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The Crown (season 3)

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The Crown

10 episodes

The plot focuses on Elizabeth II. The authors pay attention to her young years of life and becoming, like a princess, and then – like a queen. The main character is a woman with amazing charisma, an incredible talent for management and an outstanding influence on people. Her life was varied and amazing, because since the second half of the last century she managed to raise Britain thanks to her proposals and the adoption of competent reforms. True, her life can hardly be called calm and easy, because throughout all these years, passions did not subside inside Buckingham Palace. The Queen’s personal life, as it turned out, was also filled with amazing and incredible events, each of which in its own way was reflected both in the state and in the personality of this outstanding woman. (more…)


Atypical (season 3)

112 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

Sam is a young man who is eighteen years old. At first, the young man gives the impression of an ordinary person, but in reality he is somewhat different from most people. The reason for this is the presence of an autistic disorder. Sam suffers from the difficulty of adapting to society. Communicating with others is hard work for him. Every day Sam is forced to face various kinds of problems. And given that he is no longer a child, difficulties with his personal life have come to the fore. He no longer wants to be alone and wants to live a full life.


BoJack Horseman (season 6)

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BoJack Horseman

8 episodes

The main character lives like all the people around, but he has a distinctive feature – it seems that he has already understood everything about life. Not a very young horse – the main character of the series “BoJack Horseman”, which is trying to survive in incredibly difficult conditions. BoJack manages to be so disappointed in what is happening that he would not mind drinking another glass of whiskey. On top of that, he has problems with girls. His ex-lover is becoming a sore subject for BoJack. Fortunately, among people, the horse has a wonderful friend who will always help and support. (more…)


Insatiable (season 2)

216 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The protagonist of the series “Insatiable” is overweight. This fact is enough for many of her peers to turn a girl into an object for ridicule. No one is friends with Patty, she is not called to parties, and, often, she is cruelly played out. The heroine is tired of these bullying, she decides to lose hated weight. And finally, her efforts were crowned with success – she was transformed, turning into a real slender beauty. The only problem was that Patty could not forget all the bullying directed at her, she decided that she would take revenge on all her offenders. (more…)


Disenchantment (season 1)

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20 episodes

Animated comedy “Disenchantment”, which offers viewers to go to the Kingdom of Beanland, where life has long been not so cloudless and calm. The main character is Princess Bean. True, she does not go to balls, she does not dream of a prince on a white horse, she does not prepare for government, but simply lives without getting out of a prolonged depression. To cope with the desperation there is a bottle of a strong alcoholic drink, as well as a tame elf who always tries to support the main character. Among the advisers of the unfortunate Bean there are the personal demon Lucy, who distributes not the most useful advice. (more…)


Sacred Games (season 2)

755 views Comments (0)

Sacred Games

8 episodes

Mumbai Police Detective Sartage Sinh is one of the few Sikhs working there. The protagonist of the series “Sacred Games” does not see and does not know anything but work. He is over 40, his marriage has broken up, he has long given up attempts to climb the career ladder. Despite the fact that he spends the day and night at work, his bosses and colleagues do not favor him. But suddenly, Sartage is given a great opportunity – he gets a tip at one of the most powerful gangsters in Mumbai. (more…)


The Ranch (season 4)

182 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The protagonist of the series “The Ranch” (Ashton Kutcher) after completing a career in semi-professional football returns to Colorado, where he plans to help his brother (Danny Masterson) run a family business. However, upon arriving at the place, he is faced with a rather cool trick: his father (Sam Elliott) still harbors a grudge against his son for leaving his family to play football. (more…)


The Rain (season 1)

5,066 views Comments (0)

The Rain

8 episodes

From the first seconds “The Rain” throws the viewer into the thick of events. Parents grab their children, a schoolgirl-graduate Simone and a very small Rasmus, put in a car and driven away from the approaching dark cloud in the sky. Rain is dangerous – in every drop a deadly virus is kept, killing any person who touched the water. By coincidence, the family gets into a bunker hidden in the forest. Father, without explaining anything, but promising to return, leaves, and his mother soon dies. The children remain alone and only after 6 years leave the shelter – towards the devastated Denmark, hoping to find their parent.


The Rain (season 2)

1,893 views Comments (0)

The Rain

6 episodes

An unknown virus, carried by raindrops, destroyed most of the world’s population. The heroes of the show “The Rain” – a brother and sister who are trying to find a safe place to live on the ruins of Scandinavia. A guidebook for them is the diary of a long-gone father, in which he described the dangers that inhabit the empty world, and ways to overcome them. Heroes join a group of young people who are also desperately fighting for survival. Young people, to their surprise, find that even in a post-apocalyptic world there is love, jealousy, aging, and other dramatic difficulties that people have faced for millennia. (more…)


Jessica Jones (season 3)

1,438 views Comments (0)

Jessica Jones

13 episodes

The project “Jessica Jones” filmed in the genre of adventure action movie with elements of thriller and drama. The main character is a girl with superpowers, who at her young age has already managed to go through a series of trials and hardships. She reconciled with her gift and now seeks to help others by doing private investigations. And she’s investigating the mysterious activity of people with superpowers in New York. (more…)