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Ghosts (season 2)

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6 episodes

The main characters are happy because they have had a wonderful wedding and are confident that an inexpensive but attractive home is what they really need. However, the dwelling has an extremely unpleasant background. According to the stories, representatives of the other world live. Alison and Mike are not at all embarrassed by the fact that they have to live with representatives of the supernatural. Alas, but soon they will feel all the anger of these creatures. Alison, after being seriously injured, will begin to see the inhabitants of her new home. For her, this will be a real shock, because the heroine least of all thought that the ghost stories were true. (more…)


Year of the Rabbit (season 1)

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Year of the Rabbit

6 episodes

Victorian era, London. A dirty and neglected city, in which Jack the Ripper and other unpleasant personalities operate. Fingerprinting and forensics have not yet been invented, and the police have to work through surveillance, interrogation of witnesses and the deductive method. This group of police officers is led by Detective Rabbit. He has a lot of experience, in this job he saw everything, in connection with which he drinks hard. Under his leadership comes a newbie – the complete opposite, a bookworm. Soon they are joined by the adopted daughter of the police chief, a depraved girl, but promising. In addition, the first woman in the country’s police. They will have to deal with street gangs, corrupt politicians, spiritualist fraudsters. (more…)


A Suitable Boy (season 1)

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A Suitable Boy

6 episodes

This is a film adaptation of the popular work of the Indian author Vikram Set. The main characters of this series are Lata and her mother Rupa Mehra. Women are trying to find the perfect guy who would perfectly fit the role of a girl’s husband. It’s the fifties of the last century. The country is going through a serious financial crisis, so everyone is trying to find their own path to wealth. In addition to the main characters in the plot, there are several other families who are trying to find a way out of the difficult situation that has developed in society and the country. “A Suitable Boy” is a new work by the BBC channel and producer Andrew Davis.


Strike (season 4)

1,834 views Comments (0)


4 episodes

The new season is based on the book “Lethal White”, which was released in September 2018. Billy is sure, that his childhood he saw the murder of a child. Once he comes to the office of former military officer, now a private detective Cormoran Strike, who has become famous again after the capture of Shacklewell the Ripper. The investigation leads the main character of the series “Strike” and his assistant Robin Ellacott right into the corridors of power, and then to a secret estate in the depths of Oxfordshire … (more…)


Harry Hill’s World of TV (season 1)

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Harry Hill's World of TV

5 episodes

You will take a closer look. And perhaps you will find the funny where you least expect. And if it doesn’t work out, then you can watch the new comedy series “Harry Hill’s World of TV”, which was shot by the famous British comedian Harry Hill. Harry finds funny where you least expect it. In the new series, he chose soap operas as his goal. You will learn how to film a soap opera yourself and tell the story of their creation on television. (more…)


Mandy (season 1)

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6 episodes

The new British TV series is about a woman with big dreams. Most of all, she dreams of breeding Doberman Pinschers. But there are obstacles to overcome before this dream can become a reality. We see her rent out her small bedroom and trying to complete a series of short-term assignments set out to achieve a goal. Once the main character of the series “Mandy” sees a sofa in the shop window, which she cannot afford. And as it turned out, this desire became an obsession that blocked all other dreams and deeds. Now she urgently needs to figure out a way to find money. (more…)


A Touch of Cloth (season 3)

266 views Comments (0)

A Touch of Cloth

2 episodes

A Touch of Cloth is a TV series starring John Hannah, Suranne Jones, and Navin Chowdhry. DCI Jack Cloth and DC Anne Oldman are paired to investigate a series of grisly murders done by a devious killer. (more…)


Upright (season 1)

284 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

Two chronic losers, Lucky and Meg, will meet in the middle of the Australian desert, and, overcoming many differences, go to all the trouble in order to deliver the priceless piano from one end of the country to the other. Former musician Lucky Flynn goes home for the first time in years. His baggage is an old piano and an equally heavy burden of guilt for past mistakes. Blackmail and cunning Meg imposes on him on a long road trip through the sparsely populated corners of Australia. (more…)


Little Birds (season 1)

1,070 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

The series is set in 1955 in Tangier, where the fates of two completely different women are intertwined. Wealthy American Lucy Savage arrives in Morocco with her fiancé to escape the rules and conventions imposed on her by society. Her lover, the English lord, cannot choose between Lucy and the handsome Tangier. At this time, Cherifa Lamour, a well-known dominatrix prostitute in the city, changes the world around her and fights for her independence. (more…)


There She Goes (season 2)

260 views Comments (0)

There She Goes

5 episodes

Rosie was born with a severe disability. She suffered from a chromosomal disease, but the doctors could not make a diagnosis. As a result, the birth of a girl introduced difficulties in the family relationship of the spouses and their union was close to collapse. However, they began to completely surrender themselves to caring for the girl in the hope of raising her, curing her and letting her into an independent life. Every day, parents have to deal with attempts to explain simple things to the girl. The girl grows up, but she doesn’t have any friends. Parents understand that they have only hope for their son. From the moment the child was born, the parents gradually improved their relationship. This was helped by taking care of Rosie together. (more…)