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The Grand Tour (season 4)

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1 episodes

The focus of the Grand Tour will be cars from around the world. Hammond, Clarkson and May will go on a trip to tell interesting spectators about interesting cars. In the upcoming seasons of the series, it was decided to abandon the studio format already familiar to the viewer. In the new fourth season of the Grand Tour, the series will be special issues, each of which the heroes will devote to a great journey.


The Man in the High Castle (season 4)

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The Man in the High Castle

10 episodes

The alternative world of 1962 is shocking. The Second World War was won by Germany and Japan. Two fascist superpowers divided among themselves the rest of the country. Torture, executions and prosecutions do not stop. The United States is also under full control, where an uprising of Black Communists, freedom fighters, immediately broke out. Joe Black enters into the underground ranks of the dissatisfied, engaged in the delivery of important parcels. Girl Julian joins the resistance agent. The world is shacked by the news – Hitler is dying and a new wave of wars is coming. A film about freedom is being distributed among people, showing the truth about another reality. (more…)


Jack Ryan (season 2)

1,228 views Comments (0)

Jack Ryan

8 episodes

The second season of the series “Jack Ryan” will immerse the audience in the atmosphere of a real spy action movie. In the focus of the plot of this series is the character of John Krasinski. Jack Ryan is a young and very talented CIA agent working in the analytical department. He is well versed in his business, so the representatives of the criminal world and terrorism have not so many chances in the fight against such an intelligent and responsible character. (more…)


Goliath (season 3)

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8 episodes

The protagonist has been practicing law for many years, but he cannot be called a successful lawyer. He has not so many won cases, no reputation, so he can barely pay the bills and is looking for customers everywhere. In the hands of a disgraced lawyer chasing ambulances in search of new clients, he gets a case that could bring him atonement, or at least the opportunity to take revenge on the company that kicked him out into the street. (more…)


Transparent (season 5)

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1 episodes

The plot focuses on the story of a family from the city of Los Angeles. The main characters of the series “Transparent” always considered themselves an ordinary family, not representing anything unusual. True, everything changed in one day. Children learn that their father turned out to be transsexual. Such information was a real shock for all members of the family, because it can completely change the world of the main characters in action. This event brought a lot of disagreement to the family and provoked many interesting and unusual situations. (more…)


Good Omens (season 1)

11,590 views Comments (0)

Good Omens

6 episodes

In the center of the fantasy series is the story of an angel and a demon who are trying to prevent the Apocalypse. Crowley the demon is given the task of replacing the son of the English attache, who is to be born, with the Antichrist. The demon, together with the angel Azirafel, understand that the coming end of the world will bring everyone only trouble, so they take the only right decision: to raise the Antichrist child in goodness in order to avoid monstrous consequences. But the angel and the demon did not take into account one thing: not only this boy was born at this night in the hospital. (more…)


Carnival Row (season 1)

1,302 views Comments (0)

Carnival Row

8 episodes

Fantasy, and neo-noir, and mysticism, and the thriller “Carnival Row” talks about the coexistence of people and mythical creatures – fairies, vampires and other creatures in the same city. You can’t call it life, because people are completely not happy with their new neighbors. War broke out in the homeland of supernatural beings, so they were forced to leave the house and seek refuge in another place. In the hope of a normal life, a girl named Vignette Stonmoss moved from the country of fairies. However, soon after the move, the heroine realizes that she is unlikely to be able to name the town in which events are developing, her home. People are sharply negative, their attitude to mythical creatures is cold and indifferent. (more…)


Undone (season 1)

1,007 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

This is a series with a very unexpected and extremely unpredictable plot. Fantastic events begin to happen after the main character is a participant in a car accident. The girl almost died, but after a miraculous salvation, she gains incredible ability. Now she can travel in time and space, and also knows how to communicate with the late father, whose spirit, as it turned out, constantly follows her on the heels. What will happen next in this interesting and confusing story? “Undone” is a new, convoluted, incredible fantasy series. (more…)


The Boys (season 1)

1,142 views Comments (0)

The Boys

8 episodes

Imagine a world where superheroes have been around for decades. But they are not just masked avengers. They work for a private company Vought, engaged in their promotion, legal protection, merchandise, movies and so on. The company creates their image, brand, dictates what to wear and what to say, where and what crimes to prevent. And when a superhero accidentally or deliberately injures or kills someone, the company crushes the case, offering the victims to sign a non-disclosure agreement for compensation for moral and physical damage. (more…)


Too Old to Die Young (season 1)

546 views Comments (0)

Too Old to Die Young

10 episodes

Los Angeles is not the most peaceful city in America. In the center of events of the series – Los Angeles police detective Martin, who has shot the “wrong woman” while on duty. He is involved in a conflict between gangsters. The Yakuza, the Russian mafia, the Mexican mercenaries and a gang of teenagers are waiting for Martin to redeem himself. The protagonist of the series “Too Old to Die Young” is completely confused in his views on life, so he does not know what to do next. (more…)