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American Dad! (season 14)

5,614 views Comments (0)


18 episodes

The plot of a cartoon serial is developed around a family Smith. The father Stan is CIA agent and the republican to the core, he has a strong body, but silly reason. He has the most courageous chin and always the ironed suit. Francine is Stan’s wife and mother of children. She is a typical housewife. Moderately wise, moderately silly. Besides, doesn’t know the real parents. The son is Steve. He has certain problems in communication with an opposite sex (girls communicate with him sometimes, only under a barrel of a service weapon of the father). The daughter Haylie — tries to be hippie, protects the nature, and does soft drugs. The speaking goldfish Claus – actually, has human brains.


Gotham (season 3)

20,272 views Comments (15)


22 episodes

The detective James Gordon and his workmate Harvey Ballok have got to work in department of police. In the series “Gotham” they investigate murders. Last case is very difficult. During this investigation Gordon manages to get acquainted with the son of the killed couple – Bruce Wayne who after death of his parents is under the care of the butler Alfred who works for family Wayne. But not only Thomas and Marta’s death is the main business of Gordon. As a result, Gordon is focused on friendship with young boy on purpose to make of the little boy the Dark Knight in the future — the defender of Gotham. (more…)


Prison Break (season 5)

8,642 views Comments (0)


9 episodes

There are movies which literally pull out from life. It seems you understand that you have put up to a throat, but it is impossible to come off. The series “Prison Break” is just one of such. The plot is about two brothers and it won’t leave anybody indifferent. There are only one injustice, cruelty, death around and among it there is blind belief and devotion each other. The series deserve the best estimates! The plot of 100% is fascinating. There is always a couple of options for interchanges. Each role has the unique type, it is possible to watch this series without interruption. There is full mixture of genres but just in moderation. (more…)


Lucifer (season 2)

18,698 views Comments (11)


18 episodes

It turns out that the devils in hell are also not alien to our earthly weakness — thirst for luxurious lifestyle and boring. Lucifer has decided to organize himself a holiday, having gone straight to our promised land to amuse himself, and to tickle nerves to others. To tell that he has begun to live here perfectly, so to tell nothing. Magnificent club, expensive car, available girls and the sea of binge — that is the new life of Lucifer. The series “Lucifer” shows us, that the only thing that remained invariable, this universal existence of lost souls among even living inhabitants of our planet. Well what is here to do, devils work is not from simple. But in his lost devil soul sprouts such feelings as compassion, attachment and thirst of justice. (more…)


Shots Fired (season 1)

13,938 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The drama series “Shots Fired” touch upon a subject, very urgent for modern American society. In recent years cases when ordinary citizens are perished from hands of police officers have become frequent, and, in many cases it could be possible to avoid such incident. Most often, if to trust statistical data, similar happens on the racial soil, and black Americans, inhabitants of poor city quarters become the victims of an arbitrariness of police officers. Other situation is shown in this series. The Afro-American cop will shoot the white teenager. During the investigation the police officer claims that he acted in this way because of aggressive behavior of the young man. Is there a racist background? (more…)


Empire (season 3)

13,119 views Comments (11)


18 episodes

“Empire” doesn’t shock with unexpected subject turns but the series really deserve your attention. And the most important is that thing, that while approaching the final the series don’t weaken and the viewer examines it with the same pleasure as well as initial series. The series abound with a huge number of characters, each of which has own story, position and character. All characters are registered in “Empire” just ideally. While watching “Empire” it is felt that you not only look in “window” of the musical industry, but yourself are in it. (more…)


Family Guy (season 15)

8,199 views Comments (0)


20 episodes

Brian and Stewie decide to create their own musical group. Children’s group starts to gain the spectators, and soon becomes very popular. Everything lasts as long as between soloists and groups will not be associated with another girl. While artists understand each other, Peter and Lois strongly want Chris found a job. With combined forces the guy gets a job as a Manager. Main responsibilities Chris is the managing sex life Glen. Chris is not happy about a new job, and was very angry about this. In order to do something to help him cope with his anger, Brian and Lois believe that sport is the only solution to this problem. (more…)


The Simpsons (season 28)

9,784 views Comments (2)


22 episodes

Homer Simpson – the main character of the animated cartoon ,who is head of his family. Homer is a rather strange man who has many bad habits. Often he does so that no one can understand. But despite all this, his family loves and respects him. Beautiful wife named Marge is not a very bright past that does not want to remember. Because of who she was before she met her future husband, the kids better not to know. Three children, who are so contradictory, always together, no matter what. They are all the Simpson family, who are so different, but so love and appreciate each other. Because together they can overcome any difficulties and troubles. (more…)


Making History (season 1)

4,988 views Comments (1)


9 episodes


Three young characters in the film understand that life will make their adjustments, if negligence for their actions. Once they get the opportunity to travel in time. Now, when guys can go back in time, they can do anything to change their future. Who would have thought that the smallest changes in the past can cause real disasters in their present time. The main characters of the film, returning to the past, thus changing his future. And now in 2016 they have accumulated so many problems that who knows what can cause them travel into the past and a desire to change something in the future. After all, without realizing it, the boys have done wonders. (more…)


The Last Man on Earth (season 3)

8,852 views Comments (0)


18 episodes

Here you can see the story about adventures and life of the last man on the Earth. Phil Miller is an average guy, who love his family and hate his work. He is a bank worker, but he didn’t realize that he is the last hope of humanity. And one time the truth opened and he was excited to understand it. Besides, it was hard for him to understand the situation and to make the right decision..