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The Big Bang Theory (season 12)

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1 episodes

“The Big Bang Theory” is an amazing, unique series, which many years later and a solid number of seasons has not become any worse. Each series is entertaining and necessarily generously endowed with jokes of varying complexity and availability. Any of the main characters has an exclusive character and manners. This is a funny, positive, exciting series, about a company of young guys who, for all their learning, doctoral dissertations, in the ordinary world, are unequivocally uneasy, although they are not discouraged and ashamed of their children’s hobbies, games, comics, collectible figures and other attributes from life of “botanists”.


Book Club (2018)

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Book Club

In a new part of family comedy “Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation” our heroes went by the whole big company to a family monstrous cruise. According to the story, Dracula was so tired of work and loneliness that he even registered on the dating site. Everyone finds something to like on the liner. And even the Count himself falls in love with the beautiful and mysterious Ericka. Who turns out to be the great-granddaughter of the vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing.


Adrift (2018)

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This is the story of a terrible storm, which hit the yacht of Richard and Tami. Can young people live in the open ocean when the water is over, the food ends, and Richard has a broken leg and ribs? How long will the young couple last? The situation is complicated by the fact that Tami is a vegetarian. And she categorically refuses to kill and eat fish. The movie “Adrift” is based on real events.


A Discovery of Witches (season 1)

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2 episodes

The learning atmosphere can sometimes tire out, and the soul will want something new, unexplored, unbelievable. Diane Bishop is a member of the Oxford Academy. She is working on studying ancient manuscripts and relics from the past. Once in the hands of the heroine gets a strange manuscript, which has incredible power. His reading overturns the life of the heroine, turning into a nightmare in reality. Mysterious Matthew Claremont, handsome, geneticist and vampire can help Diana. And Diana herself is far from being a man.


Breathe (2017)

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Young girl Diana was fascinated by the cheerful and energetic Robin Cavendish. Soon they got married and went on a honeymoon. However, it was there that their life was divided into “before” and “after”. Poliomyelitis paralyzed the entire body of Robin. To just breathe, he now needs to be close to a massive medical device, but neither he nor his wife was comfortable with it. With the help of a professor from Oxford, they create an armchair that gives Robin the ability to navigate. Together with his wife, the hero of the movie “Breathe” goes on a journey to prove the same as he is, that life is beautiful in any case.


Overboard (2018)

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Overboard 2018 Atlanta Latinos Magazine #atlantalatinos

The movie “Overboard” tells about the single mother Kate. She has three daughters, and she has to work hard to feed them. She is trying to learn to get a better job, because she does not want to clean carpets and carry pizza all her life. Once, a cleaning company sends her on a yacht. The owner is handsome Leonardo. The spoiled and unceremonious rich man rudely dispenses with her and throws her working equipment overboard. As a result, Kate remains unemployed and with a debt of 3000 dollars to the company. Soon an accident occurs. Leo falls overboard his yacht and, recovering himself, discovers that he does not remember anything. Kate finds out about his amnesia from the news. She decides to take revenge on him. When she comes to the hospital, she declares that he is her husband. Now the new head of the family will have to adapt to the difficult life of the working class.


Hit the Floor (season 4)

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Hit the Floor

8 episodes

For someone, basketball is just a game, a spectacle, not the most important sport in the world. For some, basketball becomes almost the meaning of life, philosophy, the main way to feel alive and real. Incredible and amazing performances are presented by both fans and players. An important role in sports is played by a support group. Cheerleaders also lead their inner struggle for the right to be the best! In the series “Hit the Floor” Olivia is a girl who leads one of these bands. In her team there is a beautiful Elena who pretends to be the most beautiful in the group, but after joining Ahsha everything changes.


Younger (season 5)

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Season Two Group Shot

12 episodes

The series “Younger” tells about a forty-year-old housewife who devoted her life to a child. After the divorce, she is forced to look for work. It’s no secret that it is very difficult to find a job for a woman with a long break in her seniority, and even not young. But the heroine of the series does this with ease after she rejuvenated her image. But she does not just have to look younger, dress in accordance with the proclaimed age, but also seem more stupid and frivolous.


How to Talk to Girls at Parties (2017)

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How to Talk to Girls at Parties

We see London of the seventies and the main character – Enn. In the movie “How to Talk to Girls at Parties,” he’s a rebel in his sole and a little bit in his life, wears a fashionable leather jacket, easily ruffles his elders (not forgetting to ask for money so that the evening will work out) and is constantly in the shadow of his more raunchy friend Vick. However, Enn does not lose heart: when you are seventeen, you are absolutely sure that sooner or later you can do everything.


Mary Shelley (2018)

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Mary Shelley

The movie “Mary Shelley” is another attempt to look at the events of 1814-16, which prompted a very young girl to write one of the most piercing works about solitude. 16-year-old Mary followed in the footsteps of her mother and left everything for the sake of a handsome poet. However, the happiness did not last long. The poet was still a rascal. The girl had to survive the betrayal, deprivation, death of the child. It shows the carefree life of young people who do not understand what they are doing. In the environment of heroes there is the atmosphere in which words about eternal and fine intertwine with constant drunkenness and debauchery reigns.