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The Leftovers (season 3)

6,490 views Comments (6)


8 episodes

In ordinary autumn day there is a mysterious event — about 2% of the population of the globe are just dissolved in air. Actions in series “The Leftovers”begin 3 years later after the inexplicable phenomenon which reasons haven’t opened to this world. We are in one provincial town where there are many residents, who have lost families in fatal day. Now they are preparing to Day of Heroes which is designed to become a peculiar tribute to the memory of missing and to help inhabitants to overcome a difficult period in life. Through series ” Leftovers” you pass through, as through a nightmare of which it is impossible to get rid. (more…)


The Leftovers (season 2)

3,778 views Comments (13)


10 episodes

Kevin Garvey is a police officer that serves in the small town of Mapleton. Once hundred of people lost in the town. They disappeared without a trace. Many people immediately start saying that this is an admiration that will mark the coming of Christ. Kevin knows that this event has normal explanation …


The Leftovers (season 1)

15,474 views Comments (6)

The Leftovers poster HBO season 1 2014

10 episodes

The series is based on Tom Perrotta’s bestselling novel of the same name. When 2% of the population disappear for no reason, the world is trying to figure out what to do with it. Three years later, the story begins of those people who stayed. They should start to rebuild their lives … (more…)