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Robyn Hood (season 1)

1,443 views Comments (0)

Robyn Hood

8 episodes

Follows Robyn Loxley and anti-authoritarian masked hip-hop band, The Hood, as they call out injustices and fight for freedom and equality in the city of New Nottingham. (more…)


Family Law (season 3)

793 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

This 10-episode, one-hour drama follows a group of flawed family members who reluctantly work together at their father's law firm in downtown Vancouver. (more…)


Family Law (season 2)

666 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

This 10-episode, one-hour drama follows a group of flawed family members who reluctantly work together at their father's law firm in downtown Vancouver. (more…)


Family Law (season 1)

3,222 views Comments (0)

Family Law

10 episodes

Set to premiere on Global later this year, the 10-episode, one-hour drama follows a group of flawed family members who reluctantly work together at their father's law firm in downtown Vancouver. (more…)


Houdini and Doyle (season 1)

7,721 views Comments (3)


10 episodes

Harry Houdini is a the greatest illusionist of his time and no less than the great writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. When they reached heights of popularity and wealth, they decided to become a colleguaes in detective activity. Both are interested in solving crimes which involved the supernatural motives. And this despite the fact that Doyle strongly believes in mysticism, Houdini and categorically rejects it.



Rookie Blue (season 5)

14,418 views Comments (19)

Rookie Blue Global poster season 5 2014

11 episodes

All your Rookie favourites are back, along with a couple of new recruits to shake up 15 Division, for an action-packed fifth season. Inspector John Jarvis strolls into 15 Division with a serious agenda. Also new to the team is 15 Division’s brand-new rookie, Duncan Moore aka “Selfie”. He is the very picture of a fresh-faced millennial: confident, eager to impress, and excellent at pointing out mistakes, particularly other people’s. But when Duncan struggles to fit into the group at 15, the officers soon have their hands full with this challenging and well-connected new recruit. (more…)


Rookie Blue (season 1)

2,677 views Comments (8)

Rookie Blue ABC poster season 1 2010

13 episodes

Drama about five cops rookies who have learn the basics of the profession, working in a big city. Any mistake can be fatal. The five main characters were in the police academy and now they are working together. And the first thing they have to learn – Academy does not prepare them for real life. Three girls and two guys arrived for duty to the Toronto police station after the police academy. Department is looking for criminals, which declared wanted, travels to places of civil unrest and performs other tasks not related to the investigation of crimes. Young people had to immediately plunge into the world of crime, robbery, disobedience. Theoretical knowledge is not always true, so young people have to adapt and focus on the spot … (more…)


Working the Engels (season 1)

1,440 views Comments (6)

Working the Engels NBC poster season 1 2014

12 episodes

In this comedy series a family of ne’er-do-wells must band together to keep their heads above water when their father and breadwinner passes away, leaving them a mountain of debt. The Engels must all go to work running Dad’s storefront law firm, with one minor problem – daughter Jenna Engel is the only one who is qualified to practice law. Unfortunately for Jenna, this also means taking on her eccentric relatives as co-workers. Ceil, the self-absorbed and overly dramatic but fiercely protective mother works as the firm’s paralegal; Sandy, a former pill-popper who has never worked a day in her life, is the receptionist and first line of defense at the firm; and Jimmy, a petty criminal and bad boy who is utterly devoted to his family, is the firm’s investigator. Jenna, the youngest sibling and “good one,” becomes the unlikely family patriarch, running the law firm and keeping her crazy family together. It’s not pretty, but it’s family. (more…)


Remedy (season 1)

3,265 views Comments (5)

Remedy Global season 1 2014 poster

10 episodes

The medical drama series takes viewers on a heart-pumping adventure through hospital doors previously unopened. With an ‘upstairs/downstairs’ look at downtown Bethune Hospital coupled with a complicated family dynamic at its core. The main character is Griffin Connor, a medical school dropout working as an orderly at the Broadview Hospital in Toronto, where his father Allan is the chief of medical staff. (more…)


Rookie Blue (season 4)

7,208 views Comments (21)

rookie blue season 4 2013 Global poster

13 episodes

Last season our officers got what they wanted and had to deal with the repercussions. Season four begins six months after Andy and Nick leave for their undercover operation. We return to 15 Division with them – and quickly realize that everything seems to have changed. Adapting to new situations, rolling with the punches… change is constant, and if you don’t adapt, you’re left behind. So when Andy returns to find that Sam is now a Detective and that he’s moved on, both professionally and personally, she’s going to have to figure out how to adapt. This year, they will have to look change right in the eye and learn to adapt – leaving them with some big, bold choices to make. (more…)