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Knight Squad (season 1)

5,161 views Comments (0)

Knight Squad

14 episodes

A new comic series fantasy “Knight Squad” will tell you about two schoolchildren who, by chance coincidence, are bound by a common secret. Once upon a time these two guys were at enmity with each other. But now they had to unite in a Knight Squad, but they are completely different in character. Both main characters in their dreams have always seen themselves as brave warriors saving the princesses. And now their dreams come true.


Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation (2018)

512 views Comments (0)

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

Count Dracula and company participate in a cruise for sea-loving monsters, unaware that their boat is being commandeered by the monster-hating Van Helsing family. (more…)


Wynonna Earp (season 3)

2,798 views Comments (0)

Wynonna Earp

10 episodes

The third season of the popular fantasy series “Wynonna Earp”, tells about the fate of the huntress for the evilness of Wynonna Earp. Thanks to excellent physical training, unique weapons, outstanding mental abilities, she manages to emerge victorious in a bloody confrontation. On account of the brave girl hundreds of defeated enemies. However, she realizes, before the complete victory is still far away, the struggle continues, in which too much is at stake, including the future of the human race. The main heroine returned to her native land, hoping to find peace and live a full life. But even far from the problems she managed to come across representatives of another world who seem to be preparing something large and terrible. Wynonna, enlisting the support of her sister and faithful friends, goes in search of answers to the tormenting questions: how to stop the coming apocalypse, how to defeat the higher demons, and what secrets hides the past of her family?


A Discovery of Witches (season 1)

985 views Comments (0)


2 episodes

The learning atmosphere can sometimes tire out, and the soul will want something new, unexplored, unbelievable. Diane Bishop is a member of the Oxford Academy. She is working on studying ancient manuscripts and relics from the past. Once in the hands of the heroine gets a strange manuscript, which has incredible power. His reading overturns the life of the heroine, turning into a nightmare in reality. Mysterious Matthew Claremont, handsome, geneticist and vampire can help Diana. And Diana herself is far from being a man.


Castle Rock (season 1)

3,812 views Comments (0)

Castle Rock

10 episodes

Henry Deaver’s lawyer returns to his native fictional town of Castle Rock after a mysterious call from Shawshank prison. The caller informed him that the prisoner, accidentally found in the basement of the prison, named his name. The new director of this prison is ready to sacrifice a man to save her reputation and a large salary, and the former sheriff signs documents for the not quite adequate thinking mother of the protagonist. It is in this city in the eponymous series, that the decisive battle between the forces of darkness and light must take place, the outcome of which determines the fate of all mankind.


The Outpost (season 1)

8,508 views Comments (0)

The Outpost

8 episodes

The main character of this series “The outpost” is a young girl named Talon. She alone survived the terrible slaughter. The only representative of the blood race is now trying to find the one who killed her family. A small watchtower is the place where she will have to search. The outpost is on the border of civilization, and then – an unknown desert. Talon feels in herself the incredible powers that take possession of her body. She tries to tame her power to learn how to use the flow of energy within herself. The girl will do everything possible to get rid of state and religious pressure in order to find the killer of her loved ones.


The Originals (season 5)

18,548 views Comments (0)

The Originals

13 episodes

“The Originals” is a story about the first-born vampires. Intrigues and the struggle for power are filled with the life of the ancient – a representative ancient vampire family. After returning to his native New Orleans, the ancients decided to end the conflict between local vampires, werewolves and witches and become the masters of the city. But any imbalance is fraught with consequences.


Iron Fist (season 2)

668 views Comments (0)

Iron Fist

10 episodes

Denny Rand is the heir of a huge corporation, a golden boy and all that. When he was 10 years old, together with his parents he was in a plane crash – the family was declared dead. After many years, matured Rand returns to his hometown, New York. No one believes him that he is the same boy who died many years ago. But where was Danny all this time? The answer is in a monastery , hidden from the world, where a warrior with a mystical gift was made from it.


Wellington Paranormal (season 1)

4,870 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

The main characters of this series “Wellington Paranormal” – policemen from Wellington. They represent a special squad that does not chase criminals and does not conduct investigations. These characters are engaged in shadowing and uncovering the supernatural beings that inhabit the people. Their goals are vampires, zombies, werewolves, ghosts and many other horrible creatures living in New Zealand. True, it soon becomes clear that these unique creatures are nothing special from people, theye do not differ from us. They, like everyone else, get into the police station because of drunken debauches, bathing in fountains, traffic violations and much more!


Preacher (season 3)

3,239 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

Surrealistic mystical series “Preacher” is about the supernatural forces of both good and evil. The plot of the series unfolds around a priest with a dark past in whom a creature, a child of a demon and an angel, who can become equal with God, and the one in whom it settled, becomes the most powerful person on earth. In the irreconcilable struggle of hell and paradise, there are murders, followed by dismemberment and burial.