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Ex on the Beach (season 2)

4,992 views Comments (0)

Ex on the Beach

14 episodes

On the territory of the beautiful coast in the Mediterranean there is an expensive villa with a unique interior. This is where the participants of the reality project will have to settle down. Heroes crave romance, unforgettable relationships and passion. Against the background of dating with each other, mutual sympathy is born between them and it seems that happiness is about to come true. Only this will last only as long as the “ex” does not enter into the matter. New participants in the show “Ex on the Beach” will have to claim the place of the former hero. Weekly come those people who in the past were in serious romantic relationships with project participants. Understanding in the team disappears in an instant, because no one was ready to meet in such a secluded place with his ex.


Teen Wolf (season 6)

17,515 views Comments (13)


20 episodes

Mystical series where there are werewolves, the good and evil and of course love. The school student Scott falls in love with his schoolmate Allison. It would be the excellent story if not one fact. One day Scott was bitten by a werewolf in the wood. After this incident Scott turns from the ordinary boy into the werewolf. And now he should learn to control the aggression of a beast in himself…


Mary + Jane (season 1)

2,325 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The comedy is based on life two young girls of Jordan and Paige who begin their new business and try to manage a female delivery service of weeds in Los Angeles. The well known Snoop will be a guest in a leading role. The series are complete amusing  and funny stories and will last half an hour. The premiere is planned in September..



Loosely Exactly Nicole (season 1)

1,492 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

Nicole Byer is the main character of a new series. She is black, full of optimism and vital energy. The cheerful comedy will last half an hour and will come out in September this year. The series will undoubtedly find its admirers..



Scream (season 2)

3,090 views Comments (4)


13 episodes

TV series is based on the series of horror films, which at one time gathered a huge audience. Events occur again in a dull provincial town of Lakewood, which 20 years ago was neutralized maniac Brandon James, but his body was never found. Life in the city was normal and uneventful, until on YouTube does not appear quite normal video, which led to unexpected consequences.


Awkward (season 5)

5,217 views Comments (2)


24 episodes

The story is about Jenna Hamilton, who is a school girl at the age of 15. She is in love with the most handsome boy in the school. That is despite she is a gray mouse. Once she hurt her hand and every person at school thought that it was an attempt of suicide. But Jenna don’t pay attention to such versions. And then her life turns into interesting adventure with bright moments.



Faking It (season 3)

1,492 views Comments (6)


10 episodes

The story is about best friends Amy and Karma, who were obsessed with the popularity formation. They realize, that they were invited to the lesbians party. So they start to be very popular in their school. Two friends decided to be a couple, because there are lots of boys with the same understanding of life. What will be the conclusion? See all the episodes of serial.


Teen Wolf (season 5)

20,868 views Comments (16)


20 episodes

Scott McCall is a high school student and interested in lacrosse. One day, Scott learns that a boy from school has gone, there were rumors that his body was in the woods, but still police can not find it. Being very curious, Scott decided to search a corpse, and when he went into the woods he was attacked by a werewolf. The struggle between werewolf and Scott begins, but the boy managed to escape! He was injuried a small bite. After such an extreme night, Scott began to notice what happens to him, he starts to mutate into something …



The Shannara Chronicles (season 1)

14,291 views Comments (21)

10 episodes

The events take place in the distant future. The war has divided North America into 4 parts. Some of them inhabited by elves, another part by the people,  the third and fourth by trolls and dwarves.
The main characters of tv show will be the offspring of an ancient clan of elves – Shannara. It is from them will depend on the future fate of the planet …



Finding Carter (season 2)

2,764 views Comments (2)


24 episodes

Carter is a teenager and she has no one closer than her mom Laurie. The girl grew up without a father, they were the closest people in the world. Over time, a teenager learns that Laurie hiding a terrible truth from her. It turns out that Laurie was not her own mother, this woman  stole Carter when she was a child from a real parents. Her real mother is Elizabeth, who works as a detective and all that time she was looking for her daughter. Laurie was arrested and Carter moved to a new family. David Wilson is real dad of the heroine and Taylor is her twin sister. But knowing all the truth that is so dramatically collapsed on her, does Carter want to accept it? Cause her real family now sits in a jail.