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The Shannara Chronicles (season 2)

5,880 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The events of the second season of the TV series “The Shannara Chronicles” continue to tell the story of the young princess Amber and the last of the Shannar genus – Ville. They, along with the thief Eretria had to find a way to restore Elkris, locking all the demons back. Their adventure ended with the fact that they saved all four kingdoms from evil demons who rebelled and wanted to seize power and rule the whole world. To fight them, the Elves teamed with the Dwarves and together they were ready to attack them. But everything went well, and Amber united with Elkris, saved everyone. (more…)


The Mist (season 1)

9,368 views Comments (12)


10 episodes

A thick fog covers a small town. Suddenly different strange events begin to take place. The trouble for the townspeople began with a power outage. Already all people became evident the rapid spread of white cloud covering the land. The main hero of the series “The Mist” decided to wait in the shop building, where he went together with his son. Other buyers are also in no hurry to leave it. The appearance of the freaky monsters on the streets is terrifying. People outside the building die in terrible agony. A movement of fanatics begin to form among the safed. Madmen believe that judgment day came. David decides to look for the other way for salvation. It is necessary to get in to the territory, free from the destructive cloud. (more…)


Tut (season 1)

3,129 views Comments (17)


3 episodes

Tut is a Canadian historical TV series about Pharaoh Tut. The story tells all aspects of the life of a young ruler in detail: his ascension to the throne, his attempts to control empires fragmented, his trace in the history and mystery that covered his death.


Criss Angel Believe (season 1)

2,739 views Comments (3)

Criss Angel Believe Spike season 1 2013 poster

10 episodes

For more than a decade Criss Angel has been revolutionizing the art of magic, and in his new series Angel will take his performance and magic to a whole new level. Each episode will focus on Angel’s quest to perform a fresh, bold and mind-blowing demonstration. For the first time in any magic programming, Angel will take viewers “behind the curtain” for an intimate and revealing look at the creative process behind his magic. Viewers will get unprecedented access to Angel’s “think tank” where his team brainstorms, debates, constructs and helps him execute the most spectacular magic, illusions and escapes in history. (more…)


Blue Mountain State (season 2)

3,952 views Comments (4)

Blue Mountain State Spike season 2 2010 poster

13 episodes

The nastiest sacks in college football are back in a new season of balls-out comedy. Football, hot cheerleaders, and Thadisms – what could be better than that? Along with Parcells, Boomer Esiason, Bill Romanowski, and Brian Bosworth are the other NFL icons joining in the fun. Sports announcers Dan Patrick and Craig Carton will be showing up too. And new character: Denise Richards will return for a second season as Coach Daniels’ sexy, sharp-tongued ex-wife, Debra. (more…)


Blue Mountain State (season 1)

7,981 views Comments (7)

Blue Mountain State Spike season 1 2010 poster

13 episodes

The series takes place in a fictional college Blue Mountain State. Football is very popular in the college, which has a team called “The Mountain Goats”. Two freshmen enrolled in college due to a football scholarship. One of them: Alex Moran is trying to break into the starting line-up football team; second – Sammy Cacciatore was destined to become The Mountain Goats mascot. (more…)


Blue Mountain State (season 3)

19,369 views Comments (5)

Blue Mountain State Spike season 3 2011 poster

13 episodes

This is a story of friends who went to college  Midvesterna because of their football scholarships. Beginning of the third academic year has brought its surprises. Alex moved to the main structure and was appointed team captain. Ted, in turn, without getting into the pros and he begs the coach to take  him back tearfully. Ex-spouses Daniels are experiencing a new surge in their relationship. Mary Jo is addicted tohomosexuality. And Sammy … is still looking for himself. (more…)