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Serenity (2019)

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The plot focuses on a young and attractive man living on a small island in the Caribbean sea. He is a fisherman and spends all day at sea, earning a living catch. Until recently in my life everything was perfect for him. He had a woman he loved, a great job, and a beautiful home. And then everything suddenly collapsed when the wife said that she no longer wants to live in such poverty and wants to leave. It turned out little money, which earns husband and she has moved from fisherman. Later she married some millionaire. Time passed, and at some point the fisherman even resigned himself to his fate, trying to forget the past. And after a while the former spouse returned, but all in tears and asks to help her. And now once two people in love will have to defend themselves from an aggressive millionaire who does not like when someone dared to disobey him (more…)


Mary Queen of Scots (2018)

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Mary Queen of Scots

Queen Maria returns to Scotland – she had just become a widow after marriage with the King of France. The motherland takes her quite warmly, but she does not want to confine herself to a declarative role, and she makes changes in parliament, coming into conflict with a part of the clergy and people who were very close to her once. At the same time, the paternal sister, Elizabeth I, is concerned about the emergence of a new contender for the throne, and failing to impose her candidate for a husband, inflaming popular unrest to destabilize Scotland. (more…)


Holmes & Watson (2018)

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This story “Holmes & Watson” is about the famous characters Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, only in this comedy they are “assholes”, moreover they are complete assholes. The movie is a parody of famous films. “Stupidity” phrases pour from the mouth of Sherlock and Watson every minute. There is a detective story here, but Sherlock investigates it by the most incomprehensible and strange path. (more…)


An Interview with God (2018)

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An Interview with God

One young journalist decides to write an article on a religious topic and God himself appears to be the respondent. The story “An Interview with God” is about a journalist who has just returned from the war. No, he did not fight, but was an observer and saw many deaths, both enemies and acquaintances. In addition to such a psychological trauma (this is noticeable in his memoirs), the guy is still not in the order of a relationship with his wife. (more…)


303 (2018)

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The plot of the new German movie “303” will tell us about a pretty student of the Faculty of Biology, who decided on an old camper “Mercedes 303″ to go through the whole of Europe to meet her boyfriend Alex. Her random companion becomes a student, Jan, who wants to find his own father in Spain. And the main character conducts conversations with him on various subjects …This is a movie about two, about the origin of their feelings. (more…)


Monster Island (2017)

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Monster Island

The director of the family cartoon was Leopoldo Aguilar, this is the first full-length work of the director. A creative duet worked on the script – Billy Frolik and Alicia Nuñez Puerto. An instructive story tells about a boy who finds out that he is not like the other guys at school, and his whole family is monsters, literally! The cartoon was produced by Ánima Estudios, a Mexican studio, and India Discreet Arts Production was responsible for the animation. (more…)


Racetime (2018)

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gth animated film produced by the Canadian studio CarpeDiem Film & TV. This is the second cartoon, which again brings us back to a Canadian village – around the mountains, snow and forest. What else to do local children, if not winter fun? Only this time the heroes will compete in high-speed sleigh rides. Wins the one who comes down first. It seems that everything is simple, but passions flare up here, as in an adult serious competition … (more…)


Look Away (2018)

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Look Away

The life of a quiet and self-contained schoolgirl Maria cannot be called easy. Parents do not understand how to communicate with her for a long time, her classmates are constantly being bullied, and her best friend is jealous of her boyfriend. However, Maria has her own secret – sometimes she communicates with her twin who lives … on the other side of the mirrors. And this twin has a suggestion that will help Maria to become much more confident and overcome her fears. But what will she want in return? (more…)


Dumplin’ (2018)

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The movie tells the story of one teenager plus-size Will, who was raised by her aunt while her mother went about her business and became many times the winner of beauty contests, a career and frankly embarrassed her imperfect daughter. Of course, the “fashionable mother”, obsessed with fashion and beauty, did not have time before raising her daughter. Now the aunt is no longer there and the teenager is looking for her “own soul” … In order to show her “I” and go on to prove to others, the girl decides to participate in a beauty contest site. What will come of it? (more…)


Braid (2019)

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Two young criminals on the run, Tilda and Petula decide to fix their financial affairs by robbing their old friend Daphne, who lives alone in a huge house and has serious mental problems. In order to find out where the owner of the mansion keeps her savings, the main characters decide to build on the painful fantasies of their victim, and at first it all seems like a daunting task. But as soon as the girls cross the threshold of the old house, events take an unexpected turn, and it will soon become harder for burglars to distinguish the illusion from reality, which will radically change their plans for life. (more…)