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Younger (season 6)

5,100 views Comments (0)


5 episodes

Liza has just broke up with her husband and for this there were plenty of reasons (he lost in the casino, completely ruining his family, and also found a mistress). At the same time in forty years she was left with nothing, even without a roof over her head. The main heroine of the TV series “Younger” is trying to get a job again. The case and the faithful friend help the heroine to realize that she looks younger than real age, so she decides to hide her real age and pretend to be a younger girl. (more…)


Good Trouble (season 2)

364 views Comments (0)


5 episodes

in the center of the plot – the sisters Callie and Mariana, who begin an independent life away from home, in Los Angeles. They have a new home, new friends, new activities and new hobbies. Acquiring themselves in an unfamiliar environment, girls with varying success solve the first serious and adult difficulties encountered on their way of life. The series “Good Trouble” is a spin-off of the popular drama “Foster”. (more…)


Poldark (season 5)

2,328 views Comments (0)


1 episodes

British historical melodramatic series from the BBC – “Poldark”. Incredibly beautiful landscapes simply capture the spirit, rocks, sea, endless valleys. Filming was done in the North of Cornwall, on the coast of St. Agnes, and urban scenes on the streets of Korsham. The series begins in 1783, during the war with America. Later, a war with France is coming, we will see how it all affects the inhabitants of England. The main character, Ross Poldark, returns from a war after being seriously wounded to his land, to his family. He was absent for 3 years and was considered dead. Family estate is in desolation, father died and the bride is already engaged to another. (more…)


Berlin, I Love You (2019)

179 views Comments (0)

Berlin, I Love You

It is no secret that all the major cities of Europe are now full of foreigners and migrants. This quintessence of human lives sometimes gives rise to explosive cocktails. Here, in this movie “Berlin, I Love You” is shown one day in the life of a large metropolis. Many unrelated storylines make up the narrative outline. Drama and tragedy, pain, happiness, despair, illness, and joy occur and happen every moment in this big city. (more…)


You Me Her (season 4)

5,199 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

Continuation of the series about the couple’s attempts to save the relationship in a very unusual way. Emma and Jack tried to have a baby for two years. Their sex has become a routine, and the frustration of the lack of a result finally destroyed all positive emotions. Gradually, they stopped trying, and intimacy finally disappeared from the couple’s life. Once Jack wanted to feel like a man again, even for money. So he met with student Izzy, working as an escort. From this it all started! (more…)


The Haves and the Have Nots (season 6)

1,105 views Comments (0)


9 episodes

The life of the rich and powerful family of Judge Jim Cryer will be at the center of the series “The Haves and the Have Nots”. Each of the inhabitants of the luxurious mansion has his own secrets. The head of the family has long led a double life. His wife Katherine, outwardly – a sample of example and virtue, is ready for anything to protect the family. Daughter and son also do not differ decency. The only person in the house who lives according to God’s commandments is the black maid Hannah Young. And her daughter Candice dreams of wealth and sees acquaintance with the Cryer family as a chance to achieve what she wants in life. (more…)


Five Feet Apart (2019)

207 views Comments (0)


This movie is about two teenagers in love living with a disease that prevents them from approaching each other. In the center of the movie “Five Feet Apart” – Stella. she is a patient of a hospital with a diagnosis of cystic fibrosis. She is undergoing treatment and leads her YouTube channel, which tells about the fight against the disease that affects the external secretion glands and violates the functions of the respiratory organs. Stella always adheres to the rules, so it is difficult for her to come to terms with the advent of a new patient – a guy named Will, who doesn’t care about the medication (more…)


Station 19 (season 2)

11,207 views Comments (0)

Station 19

17 episodes

Heroes of the series “Station 19″ every day faces various kinds of difficulties that can take their lives. The Fire Station 19 is located on the outskirts of Seattle. The central person of the series is the fragile and courageous Andy Herrera. She, like no one else, knows her duties, because she has been in the fire department for more than a year and has managed to see a lot of things, from which an ordinary person will loose his mind. Above all, she has a lot of privileges and a kind of managerial spirit, because she is the daughter of the chief, the one of the Fire Station 19


After (2019)

2,831 views Comments (0)


A diligent student and raised daughter Tessa Young arrives at the college. She leaves behind the threshold of the dorm room mother and boyfriend, and meets new neighbors. One of them is still linked to a new boy, Hardin Scott. But as you might guess, not for long. Ahead – hot hugs with Tessa. However, the grain of unhealthy relations between Tessa and Hardin was laid from the very beginning. The challenge he received in the game to make a girl fall in love is a real trauma for a young lady. (more…)


Game of Thrones (season 8)

16,768 views Comments (0)

Game of Thrones

6 episodes + Special

The final season of “Game of Thrones” will be the most anticipated. Creators of the series promise that there have not yet been such battle scenes as the upcoming ones on TV projects. And the quality of special effects will put Season 8 of the Game of Thrones on the same level as the highest-grossing Hollywood creations. In season 8 there will be only 6 episodes, but each will take almost 2 hours of airtime. John learns that he is Targaryen. Arya will meet with John ….