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Krypton (season 2)

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10 episodes

The action of the new season of the series “Krypton” is currently taking place on Krypton, long before the birth of a boy who is destined to become Superman and save humanity and the entire planet Earth time after time. Now his future grandfather, a young guy, one of the scions of the rogue family of Al, is trying to find his place in the harsh hierarchy of Krypton. And at the same time to penetrate the secret of his family. And no one else will help him in this, as a man from the past – yes, yes, from our planet and from our time, in a baseball cap and a hoodie. (more…)


Happy! (season 2)

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10 episodes

In the second season of the favourite series “Happy!” the complete opposite of Happy – Baby Smoker, a baby, whose attributes are a cigarette and a bottle of alcohol, will appear. And the actions of the second season will take place at the height of Easter. The series is based on the original comic books of Grant Morrison and Darik Robertson. Brian Taylor also worked on the script. (more…)


The Magicians (season 4)

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The Magicians

13 episodes

The new fourth season of the series “The Magicians” once again spins the intrigue around the main characters and tells about how the story of the Breakbeats Academy continued. The plot takes the audience to New York. Here, the plot focuses on Quentin Coldwater, who once thought for a long time that magic is a fiction for children’s fairy tales. What was his surprise when magic turned out to be real. It so happens that in New York there is a place where two different worlds connect! Fiori and America, they unite near the walls of the Breakbills Academy, where the main character falls. Soon he begins to realize that he ended up at an educational institution where they teach magic arts and other important elements of witchcraft. But soon Quentin learns about the terrible secret of his school, which can change the life of the whole world.


Deadly Class (season 1)

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Deadly Class

10 episodes

A fascinating science fiction television series that touches on a lot of teenage problems and shows what young people brought up in harsh violence can do. In the center of the plot of the new series “Deadly Class” – a confused and lonely guy named Marcus, who lives in the street. He grew up in a shelter, where from an early age he had to learn to stand up for himself. By the will of fate, Marcus finds himself in an elite private school, where he learns not ordinary subjects, but the art of killing. Professional killers teach here, and the students are the children of famous criminals and murderers.


Van Helsing (season 3)

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13 episodes

New series “Van Helsing” and a new look at the adventures of the hunter for all evil spirits and vampires. However, the main character will not be a man, but a woman. She wakes up in a strange laboratory where she discovers that the world has changed once and for all. The planet is ruled by representatives of the vampire race, and the remnants of people are forced to hide in underground shelters. Miss Van Helsing also discovers incredible powers in her that enable her to finish off monsters. Soon it will turn out that she is the only hope for the salvation of the human race.


Z Nation (season 5)

5,185 views Comments (0)

Z Nation

13 episodes

The world is shrouded in chaos and the spirit of death. Only dozens of survivors are left on the planet who are trying to fight the zombies that have invaded the Earth. It seems that there is no salvation, but suddenly a person appears whose blood can heal from a terrible fate. The dead must be dead, and the living must return their former appearance. Humanity is on the verge of death, but many people are confident that they will be able to develop a saving vaccine that will stop the invasion of the army of devourers once and for all. The remnants of the survivors are struggling with the last strength to hold out until the end of the endless war in their own favor.


Nightflyers (season 1)

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10 episodes

The series “Nightflyers” takes action in the not so distant future. The Earth faces a catastrophe of planetary scale. Scientists undertook to solve a problem of rescue of all human civilization. The government decided to send a scout ship to meet aliens. Somewhere on the borders of the galaxy found traces of an alien spacecraft, which can become a way to save the Earth. However, it soon becomes clear that the operation just will not end, because even the on-board computer is against human penetration on the deck of another ship. Ahead of the main characters waiting for a truly nightmarish test.


Wynonna Earp (season 3)

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Wynonna Earp

12 episodes

The third season of the popular fantasy series “Wynonna Earp”, tells about the fate of the huntress for the evilness of Wynonna Earp. Thanks to excellent physical training, unique weapons, outstanding mental abilities, she manages to emerge victorious in a bloody confrontation. On account of the brave girl hundreds of defeated enemies. However, she realizes, before the complete victory is still far away, the struggle continues, in which too much is at stake, including the future of the human race. The main heroine returned to her native land, hoping to find peace and live a full life. But even far from the problems she managed to come across representatives of another world who seem to be preparing something large and terrible. Wynonna, enlisting the support of her sister and faithful friends, goes in search of answers to the tormenting questions: how to stop the coming apocalypse, how to defeat the higher demons, and what secrets hides the past of her family?


Channel Zero (season 4)

3,328 views Comments (0)

Channel Zero

6 episodes

The main character of the series “Channel Zero” is Michael, he is a grown man, a child psychologist. However, he has a children’s secret associated with injury, which leads him home to the place where everything happened. One of the main mysteries of the series is a children’s program of unknown authorship, which somehow affects the children. The series is based on one of the horror stories, wandering on the Internet.


12 Monkeys (season 4)

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11 episodes

In a relatively near future the virus destroyed the largest part of the world population. The survivors live in some ruins or forests, barely survive. And the virus is constantly mutating, and soon it will destroy everyone. But there are scientists among the people of the future who are trying to improve the situation. In the “12 monkeys” two different groups of scientists go in different ways. One group tries to find a vaccine against the virus, and another – to return to the past to prevent the spread of the virus. Each group needs a resource – some energy core, and this resource is exhausted.