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Nine Network


Queen of the South (season 4)

7,906 views Comments (0)


13 episodes

The new season of “Queen of the South” continues the story of Theresa Mendoza and her journey in the drug business. Based on real events, but with a director’s correction. The prototype of Teresa Mendoza, was one of the main coordinators of drug cartels in Mexico and Colombia, a woman named Sandra Avila Beltran. The main characters are entirely from the world of drug trafficking. We are talking about people who subtly weave a web of dependence, sucking up an endless stream of crisp bills and invaluable health in order to give in return fleeting pleasure and death. (more…)


Bad Mothers (season 1)

12,671 views Comments (0)

Bad Mothers

8 episodes

Bad Mothers is an Australian television drama series which will screen on the Nine Network on 18 February 2019. The show centres around five women whose lives collide following a series of shocking events and learn that life can get a whole lot more complicated outrageous and fun, than they ever imagined. (more…)


Bite Club (season 1)

2,443 views Comments (0)

Bite Club

8 episodes

You never know who went crazy – you or others. The new Australian crime series “Bite Club” will tell an exciting story about a group of people who formed their own so-called club. They have a common history – they all managed to survive after the shark attack. But will they be able to survive after the attack of the maniac who opened the hunt for them?


True Story with Hamish & Andy (season 2)

3,127 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

Hamish & Andy sit down with everyday Australians who recount hilarious true stories that happened to them, with the events in the stories being recreated by Australian actors in filmed dramatisations. (more…)


Doctor Doctor (season 3)

4,577 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

A new Australian TV series “Doctor Doctor” with a title that implies the topic of medicine, but in fact it is more about the personal life of a talented cardiac surgeon sent on probation in the backwater, after several incidents of unacceptable behavior as a doctor. The fact is that the remote place turned out to be his native town, in which his whole family lives and which is not very happy to see him.


Doctor Doctor (season 2)

2,292 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

Hugh Knight was a promising doctor who could become a real celebrity, able to work in the best clinics in the world. However, a string of failures and frankly poor working spirit make the protagonist leave his job. However, Hugh did not lose the right to practice medicine. He once again goes to the hospital, but this time in his native town called Vayhope. A small Australian outback, where it would seem difficult to become someone more than just an ordinary doctor. And besides, doctors are not all happy to see him. People from the past begin to remember the protagonist of his past.


Love Child (season 4)

4,442 views Comments (2)


10 episodes

Drama series “Love Child” transfers audience to Australia, in 1969. This is the time when extremely adored Mick Jagger begins to travel about over the countries with the tours, without avoiding also Australia. At the same moment astronauts with the American citizenship successfully land on the Moon and in other States actively are processions and large-scale demonstrations in which people protest against military action that takes place in Vietnam. And all this madness is filled by improbable sexual revolution. The subject line of this series will tell about unmarried women who have decided to become mothers, but are afraid of condemnation of society and decide to try an opportunity to hide the pregnancy. (more…)


Doctor Doctor (season 1)

2,543 views Comments (4)


10 episodes

If you have important scientific career, in a small town, you will lose time. If you want to be classy specialist heart surgeon, then you are in a small town to gain rich experience to all the most complex cases. There will be a very creative work. Renowned heart surgeon leaves the big city and his practice after certain events and moved to live in a small town..


Royal Pains (season 8)

1,468 views Comments (10)


8 episodes

This serial is about doctor Hank Lawson, who works at the hospital and saved lots of human lives. He was honest, so he never have the aim to earn lots of money. But one day he realized that he will have a deal with the billionaire patient. Hank lost his job because of his patient, but when the time is left, he start to work in prestigious New York suburb. His brother helps him to redeem himself.


Underbelly (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

1,695 views Comments (0)

Underbelly is Australian tv series based on real events that took place in Melbourne between 1995 and 2004 years. The story tells us about a violent clashes between two criminal bands who compete for power in the crime world. In addition to the war between gangs, we also see another war – between mentioned gangs and the Rapid Reaction Force called Purana, which is accompanied by disassembly of a personal nature, sometimes cruel, and sometimes, so touching and tender, but certainly always exciting and unexpected.