views Comments (4)



13 episodes

The plot of the series leads the viewer into the epicenter of events, one of the maids – Flora brutally murdered right at the party in the house of their employers. The alleged murderer immediately arrested. Her friend Rosie, Carmen and Zoilus who also works as a maid at a funeral shocked and decide that they never reveal the secrets of Flora. Meanwhile, in Beverly Hills, there is a new maid Marisol, who too actively interested in the death of Flora. She begins his own investigation into the death of the girl. The plot twists and begins to develop around the four main characters. They work in the homes of the rich and famous, but each of them has their own motives and secrets. Gradually, it tells the story of each of the women and details and acquaint with people where they work. It turns out that to be in the circle of the rich and famous personalities very difficult. This picture proves it to the fullest. For luxury and abundance, we see a lot of broken lives. Despite the apparent prosperity, the secrets have all, without exception. And each of the maids somehow forced to participate in their hosts and problems faced with the choice of how to proceed.



I Was Possessed (season 1)

783 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

“I Was Possessed” chronicles present day demonic possession and exorcism first hand. Using video and audio captured during the actual exorcism, each hour long episode tells two separate stories of everyday people who experienced demonic possession. Through first person accounts and recreations, we’re told the backstories of these terrifying experiences, each experience is retold through the stages of possession: Infestation, Oppression and full Possession. With the use of REAL footage and audio, the viewer will be immersed in the incredible experience of exorcism.



UnReal (season 1)

3,514 views Comments (2)

9 episodes

The plot of the comedy series “UnReal” focuses on two girls – Rachel and Julia. Rachel is working full-time employee on the film set, and the executive producer of the show is Julia. The essence of the reality show, which is led by girls, is to find the relationship between the young participants. UnReal shows the backstage life of the show. For what impartial Julia is ready to go to achieve the popularity of her show? And could Rachel make all the tricks that Julia is asking for her?