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The Grand Tour (season 3)

2,152 views Comments (0)

The Grand Tour

11 episodes

Returning to the screens of the beloved by millions of viewers of the Grand Tour TV project is a real treat for fans of automotive subjects. Legendary presenters Richard Hammond, James May and Jarami Clarkson invite us on another journey through the most unusual and exotic corners of the Earth. Heroes are sent on a long journey not for the sake of tourist impressions, but for a test of cars. What models will be used in the new episode – intrigue. Each host will choose a car to his liking, argue his decision and try to prove that it is his car that is the ideal means of transportation under the circumstances. Supercars, legendary cars, old cruises, “masterpieces” of the local car industry – all this will be tried by the leading three. Following on a certain route, the main characters will always find something to talk about, what to argue about and how to pin a colleague


The Widow (season 1)

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The Widow

8 episodes

In the center of the plot of the series “The Widow” is a young woman named George. After her husband died in a plane crash, she suddenly turned into a young widow. That’s just the body of a dead man was not found. The main character fell into a deep depression. But once George decided to watch the news on TV. On the screen, she saw a man very much like her husband. The question immediately appeared in her mind: Is he alive? She decides to find him and is going to Congo, because there was a report from there. (more…)


The Man in the High Castle (season 3)

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The Man in the High Castle

10 episodes

The narrative of the TV series “The Man in the High Castle” is not only based on the demonstration of oppression of the inhabitants of the States. The plot is driven by a Man in a high castle who releases “films” – documentary films about how the Nazis lost the war, the Americans dropped atomic bombs on Japan, and the US lives happily and carefree. And these echoes of our history are manically hunted by a living, but not quite healthy Hitler, who, like the viewer, cannot pass by the thought: “What would have happened if?”


Hanna (season 1)

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1 episodes

The main character of the series “Hanna” is a young girl named Hannah. As far as she remembers, her father raised her, Eric Heller. From a very young age, a former CIA agent, instilled in her the skills that experienced fighters possess. As a child, she could easily survive for several days in conditions in which not every adult would have survived. But Eric’s employers are eager to return him to the service, prepared a seizure, taking only one Hanna as a prisoner. She was able to easily get out of the bunker, where she was held and went to a meeting with her father, in a pre-arranged place. Being in captivity, she learned something about herself. In particular, the fact that the man who raised her, has never been her father. The very same girl – the result of a unique experiment – the perfect killer, who knows neither mercy nor pity. Now it’s time to ask Heller some questions.


The Romanoffs (season 1)

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The Romanoffs

8 episodes

The new project “The Romanoffs”, which offers viewers the American view of the lives of people who consider themselves descendants of the Royal family of the Romanoffs. The history of the ruling family stretches from the seventeenth century. The reign and imperial power remained in the pages of the history of Russia. The modern life of the country is different from the one that was a century ago, however, despite the fact that the Bolsheviks exterminated members of the imperial family, there are people who claim to be direct descendants of the Romanoffs.


Pete the Cat (season 1)

484 views Comments (0)

Pete the Cat

8 episodes

The new animated series “Pete the Cat” will tell you about how on one New Year’s Eve, Pete the cat decided to make a Decision, but he does not even know what it is. When our main hero goes together with his friends and his family go to an amusing, musical trip, he is sure that he will understand and find it – the Decision. Time is going on, but the Decision has not been found yet!


Forever (season 1)

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8 episodes

In the center of attention of the series “Forever” is a young couple who during the last twelve years live a boring and monotonous life. Eat the same cafe the same food, talk and discuss the same topics, rest in the same place … And then one day their lives changed radically. They decide to go to a ski resort and after being there understand that the terrain and the situation for them is completely unexpected. In the beginning, this causes the couple’s horror and panic.


Jack Ryan (season 1)

2,854 views Comments (0)

Jack Ryan

8 episodes

The focus of the plot of the series is Jack Ryan, played by John Krasinski. The main character works in the CIA. He is very talented and very confident. And all around this young man is predicting a great future. In addition, Jack is entrusted with the most responsible work. Ryan now stands at the head of an operation to eliminate especially dangerous criminals, real terrorists who threaten world security. Let’s see how the story of this talented CIA agent ends. Will he be able to cope with the most complex operation and save the world from terrorism?


Goliath (season 2)

4,054 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

The plot is built around a once-successful lawyer who arranged a judicial confrontation with one major corporation. The protagonist, in the performance of Billy Bob Thornton, together with a team of assistants, are investigating the suicide case, which, at some point, acquires more large-scale events. The plot line in the TV series “Goliath” is developing quite dynamically, and most importantly, the story is not drowned in legal subtleties, everything is extremely clear, concise and understandable for the ordinary spectators.


Picnic at Hanging Rock (season 1)

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Picnic at Hanging Rock

6 episodes

The focus of the plot of the series “Picnic at Hanging Rock” is the events that took place on Valentine’s Day in 1990. A group of young high school students went with their governesses to a picnic. The place was chosen as a landmark – the main characters are on the Hanging Rock, which captivates the beauty of its nature. True, there are rumors that it contains some sort of mystical power. Who would have thought that the latter would be true. Incredibly, three girls disappear, who went for a walk along the nearby trails.