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Shooter (season 2)

2,871 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

To prevent an attempt to kill the president — extremely difficult task, but feasible. The former sniper Bob Lee Swagger was visited by his former commander — commanding officer Johnson who has reported that a certain T. Solotov is a hired Chechen sniper is going to kill the U.S. President during the friendly meeting with the president of Ukraine and Bob Lee is necessary to predict actions of the Chechen (Swagger has personal scores to him) and to prevent attempt. The president of Ukraine is killed, Swagger is set up and he has to prove his innocence and uncover the plot.


Queen of the South (season 2)

9,350 views Comments (0)


11 episodes

In the center of the events there in the series “Queen of the South” will be a woman Theresa Mendoza – a fragile woman at first sight. After her guy – drug dealer in Mexico was killed, the girl is involved in the real hunting by drug traffickers. Theresa escapes from her pursuers to hot Spain and gathers a team of loyal friends. She decides to revenge for the death of her darling and will get rid of threats of the leader of bandits. Having turned several successfully scams Mendoza herself becomes the queen of smugglers. (more…)


Suits (season 7)

9,632 views Comments (6)


6 episodes

“Suits” are a legal and drama TV series. The name speaks for itself. It is about “white collars”. Mike Ross got a job in one of a famous law firms in Manhattan not so long ago. His chief — the lawyer Harvey Specter is famous all over the country. Behind his shoulders there are a lot of successful lawsuits. Mike met this person when he was a student and Harvey remembered him as a hardworking student who is interested in science. Harvey, communicating with the guy, remembers himself in young years. He was the same restless, talented, clever and inquisitive student. The skilled lawyer is going to impart all the knowledge, skills and abilities to the young guy. Besides, Harvey is going to make Mike the partner on business. (more…)


Playing House (season 3)

879 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

Strong sincere friendship between Maggie and Emma has arisen in early childhood. The girls were friends at school. Their ways do not send them apart after reaching adulthood. However, as an adult, each chose their priorities in life. One has not left desire to become a successful woman, to achieve wealth and career growth. The second girl was happily married. Her husband was a wealthy man. His wife did not need to work, and she was completely focused on the house and her future baby. News of unworthy behavior of her husband became the real shock for future mummy. And her friend Emma, learning about the issues, left her job abroad and immediately returned home. Now, Maggie and Emma are under the same roof. They are waiting for the child, being sure to adequately cope with his upbringing. The series “Playing House” is about a true friendship. (more…)


Colony (season 2)

19,088 views Comments (4)


13 episodes

Set in the near future, Colony centers on a family who must make difficult decisions as they balance staying together while trying to survive. They live in L.A., which has been occupied by a force of outside intruders. While some people have chosen to collaborate with the authorities and benefit from the new order, others have rebelled and suffer the consequences.


Suits (season 6)

15,232 views Comments (17)


16 episodes

Such film has two main characters. Their names are Mike Ross and Harvey Specter. They are very talented lawyers, who work together for a long time. But then the truth appeared. Here appears the woman, who helped Mike to come to a prison and his firm do their best to help him. An assistant Donna, Rachel, Harvey and Jessica wanted to save the company, because there was the one man, who wanted to annihilate everything.


Shooter (season 1)

6,649 views Comments (4)

Shooter - Pilot

10 episodes

If you want to enjoy new and interesting serial, “Shooter” will be your greatest decision. It is full of impressions, besides such a serial is full-length. The main plot is based on a life of professional sniper, who has their own business. He is an experienced guy, so he didn’t have any problems in his work. Once he had a big order, that is connected with the murder of president. But he didn’t want to do it and there the hard situation appeared.



Adam Ruins Everything (season 1)

3,428 views Comments (13)


26 episodes

The series are created in an unusual format: a comedy combined with a documentary. From this series you can not be tired, every minute is full of terrific humor of Adam Conover and no less amazing facts about our lives. He throws out all the ugly truth about modern society, with all the stereotypes and the cult of consumption. An interesting and unusual story that will reveal a lot of seemingly truthful facts..  (more…)


Falling Water (season 1)

2,295 views Comments (4)


10 episodes

Such film is about two people, who aren’t relatives, but when the time gone, they realize, that they have the common dream. They have great troubles – the first person is looking for missed child and the second wanted to find missing girlfriend. Such an aims made them unstoppable and that help them to live. Such a mission, to find the people, who were missed, became legendary and they didn’t understand, what they must do..


Eyewitness (season 1)

2,366 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

Eyewitness will be a perfect American TV drama, which demonstrate the events of October 2016 in the USA. It`s plot is based in the Norwegian series, here you can see 10 beautiful and interesting episodes, which are full of interesting moments. If you have free time, you can enjoy this serial, because it will be in your memory for a long time. The end of it is also very exciting..