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Please Like Me (season 2)

3,853 views Comments (10)

Please Like Me Pivot season 2 2014

10 episodes

Based on actual painfully awkward events. The show is inspired by Josh Thomas’s own life, finding comedy in the tragedy that is his road to self-discovery. The show explores the identity crisis of coming out, the difficulties of self-acceptance, the roller coaster ride of relationships, the mind-numbing hardships of a dysfunctional family, coping with depression and, well, growing up. (more…)


Please Like Me (season 1)

1,334 views Comments (2)

Please Like Me Pivot poster season 1 2013

6 episodes

This is a wonderfully awkward and honest comedy drama that draws on Josh’s stand up and life. It sheds light on a variety of relevant issues that impact the Millennial audience and deal with topics including family relationships, sexuality and mental health. (more…)