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Major Crimes (season 6)

2,525 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

The plot of the series “Major Crimes” unfolds in one of the US states. There is a planned change of leadership of one police department and instead of an experienced chief, comes too young and extravagant boss. And a lot of problems and misunderstandings on the part of co-workers come to her. However, soon even the most obstinate employees took the appointment for granted and remembered that their primary task was to fight for law and order, and only then to settle service relations. All the employees worked flawlessly under the guidance of the new boss, and more and more new disclosures allowed the main heroine to prove that her appointment was not accidental and she became a real head of the operational unit capable of revealing the most intricate crimes.


Good Behavior (season 2)

3,016 views Comments (0)

Good Behavior

8 episodes

“Good Benavior” is an American TV series about a professional thief who, despite everything, is not going to give up criminal business. She recently left the prison. By chance, she managed to overhear about the impending assassination attempt on some unfortunate woman, after which Letty is going to upset the killer’s plans. She gets acquainted with the killer and very soon, for understandable reasons, their relationship becomes dangerous and confusing. Heroes are fighting then among themselves, they unite for a joint struggle with the world.


The Last Ship (season 4)

7,247 views Comments (2)


10 episodes

The basis for a fantastic TV series “The Last Ship” on the eponymous novel by American writer and journalist William Brinkley. The action takes place after a terrible global epidemic of a previously unknown virus came on the Earth, whose victims for a very short period of time became more than 80% of the whole population of our planet. Some people managed to avoid the infection, among them is the crew of the destroyer “Nathan James”, which at the time were far from land. And it is a little more than two hundred people, men and women. Now they have serious responsibility! They are the last chance of mankind of rescue these people. But whether members of the team of the destroyer will be able to equal the hopes laid on them and to find the means capable to put an end to epidemic?


Animal Kingdom (season 2)

6,951 views Comments (8)


13 episodes

In the center of the series “Animal Kingdom” is Joshua Cody, young man of seventeen years. His mother died, and after her death he came to live to relatives, to the small beach town which is in South California. Soon he will be involved in family business which is directed by Janine Cody, the head of family, his aunt. Here also work her sons and Pope is “the right hand” of this iron lady. After a while Joshua begins to understand, how closely business of his family is connected with crime, but he already participates in this dangerous process, and there is no way back. What he can undertake in this situation, to close eyes to everything or to try to change relatives and the current situation in general? Time will tell….. (more…)


Claws (season 1)

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10 episodes

Sometimes women can be more powerful and dangerous than men. And many of these women have claws. It’s the main feature of this series. If you are a beautiful and seductive woman, every person around you would be glad to help you.
Desna and her brother are confident owners of their manicure salon. Once upon a time they decided to make deals with criminal world. Denza knows that she could get whatever she wants, she is certain that she has all the opportunities for it. Desi has a special crew which is involved with one drug gang. Desi is crazy girl, because she also has the relationship with one the cruel drug king.


Will (season 1)

1,846 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The plot of drama series “Will” is based on history and William Shakespeare’s biography. Actions develop in the 16th century in London. In these series a few other, rethought image of the great writer appears at us. William is the young man who is a representative the punk of the movement in the middle of the sixteenth century trying in all possible ways to find self-expression in the world filled with religious fanatics, unprepared to art innovations to readers and constant tension on the political scene. The project is filled with the madness supported with modern soundtracks and a heap of tricks on various subjects. (more…)


Major Crimes (season 5)

9,019 views Comments (14)


21 episodes

The action takes place in Los Angeles. For the department dealing with the investigation of particularly serious offenses occur is not the best of times, and the entire vein leadership change. Instead of acting Chief Brands Lee Johnson in its place appoint an experienced captain Sharon Reydor, which previously led the internal investigation department. Employees of the department are not particularly happy to this kind of personnel changes, and to develop the work of Sharon to start will gain the trust of subordinates.


The Librarians (season 3)

6,096 views Comments (1)


10 episodes

In a disappointing world of make-believe villains, mystic artifacts, literature-comes- to-life and intrigue abounding, the world is interlaced with magic. While the Librarian (the man who lost the Library and most of its treasures) is off the grid, the Library’s appointed Guardian protects the LITs (or trainees, for those who have never seen “Meatballs”). A trio of two guys and a gal rich in IQ, two are not good warriors. The other is Jacob Stone, sure with his fists and “one sexy librarian,” as they say on “Leverage.”


Good Behavior (season 1)

3,417 views Comments (2)


10 episodes

Letty Dobesh is a thief and con artist whose life is always one wrong turn, one bad decision, from implosion. Which is just how she likes it. Fresh out of prison, she’s attempting to stay afloat. But when she overhears a hit man being hired to kill a man’s wife, she sets out to derail the job, sending her on a wild collision course with the charming killer, and entangling them in dangerous, seductive relationship.



The Last Ship (season 3)

13,906 views Comments (6)


13 episodes

The action takes place after the world broke the terrible global epidemic of a previously unknown virus, whose victims in a very short time became Bole 80% of the population of the entire planet. One of the few who manage to avoid being infected, become members of the crew of the destroyer “Nathan James”, who at the time were far from land. On their shoulders to go to a very difficult and very important task – to find a cure for a raging virus, in order to save humanity from extinction …