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Shameless (season 10)

8,652 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The series is dedicated to the life of one dysfunctional American family who is trying to survive the way it turns out. The head of the family, Frank, has long forgotten about his direct duties: after leaving his wife, he does not care at all about children who are forced to survive on their own. Those under the roof of a small apartment try to cook food, work to support themselves and pay their bills, and try to somehow help the younger brothers and sisters. A girl named Fiona tries to replace mom, who seems to cope with household chores, but tries to combine them with constant problems at work and in her personal life.


Ray Donovan (season 7)

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Ray Donovan

9 episodes

This is a story about strong spirits of a person who manage to perform, probably, one of the most difficult works in the world. The main character of the series “Ray Donovan” works for himself. His business in Los Angeles involves solving other people’s problems. He is approached by the most influential and wealthy people who want to find answers to painful questions: criminal cases, business relationships, showdowns in his personal life – all this is decided precisely by Donovan. He is a true professional in his field, but it seems that in his personal life he has no less problems than his clients. (more…)


The Affair (season 5)

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The Affair

11 episodes

The American drama series “The Affair” is narrated on behalf of all participants in the events, shown through the eyes of the main characters. This means that there are different views on the same event, firstly, male and female, and they have never coincided. The main characters of this fascinating story are a couple of lovers, each of whom has his own family. Is it love? The creators of the series do not give a definite answer to this question. But on the other hand they show – this is one hundred percent all-consuming passion! (more…)


The Loudest Voice (season 1)

7,357 views Comments (0)

The Loudest Voice

7 episodes

American mini-series “The Loudest Voice” based on the book by Gabriel Sherman about Fox News founder Roger Isles. In the center of the plot is a famous person and his last ten years of life. The series will talk about his influence on the Republican Party, as well as talk about the charges of sexual harassment. These accusations completely destroyed his successful career. (more…)


City on a Hill (season 1)

1,019 views Comments (0)

City on a Hill

10 episodes

Boston. Early 1990s. The city is mired in crime, corruption and racism. Once in the city there is a new black district attorney from Brooklyn Decoursy Ward, who intends to change the existing order at any cost. The hero of the series “City on a Hill” is forced to enter into a dubious alliance with the corrupt, but respected FBI veteran Jackie Rhodes. Ward hopes with his help to go on the trail of a dangerous gang of raiders on collectors. Soon, their collaboration will forever change the criminal justice system in Boston.


The Chi (season 2)

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The Chi

10 episodes

The main characters of the dramatic series “The Chi” are completely different. Everyone has their own character and life principles. But there is something that brings them together. They all live in an area called South Side. This is the most dysfunctional and criminal part of Chicago, or as they simply call their city, Chi. This place is teeming with criminals and drug dealers, many of its inhabitants live in slums, having lost hope for a normal life for a long time. Almost all residents of the area dream of moving, but not everyone gets such a chance. (more…)


Our Cartoon President (season 2)

11,623 views Comments (0)

Our Cartoon President

10 episodes

Animation “office” comedy “Our Cartoon President”, in which the office of the chief is oval. The main characters of the series, created by political satirist Stephen Colbert, are US President Donald Trump, his family, ministers, advisers, heads of other states and other guests and inhabitants of the White House. Each episode is a typical day in the life of the most scandalous and controversial president in US history. The show not only tells in a comic form about the everyday life of the White House, but also explores the psyche and motivation of the president’s entourage. (more…)


Billions (season 4)

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12 episodes

The plot of the series “Billions” is based on the confrontation, first of all-intellectual, two extraordinary personalities: the founder and head of the investment Fund, a young billionaire Bobby Axelrod (his role is played by actor Damian Lewis) and the Prosecutor of the southern district of new York Chuck Rhodes (his role is played by actor Paul Giamatti). The Prosecutor in all possible ways-and even illegal! – is trying to catch a billionaire in financial fraud, and that he was valiantly resisting. (more…)


Black Monday (season 1)

2,936 views Comments (0)

Black Monday

10 episodes

In the focus of the plot there are the events of October 19, 1987. This day was called Black Monday. Wall Street experienced a real tragedy: there was the largest market collapse in history. The focus of this project “Black Monday” is on the people who worked at that time in financial companies. They talk about what exactly led to the collapse of the system. The most interesting development of the situation promises to tell in simple and accessible language what seems difficult. Wall Street is still remembered about this notorious day.


SMILF (season 2)

3,706 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

Life after twenty is just beginning, but sometimes even in this beautiful age you can find yourself in a situation where nobody needs or interests anyone. It happened with the main character of the series Bridget Bird. At twenty, the girl with the baby in her arms was left completely alone. Now she is thinking about how to take care of the little one, find a normal high-paying job and establish a personal life. The screenwriter Frankie Shaw presents to your attention the second season of the popular “SMILF” series, which promises a lot of unexpected turns of events, comical and dramatic moments.