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Hanna (season 2)

3,268 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

Her secret of birth is shrouded in riddles and betrayal. She has no right to trust anyone, for even someone who seems like a friend is ready to put a knife in her back. Her name is Hanna and from childhood she was trained only one thing – to survive among numerous enemies. Only his father knows what she is real, what she is afraid of and what she loves, but long talk heart to heart is not his thing. All his free time, he teaches Hanna martial arts, languages and skills, without which a real soldier can not do. When the information that Eric had survived and was hiding in the forests of Poland reached the special services, the best special agents rushed in his search. (more…)


Modern Love (season 1)

1,584 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

The American comedic-melodramatic television series is based on the eponymous weekly column, released in the New York Times. According to the creators of the project, the series should show love in many forms, including sexual, romantic, family, platonic and self-love.” The series “Modern Love” will tell the stories of people who happened to the project participants in reality. It will try to tell what difficulties people face in the modern world.


Alex Rider (season 1)

674 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

This is a series about a completely ordinary boy who suddenly turned out to be a perfect spy. Parents died when he was little, after which he was taken up by a rich uncle, who invested in his training not only a lot of money, but also his soul. From childhood, Uncle insisted that the boy learn foreign languages, master martial arts and not fly away from training at the climbing wall. When the protagonist of the series “Alex Rider” is 15 years old, he will quickly understand what’s what. Uncle tragically and suddenly dies, and people with a dark past and unkind faces begin to hunt for Alex.
It turns out that his uncle worked for MI-6, and, of course, crossed the road not for those people who are sure that Alex was aware of what his guardian was doing. (more…)


Upload (season 1)

3,319 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

In the near future, each representative of the human nation and nationality may be in a virtual, artificially created universe. It becomes clear that frightened people, by voluntary consent, were immersed in a fairy-tale world where their own rules and laws exist. The protagonist, a girl named Nora, has been working for a long time as an employee serving numerous clients in digital life, which received the rare unique name Lakeview. She did not realize that a terrible tragic event would soon occur, as a result of which the beloved bridegroom died under painful circumstances. Nora decides to upload his consciousness into her own VR world in order to continue to communicate with him. The consequences can be unpredictable. (more…)


Bosch (season 6)

452 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

This is the continuation of the thriller series of the American writer Michael Connelly on the investigation of crimes by the detective of the Los Angeles police department Harry Bosch. The plot revolves around a charismatic law enforcement officer named Harry, who devoted his own life to serving the people. Harry Bosch has an excellent reputation in public circles. He is not always lucky to communicate with colleagues, but many other people know that you can turn to Harry for help, and he just can not refuse. Whatever case Harry was busy with, he would check all the evidence, conduct a thorough inspection of the crime scene and be able to find the very small clue that would lead him to solve the case. (more…)


The Pale Horse (season 1)

379 views Comments (0)


2 episodes

The plot centered on an experienced detective who investigates mystical affairs, and everyone in the city knows him. He never doubted his own reason. He managed to hear stories about Jack the Ripper and even werewolves and vampires. However, the detective demonstrated that ordinary people are hiding behind this screen. In addition, it often happened that everything was adjusted by competitors for real estate or the seizure of territory. But, once again, the man was faced with a rather complicated matter. It turned out that not so long ago a myth appeared about three witches who come to the village and take people with them. Despite the fact that it seemed like a fairy tale, in fact, everything turned inside out and turned into an incredible intrigue. (more…)


The Grand Tour (season 4)

415 views Comments (0)


1 episodes

The focus of the Grand Tour will be cars from around the world. Hammond, Clarkson and May will go on a trip to tell interesting spectators about interesting cars. In the upcoming seasons of the series, it was decided to abandon the studio format already familiar to the viewer. In the new fourth season of the Grand Tour, the series will be special issues, each of which the heroes will devote to a great journey.


The Man in the High Castle (season 4)

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The Man in the High Castle

10 episodes

The alternative world of 1962 is shocking. The Second World War was won by Germany and Japan. Two fascist superpowers divided among themselves the rest of the country. Torture, executions and prosecutions do not stop. The United States is also under full control, where an uprising of Black Communists, freedom fighters, immediately broke out. Joe Black enters into the underground ranks of the dissatisfied, engaged in the delivery of important parcels. Girl Julian joins the resistance agent. The world is shacked by the news – Hitler is dying and a new wave of wars is coming. A film about freedom is being distributed among people, showing the truth about another reality. (more…)


Jack Ryan (season 2)

1,428 views Comments (0)

Jack Ryan

8 episodes

The second season of the series “Jack Ryan” will immerse the audience in the atmosphere of a real spy action movie. In the focus of the plot of this series is the character of John Krasinski. Jack Ryan is a young and very talented CIA agent working in the analytical department. He is well versed in his business, so the representatives of the criminal world and terrorism have not so many chances in the fight against such an intelligent and responsible character. (more…)


Goliath (season 3)

471 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

The protagonist has been practicing law for many years, but he cannot be called a successful lawyer. He has not so many won cases, no reputation, so he can barely pay the bills and is looking for customers everywhere. In the hands of a disgraced lawyer chasing ambulances in search of new clients, he gets a case that could bring him atonement, or at least the opportunity to take revenge on the company that kicked him out into the street. (more…)