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Rectify (season 4)

1,522 views Comments (2)


8 episodes

The main character here is Daniel Holden, who wanted to change his life after a situation, which influenced on his life. He was convicted for the crime, that he didn’t commit. But he was sentenced to a prison for 19 years. After that period of time, he realized, that he has an opportunity to become a really good person with his own problems. Despite all the complications, that he has, he didn’t give up..


Briarpatch (season 1)

1,248 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The Dill sisters chose the same profession, they became investigators. But Allegra left for Washington to build her career further. The terrible news of the death of her sister made her return to her hometown. Although the relationship between them has always been strained, it is necessary to understand the matter of the sister’s death. A bomb in the car exploded. The girl worked in the murder investigation department, which means that she had enough ill-wishers. Allegra begins a thorny path in considering all aspects, looking for evidence and witnesses, but is faced with the atrocities and negligence of the authorities, which are mired in corruption. But the girl does not intend to retreat. (more…)


The Sinner (season 3)

4,906 views Comments (0)

The Sinner

8 episodes

The series offers viewers to immerse themselves in an amazing story that tells about the incident, which led to shock. The public simply went crazy when they witnessed the brutal murder committed by a simple woman right in front of dozens of passers-by. It would seem that such a terrible crime has absolutely no excuse, but it turned out completely different. The main characters of the Sinner series are detectives and witnesses who are trying to figure out what really happened. Everyone is very concerned about the motivation of the main character. (more…)


Dare Me (season 1)

2,983 views Comments (0)

Dare Me

10 episodes

This is a new teenage drama that raises extremely serious adult issues. The authors of the script present to the audience a couple of the main characters. Beth and Eddie are girls who try to do everything possible so that their relationship always remains friendly, but the competition in school and the difficult position in the cheerleader team affects the communication of the main characters, who are increasingly faced with misunderstanding of each other. On top of everything, the degree is also warmed up by the appearance in the team of a new coach who is sure that she will bring the cheerleaders of their school to a whole new level. In parallel with these dynamic events, all residents of the city have problems: a terrible crime will not allow anyone to sleep peacefully the coming nights. (more…)


The Purge (season 2)

3,109 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

One night came, not like everyone else. In the cities reigned mass violence and permissiveness. Laws cease to rule the world, and people do not obey generally accepted rules. When some crave the doomsday to absorb human torment and enjoy their bloodied bodies, others prefer to wait out those terrible hours among the walls of their own houses. The American authorities, no longer wanting to endure the anger and hatred that has fallen on people, are taking the necessary measures to protect the population. (more…)


Mr. Robot (season 4)

4,266 views Comments (0)

Mr. Robot

13 episodes

The main character is a detached person who is trying to isolate himself from the surrounding society. For this unpleasant reason, a desperate man gets a promising job in a large reputable company as a professional cyber security engineer. A talented young man gets along with computer programs, so every night he turns into an elusive hacker who for many years can not be caught by law enforcement officers. (more…)


Treadstone (season 1)

9,795 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

At the heart of the events of the series “Treadstone” is Jason Bourne, who is a true professional in the field of secret and dangerous missions and difficult tasks. Specialists working for the central intelligence agency are developing a special program called “Threadstone”, thanks to which experienced employees after some changes turn into real killers. The behavior of the operatives is absolutely changing, and there are several performers. The new development makes him a true professional who is not afraid of any weapons. (more…)


Suits (season 9)

4,112 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The series tells about the work of the largest law firm. At the head of the firm is an iron business woman – Jessica Pearson. Her right hand is Harvey Specter, who never loses big business. Of course, with the advent of Mike, things will change a bit, but this is even for the better because Mike Ross changed Harvey’s life forever. When Harvey Specter gets the position of senior partner, he asks Donna (her secretary) to convene an interview in order to find a “second self” as an assistant. And by chance it turned out to be Mike Ross, who did not study at Harvard, but he has the same knowledge as his graduates. (more…)


Pearson (season 1)

6,487 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

This is a spin-off with starring Jessica Pearson. This spin-off “Pearson” is shot the same way as the original series, in the genre of legal procedure (one series is one thing). The plot “Pearson” will focus not only on the professional, but also on the personal life of Jessica Pearson – a talented and sometimes despotic lawyer. The events of the new series unfold in Chicago, where Jessica, along with her boyfriend Jeff Malone, moved in the middle of the sixth season of “Suits”, after she had a revaluation of values. (more…)


Suits (season 8)

10,245 views Comments (0)


16 episodes

Mike Ross, escaping from the pursuit of law enforcers who ambushed him at a hotel where he had to exchange grass for money, turns out to be in a large hotel room where a representative of one of Harvey Spectrum’s most influential law firms conducts selection. An attractive secretary, Donna, is amazed at the surprise visitor, suggesting that she go to the Spectrum for negotiations. Suddenly, Harvey notices an incredible talent in the guy, rescues him from the police and takes him to his work. The eighth season of the favorite story will take place without Mike and Rachel.