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Documentary Now! (season 3)

477 views Comments (0)

Documentary Now!

4 episodes

The comedy parody show mocks the trends of both documentary and feature films. Each episode is a mockery of some famous historical documentary film, however, viewing is non-illusory and delivers without the knowledge of the original realities. But even with a superficial acquaintance with the cultural context of “Documentary Now” turns into an exquisite humorous dish for gourmets. (more…)


Stan Against Evil (season 3)

703 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

Stanley Miller has been a sheriff in the small town of New Hampshire for several years now. Here, if not every day there are crimes, but the main character will always find something to complain about and something to think about. True, he did not manage to hold out for long at his post, because after the scandal at the funeral of his spouse, the man loses his job and retires. In his place comes Evie Barrett, the new sheriff, who understands that she will encounter in the town with unprecedented creatures. The heroine of the series “Stan Against Evil turns to Stan for help, hoping that he will help her in the fight against representatives of the forces of evil.


Brockmire (season 2)

7,350 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

Jim Brockmire, the illustrious sports commentator of the highest league baseball — suddenly finds out about the numerous novels of his adored wife. The news that he lived with a serial traitor for many years, causes a nervous breakdown on the air. The video with the raging star instantly enters the net, after which Jim is fired. Ten years later, the hero of the series “Brockmire” decides to restore his career and improve his personal life. He arranges a commentator for the games of the lowest baseball league in a tiny provincial Morristown. He will work with the manager of the local team of the second division.


Stan Against Evil (season 2)

571 views Comments (0)

Stan Against Evil

8 episodes

It became very alarming recently in the small town of New Hampshire. Local residents are very frightened, as in the district they began to find corpses of people, on which there are traces of some mystical rituals. The local sheriff Stanley Miller has a special look at these horrible murders. In his opinion, they were committed not by people, but by some paranormal monsters. The hypothesis is so fantastic that no one believes it. Then his wife suddenly died. At her funeral, there was a terrible scandal. To fnd a new sheriff in this situation was not at all easy. As a result, this post was taken by a young woman, Eva Barrett. She quickly realized that she could not cope with such a difficult task. As it is described in the series “Stan Against Evil,” Barrett asks Miller for help. He agrees after some hesitation. Stanley already has some experience of fighting against all kinds of monsters, who have come from somewhere.


Brockmire (season 1)

4,322 views Comments (2)


8 episodes

A famed major league baseball announcer who suffers an embarrassing and very public meltdown live on the air after discovering his beloved wife’s serial infidelity decides to reclaim his career and love life in a small town a decade later.


Stan Against Evil (season 1)

1,661 views Comments (3)


8 episodes

An aging police sheriff who has recently lost his position due to an angry outburst begrudgingly joins an alliance with new sheriff, Evie Barret to battle angry demons haunting their small New Hampshire town.


Maron (season 4)

525 views Comments (8)


13 episodes

In his youth Maron has done a lot of mistakes. He has always come across the wrong women. He got divorced twice. He tried to solve his problems with alcohol, he hated everyone around and had been a narcissistic idiot for the whole his adult life. But after a failed suicide attempt he understands the necessity to do something. And Mark decides that if he can not change the unenviable life he should at least talk about it to others and perhaps someone is going to learn from his mistakes. From that very moment he starts a series of video podcasts, which will soon become popular.



Documentary Now! (season 2)

409 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

Documentary Now parodies the current obsession with documentaries. Season one features six different stories and stylistic approaches paying tribute to the doc format.


The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret (season 3)

315 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

American Todd Margaret works in a trading company. By chance, he finds himself in London offices of his company. His primary task is to sell a huge number Korean energy drinks per week. He must realize this task before the boss checked London office. But difficult is that Todd knows nothing about British culture and does not understand anything in trade


Portlandia (season 6)

577 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The inhabitants of Portland are people of the elite class. So Portlandia parodies everything connected with them, presenting the viewer sour dish of sweet puddings exquisite sneered. Surely the show was filmed by those who specifically want to express their predisposition to the residents of Portland, and maybe this was a man who once visited this very Portland, and now greatly saves insult to the people of this city, here and decided to make fun of its series.