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Deadline Gallipoli (season 1)

314 views Comments (0)

Deadline Gallipoli

2 episodes

Deadline Gallipoli is a TV mini-series starring Sam Worthington, Hugh Dancy, and Joel Jackson. Three journalists, Charles Bean, Ellis Ashmead Bartlett and Phillip Schuler, arrive at Gallipoli with the invading British and Allied… (more…)


Lambs of God (season 1)

510 views Comments (0)

Lambs of God

4 episodes

Gothic story “Lambs of God” is about three nuns living in an isolated monastery on the coast. The habitual course of life of women is violated by a mysterious guest who cannot be called desirable. He has done many terrible things, and does not repent. Now he is on the run. Such an alienated place is great for getting rid of pursuers. The house of the Lord is open to all, therefore no one has the right to deny to the needy. Who would have thought that by letting this man into the building, they doomed themselves to a new wave of cruelty. (more…)


Travelers (season 3)

706 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The third season of the popular Canadian-American TV series “Travelers” will continue the story of the people of the future, who managed to subdue time. The main characters live hundreds of years from now. However, they did not just have to return to our time. The future promises devastation and real suffering for people, because greed and the desire to earn as much money as possible led to the fact that humanity has now been forced to fight for the right to survive on a half-destroyed wasteland after global disasters. Terrible events await humanity in the foreseeable future, so time travelers try to prevent this by all means, using movement to the past. The main characters move into the bodies of other people to carry out rescue operations. Travelers gather in special units and begin their activities in the twenty-first century. They will have to eradicate the problem before its inception, but this mission turns out to be much more complicated than one could imagine.


Travelers (season 2)

9,235 views Comments (7)


12 episodes

In the future, humanity is on the verge of extinction because of the mistakes of the past. People learn technologies that can carry consciousness into the past into other people. The so-called “Travelers” begin to live the lives of those people to whom their consciousness was moved and secretly execute the commands of the Director who follows them from the future. It seems that they have no other choice, but the wonderful calm and debauched life of the twenty-first century begins to change the main characters, forcing those gradually to forget about their main tasks. However, few people still try to correct the mistakes of the past in order to save humanity from the most terrible fate.


Secret City (season 1)

2,062 views Comments (9)


6 episodes

To rule over the country no need to be on the light. It’s better to do in comfort secret place, being surrounded by associates, bodyguards and servants. This secret place, small town, better to be located not far from known government – for example in Canberra. And of course no one wants to be disturbed. Specially by some curious journalist, putting her nose in secret government business, even if this business costs some death.


Lost Girl (season 5)

6,428 views Comments (20)


16 episodes

Lost Girl has appeared in 2010 as a mystery drama. It tells us the story about vampires, werewolves, demons, and even Fae who lives and our world but we know nothing about them. Fae is determined here as a clan of fairies who come clean to main character about herself and life. Bo (Anna Silk) is succubus, lost in the world of Fae. She is confident, strong, attractive, but devoid of love. She grow up as an exile in the world of humans, by the way she has raised in adoptive parents. Bo wants to know what happened to her real family and we will know it in the future. Another great protagonist in Lost Girl show is Kenzi. She’s a human too but spend a time with Fae society helping them to fight the evil. Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) – she is a priceless, the soul of the series. She makes it out alive, fun, unpredictable, you do not know what she’s going to say or what Kenzie will mess up further. (more…)


Continuum (season 4)

5,502 views Comments (8)


6 episodes

Events unfold in 2077, where detective Kiera Cameron is trying to get on the trail of dangerous terrorists. During the pursuit of terrorists Kiera moves into the past with them, it is possible in the future with the invention of the brilliant physicist Alec Sadler. The detective missed a terrorists and they disappeared and now Kiera is not possible to come back in time. By chance, she meets a young Alec in the department, which has not yet invented a time machine. She enlists his support in the capture of criminals and helps him to develop a time machine.


Continuum (season 3)

13,596 views Comments (9)

Continuum Showcase season 3 2014 poster

13 episodes

In season three, Kiera Cameron faces the immediate consequences of Alec Sadler’s betrayal at the end of season two – when he disappeared in a flash of light with the time travel device Kiera hoped might send her home. Alec’s impulsive decision sets in motion a chain of events, which pushes Kiera into a shocking alliance with a former enemy. Kiera must also contend with a newly strategic Liber8 organization, and a growing darkness in her police partner, Carlos Fonnegra. Ultimately, all roads lead through young Alec Sadler, and with his genius never having been more tested, his choices force Kiera – and everyone – to examine all they hold dear. (more…)


Lost Girl (season 2)

2,246 views Comments (11)

Lost Girl Showcase poster season 2 2011

22 episodes

After the fight, succubus Bo with her mother, who attempted to seize power, chaos reigns in the world of supernatural Fae. Bloody King Trick ensures that Dark Fae did not violate the balance of power. Bo intervenes into the struggle inside the dark forces – between Vex and the Morrigan. Trick notes that the balance of dark and light is broken, leading to death of the Fae, but does not know the reason for the imbalance. Bo, Dyson, Kenzi, Hale, Trick, Ciara and Lauren are trapped … (more…)


Lost Girl (season 1)

3,324 views Comments (4)

Lost Girl Showcase poster season 1 2010

13 episodes

Bo didn’t know that she was adopted, but in fact it succubus and belongs to the world of supernatural beings – Fae. Passionately kissing her first love, she unwittingly took his vitality. After the death of her boyfriend Bo ran away from home and wandered 10 years, trying to understand what she is and how she can manage her nature. Bo find other Fae, and she learns that they are divided into two clans – Light and Darkness. Each clan is trying to win Bo over to their side, but she stay closer to people. (more…)