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Suits (season 8)

9,507 views Comments (0)


16 episodes

Mike Ross, escaping from the pursuit of law enforcers who ambushed him at a hotel where he had to exchange grass for money, turns out to be in a large hotel room where a representative of one of Harvey Spectrum’s most influential law firms conducts selection. An attractive secretary, Donna, is amazed at the surprise visitor, suggesting that she go to the Spectrum for negotiations. Suddenly, Harvey notices an incredible talent in the guy, rescues him from the police and takes him to his work. The eighth season of the favorite story will take place without Mike and Rachel.


The Sinner (season 2)

6,792 views Comments (0)

The Sinner

8 episodes

The series “The Sinner” tells about the events that occur after a young mother kills a man among a white day in front of a lot of people, but has no idea why she did it. Detective Ambrose will return to a small homeland – a provincial town in the suburbs of New York to investigate an unusual and shocking crime – an eleven-year-old boy killed his parents for no apparent reason. The further the investigation comes, the more secrets and obstacles arise on the path of a detective trying to unravel this strange and terrible thing.


Queen of the South (season 3)

8,257 views Comments (0)


13 episodes

The series “Queen of the South” about drug lords and their hard life in the pursuit of profit, taken from the broken human destinies, the price of endless deaths. Here the main characters of women engaged in unseemly acts, those who are conceived by nature as a gift of life take them, without hesitation. And if such a heroine at the beginning of her terrible career experienced and did not want to cause suffering, then over time they become soulless and bloody ladies pursuing exclusively their mercantile interests, shedding rivers of blood for personal survival and enrichment.


The Purge (season 1)

3,853 views Comments (0)

The Purge

10 episodes

The main characters of this series “Purga” live their life in a small American city. It would seem that their fates are not connected in any way, but soon details appear, hinting that the characters can have common ground. The mysterious savior somehow connects the heroes, and the past conceals a few more amazing secrets that will help the characters understand what to expect from a dark night that will instantly come to their life. Survival will not be simple, but only a correct understanding of each other’s role in destiny will help to save and save one’s neighbor.


Shooter (season 3)

10,857 views Comments (0)


13 episodes

The third season of the American action-dramatized series “Shooter” is based on the film of the same name, which was released on the big screen in 2007. The protagonist of the series is a professional military man who took part in many special operations. He is in an old confrontation with one Chechen sniper and wants to find out the identity of the shooter. During the investigation, the protagonist understands that the killer’s money is kept by the Mexican cartel. And to catch the old enemy he has to get to a Mexican prison.


Colony (season 3)

7,076 views Comments (0)


13 episodes

The serial “Colony” is about the theoretically possible occupation of the planet by extraterrestrial civilization. As a result of “Arrival” (the so-called the beginning of the occupation), zones for people living in cities have been formed, these zones are fenced by a huge wall and it is impossible to get out. Life is controlled by proteges of aliens – people who were able to get into power following the results of some sort of selection. We see the zeal of people in fulfilling the tasks of the occupiers from those who serve them, the hatred of the enslaved population, food problems, hunger and even the camp – the Factory from which it is impossible to return.


Suits (season 7)

19,044 views Comments (8)


16 episodes

“Suits” are a legal and drama TV series. The name speaks for itself. It is about “white collars”. Mike Ross got a job in one of a famous law firms in Manhattan not so long ago. His chief — the lawyer Harvey Specter is famous all over the country. Behind his shoulders there are a lot of successful lawsuits. Mike met this person when he was a student and Harvey remembered him as a hardworking student who is interested in science. Harvey, communicating with the guy, remembers himself in young years. He was the same restless, talented, clever and inquisitive student. The skilled lawyer is going to impart all the knowledge, skills and abilities to the young guy. Besides, Harvey is going to make Mike the partner on business. (more…)


Falling Water (season 2)

3,717 views Comments (0)

Falling Water

10 episodes

The plot of the series “Falling Water” is quite original: three young people who never cross in real life begin to see strange dreams, and each individual dream is a piece of one common. Heroes in the kingdom of Morpheus will have to solve their own quests: the first – to find a long-missing friend, the second – to get medicine for the mother, and the third – to find the disappeared child. Only by combining puzzles from different dreams, Only by combining puzzles from different dreams, you can pick up the key both to solve a common problem, and to complete each individual quest


Damnation (season 1)

25,178 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The actions of the series “Damnation” take place in the 30s of the 20th century. The protagonist posing as a preacher from the backwoods in Iowa, is preparing to rebel against the industrial tycoon with whom he is connected by a dark, bloody past. However, Davenport does not know that his enemy hired a professional strikebreaker, Creeley Turner, to any price to disrupt the strike of the workers.


Mr. Robot (season 3)

9,338 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The protagonist of the series “Mr. Robot” – Elliot is a hacker and an extremely reserved person, he has an acute sense of justice, he unselfishly helps his therapist in the difficult matter of getting rid of the lecherous polygamous client. Elliot bravely refuses to use drugs. Having wiped his sweaty forehead after a night struggle with scoundrels and perverts in the network, Elliot goes to work, to a corporation specializing in data protection. Thus, Elliot’s job is to protect at daytime what he hacks at night. By repulsing the next ddos – attack on the system resource of the client company, Elliot gets acquainted with the head of the hacker group, nicknamed Mr. Robot. He is hatching the idea of bringing down the system of data on debt obligations, and thereby provoking an economic crisis of a global scale.