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Nashville (season 5)

20,030 views Comments (5)


19 episodes

The action of a drama TV series “Nashville” happens in the city of the same name which by right is considered the capital of country music. The main character is popular and very famous country singer Rayna James who became the most real legend. Her compositions were always in a top of all charts, tickets for concerts were bought up for few days, and albums were sold out in a million circulations. But in the end Reina was the fact that sooner or later happens to every star, her glory began to fade. To return to the legendary singer former glory and to pay back all wastes on the upcoming concert tour, managers suggest Reyna to go to a tour across the cities together with a young rising star Juliette Barnes … (more…)


The Night Shift (season 4)

815 views Comments (0)


5 episodes

The action series “the Night Shift” takes place in a hospital in San Antonio. Here constantly there is a struggle for life in which the patients are helped by experienced and qualified doctors. There worksl doctors who once lived through difficult days, taking part in the hostilities. Now in peacetime, they help the patients and save their lives. Former military thought in everyday life to treat people much easier than in times of hostilities. Every night shift, something happens because many diseases are usually aggravated at night. Physicians should immediately provide assistance because of their skill and mastery depends human lives. They can only dream about the rest.This series will tell about hard destiny of the former medical officers who in peace time save hundreds of human lives. (more…)


Younger (season 4)

2,409 views Comments (0)


4 episodes

You can dream whenever you want. Of course it’s not necessary to be young for dreaming. Liza is now 40 years old and has recently been divorced. Does it mean that her life is over? Or does it mean that life will become dull? Of course not! Thanks to Liza’s beautiful appearance and her best friend Maggie, Liza plans to pretend that she is a 20-year young woman. Why does she do it? The answer is quite simple. Liza wants to get a job of her dreams. Her example shows everyone that it is never too late to start dreaming. Even in 40 years old any woman can change her life for the best! Every woman should know it! (more…)


Being Mary Jane (season 4)

3,941 views Comments (3)


11 episodes

The life of a young black woman, her work, her family, and the popular talk show which she hosts.


Game of Thrones (season 7)

4,636 views Comments (2)


1 episodes

Power is always struggle, strife and bloodshed. In the center of the events of the Seven Kingdoms. The throne of these kingdoms seek rather to take each. The struggle for power is gaining incredible momentum. Most importantly – when to get support from those who do not have to power and the throne irrelevant. Eddard stark is willing to do anything to help his childhood friend. The man doesn’t even know what you’re getting into, and what will be the consequences of this. Debt to the other for stark above all else, so he, without hesitation, leaves home one of his faithful wife, and goes on a journey. In the movie inherent intrigue, which will bear long-awaited fruit. For some it’s a way to get revenge, someone hope for salvation. (more…)


Shadowhunters (season 2)

10,597 views Comments (4)


16 episodes

The series “Shadowhunters” is full of mysticism and fantastic adventures. But Clare knows nothing about it yet. She is going to celebrate her 18th birthday together with her guy Jase. Directly in day of a celebration the young person learns that she is an offspring of one ancient clan of Hunters. These people have potential to fly as angels and to battle against dark spirits and demons. Our heroine should turn from the modest little girl into the real knave and to continue family business. But the young lady naturally doesn’t aspire to such vital somersaults, and wants to be herself. However, after kidnapping of her mother she doesn’t have a choice. Now, to save the mother our lovers should get into another dimension and show all living there, to villains who actually is the boss in the house. But whether they will be ably, it is other question. (more…)


Poldark (season 3)

4,535 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

It is so difficult to come back home and understand that the world has changed in many ways. The main character named Ross Poldark has such thoughts. He went through the American War of Independence and survived.
The war finished and Poldark couldn’t wait to start working. But his appearance got sad, when he occurred to know that many situations are not like they were before. His father is dead, copper mines of their family are almost empty, and his beloved is going to marry his cousin. Many people will become mad in such conditions. But this is not the shape of Poldark’s heart. He wants to change everything around him.


Pretty Little Liars (season 7)

25,045 views Comments (4)


20 episodes

Here in the series “Pretty Little Liars ” there are four girlfriends – Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily who were good girlfriends for a long time. However, after one party Alison has suddenly disappeared, and then they found her dead. And the girls they ceased to maintain any relations. But once, a year later after this awful incident, girls to have to meet again. The reason for this was that the former girlfriends at the same time begin to receive mysterious messages from the unknown person. This anonymous author knows most intimate secrets of girls which they didn’t open even to each other. For their secrets not to become obvious, girlfriends do everything possible to find the stranger. But it appears not so simply to do it, and soon they learn that they are not the first victims of this mysterious person. (more…)


Skam (season 4)

1,453 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

Fascinating series “Skam” tells about the everyday lives of several school friends who are studying in high school Hartwig Nissen located in the picturesque city of Oslo. In Norway, going to high school, students begin to receive a scholarship which allows them an early age to live without guardianship of parents and make their first steps into adulthood. Girls did not like each other, and each of them has to go through a difficult adolescence filled with all kinds of problems: to socialize, to find their place in school community, to make a name for himself and win the respect of their peers. First love, resentment and betrayal, new friendships, quarrels and partings, fun party with friends and sad, lonely nights all is an integral part of the life, through which almost all teenagers, and our heroine is no exception.



Song to Song (2017)

390 views Comments (0)


Two intersecting love triangles. Obsession and betrayal set against the music scene in Austin, Texas.