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Fargo (season 4)

71 views Comments (0)


2 episodes

Since the series is created in the genre of anthology, each of the parts has a separate plot development, although there are some references to other stories. Each next part is accompanied by the appearance of new characters in the film, and the actors playing them. In 1950, two crime syndicates will meet in Kansas City. Together they control drug trafficking and smuggling. And to consolidate peace, the heads of the syndicates exchanged their eldest sons. But, one day, things go awry when one of the criminal leaders dies. (more…)


Archer (season 11)

530 views Comments (0)


3 episodes

Archer is a TV series starring H. Jon Benjamin, Judy Greer, and Amber Nash. Covert black ops and espionage take a back seat to zany personalities and relationships between secret agents and drones. (more…)


Breeders (season 1)

2,287 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The comedy story tells about a married couple who tries to have time to pay attention not only to two children, but also to work, friends, relatives and at least to each other. The main characters of the TV series “Breeders” Paul and Ally are a married couple who are raising two young children. Their romance began beautifully and stormily, so they could not even think that soon they would fall into the family routine. Falling in love passed when Paul became responsible not only for Ally, but also for the children: son and daughter. (more…)


Better Things (season 4)

580 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

Sam is a single mother. You will not envy her, because every day life throws up more and more new problems. The heroine does not have an extra minute to relax, and if she has, the woman torments herself with constant worries. Sam has to raise three daughters. And each is a unique person, developing in a completely different way to the other daughter. The main character herself tries to earn a living by filming on television. She often ends up in episodic roles or commercials, but she still makes ends meet. Despite the difficult situation, the woman finds a reason to stay true to her ideals and always be in high spirits. (more…)


Mr Inbetween (season 2)

2,131 views Comments (0)

Mr Inbetween

11 episodes

The plot of the series “Mr Inbetween” centers around a hero named Ray Shoesmith. The man has to play more and more rigid roles in the modern era, but it can be even more difficult when you are a hired killer. Shoesmith is a person tempered by the prison system, as well as the experience gained there. Now he is learning how to deal with life in the real world and even attends anger management classes. (more…)


American Horror Story (season 9)

2,388 views Comments (0)

American Horror Story

9 episodes

Each season of the series reveals one of the non-standard themes in the concept of this cult mystic series “American Horror Story”. The action of new season will take place in the near future in the state of Arizona, which survived a nuclear strike. Actors and developers unanimously argue that the material shown will be quite relevant today. Many actors move from season to season, but some have played their role in the season or series no longer appear, and their place is taken by other new characters, helping to diversify the familiar faces. (more…)


Mayans M.C. (season 2)

5,479 views Comments (0)

Mayans M.C.

10 episodes

In the new series “Mayans M.C.”, we are faced with another group of bikers, which for others seems like real garbage. Spectators are waiting for the opposition of criminal gangs over the territory, personal conflicts and emotional experiences. The protagonists of the project are a group of bikers of Hispanic descent. The Mayan biker gang is subordinate to the cartel. However, not all members of this clan like this. So the new gang member EZ Reyes, who does all the dirty work, cannot put up with the atrocities of the cartel. (more…)


Snowfall (season 3)

1,631 views Comments (0)

10 episodes

in the 70s and 80s, the cocaine wave swept the United States while America was “fighting” with the Communists. The protagonist of the series “Snowfall” – an ambitious African-American teenager by all means wants to get rich and say goodbye to poverty through the resale of powder, but in his poor quarter, many do not like this expensive drug. But at one moment the young man stumbles upon a small laboratory for the manufacture of a hundred times cheaper, banned drug – “crack” … (more…)


Baskets (season 4)

3,098 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The hero of the series “Baskets” is a good-natured and a bit strange Californian. Since childhood, he had a dream – to become known throughout the world as a clown. He arrives in Paris, intending to enter a prestigious school of circus art, but fails the entrance exams. In order to do something and make ends meet, the hero returns and gets a job as a clown at a rodeo in his hometown. Of course, this is not what he wanted, but there are no other options yet. But a man does not lose hope once to fulfill a dream. (more…)


Pose (season 2)

6,583 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

Events unfold in 1987, New York, an underground culture. Then it was not solely a dance in its very dawn, for many participants it was not just a catch, but something much larger that filled the inner emptiness. On the streets of the first outbreak of HIV infection, medicine still does not know how to help HIV-positive. People are scared and those who are less fortunate than others are just trying to live while they have such an opportunity. (more…)