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Better Things (season 3)

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Better Things

4 episodes

The third season of the comedy series with elements of the drama “Better Things” continues to reveal the problems of motherhood and the difficulties faced by a woman who is trying to build her career, while simultaneously engaged in raising children. The main character is a single mother with three children. A woman has to do a lot more work, as she alone brings up her children, but she doesn’t lose heart, and still manages to work as an actress, although she still lacks stars from the sky. But the money earned is enough to live. (more…)


Snowfall (season 2)

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10 episodes

The story of how in the 70’s the 80th cocaine wave swept the US while America “fought” with the Communists. The series “Snowfall” shows us the result of the activities of drug lords from Colombia and Mexico. The protagonist of the series – an ambitious African American teenager wants to get rich and say goodbye to poverty thanks to the resale of powder, but in his poor residential quarter, many people do not afford this expensive drug.
But at one point a young man stumbles upon a small laboratory for the manufacture of a hundred times cheaper forbidden drug – “crack”.


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (season 13)

5,811 views Comments (0)

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

10 episodes

The thirteenth season of the popular series “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia ” offers us to get acquainted with three funny characters: Dennis, Charlie and Macy. Each of the heroes is busy with their favorite thing, but they all share one thing – they own an Irish pub in the city. Denis is a typical handsome who loves himself and loves to boast of doubtful successes. Mack is mysterious and amazing. And Charlie has long been a cuckoo. The company is engaged in a favorite business and every day it encounters funny situations and comical moments.


American Horror Story (season 8)

3,820 views Comments (0)

American Horror Story

10 episodes

The new season of the terrific project “American Horror Story” will return in September of this year. The authors recently announced the main topic of the upcoming episodes. The plot of the project will take us to the events that will connect the story lines of past seasons, called “House-killer” and “Sabbath.” The rest of the details of the upcoming season actors and developers prefer to hide. Each new season of the “American Horror Story” is a separate story with its emotional and thematic implications. The eighth part, called “Apocalypse”, will become a long-awaited crossover, which will begin to connect the events of other seasons.


Mayans M.C. (season 1)

6,574 views Comments (0)

Mayans M.C.

10 episodes

The series “Mayans” is an ideological continuation of the popular project “Sons of Anarchy”. The focus of the plot is the events following the end of the popular show from FX channel. The story tells of EZ Reyes, who leads the influential group “Mayans MS”. He works on the border between California and Mexico, but recently pursues only one goal – revenge for loved ones who died at the hands of an unknown punisher. Reyes can not be stopped. He forgot about honor, high human feelings, to find the perpetrators of the tragedy, who he can not forget. However, true love will change his idea of life.


Mr Inbetween (season 1)

1,523 views Comments (0)

Mr Inbetween

6 episodes

Ray Shoesmith managed to feel himself in different roles. He is a good father, a great friend, a wonderful lover, but that’s how a family man, alas, did not take place. However, even those roles that he performs for five, are given to him extremely uneasy. Ray manages to combine personal and social life with his very unusual profession, which puts him in great danger. Few people know that Shoesmith is an assassin. The series “Mr. Inbetween” is a kind of rethinking of the famous full-length movie from Australian authors “The Magician”, published in two thousand and five.


Pose (season 1)

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8 episodes

The action of the series “Pose” takes place in the 80 years of the last century in New York. In the center of the story are transsexual artists who live their normal lives. And like all people, they dream of love, recognition and success. The series aims to encourage those representatives of sexual minorities who feel themselves driven into a corner and unable to find happiness.


Archer (season 9)

6,073 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

This cartoon “Archer” is a comedy animated series for adults. The plot tells about the spy organization ISIS. The main character, Archer – special agent, who received his post, due to the fact that his mother is the boss of the calving room. Archer is a fairly charismatic character. He is a chauvinist, an egoist, a mama’s son. He, often because of his inclinations to girls, alcohol get into various woes. Quite a lot of jokes are based precisely on the basis of the opposition of the character of Archer and the characters of the other heroes. In addition to Archer, we are represented all employees of the organization, each of which is worth a special attention.


Legion (season 2)

10,906 views Comments (0)


11 episodes

The protagonist of the series “Legion” spent many years in psychiatric hospitals, where he was tried to cure of schizophrenia. David constantly heard different voices, and doctors persuaded him that it was just a fetus of a sick imagination, a consequence of a split personality. But one day David begins to understand that in fact he is a mutant and each of his personality has superpowers … The series “Legion” is based on a series of comics Marvel.


The Americans (season 6)

8,631 views Comments (0)

The Americans

10 episodes

The height of the Cold War. In the US, agents of the KGB, a man (Matthew Reese) and a woman (Keri Russell) are abandoned. In fact, strangers, hardly familiar with each other people, should live like a strong American family. For the authenticity of the relationship, they have a very real joint children. The activity of an agent in a foreign country is a difficult task, it is necessary to obtain intelligence, and at the same time not to get caught. They have to kill, start families on the side, constantly change the appearance. At the same time, children should not suspect anything, and after all they are already teenagers, it is almost impossible to hide falsehood. Such circumstances bring together, the relationship between unwitting spouses gradually becomes closer and real feelings emerge.