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The War of the Worlds (season 1)

2,329 views Comments (0)

The War of the Worlds

3 episodes

England. 19th century. The technological breakthrough in Europe is not able to help people cope with the many difficulties that remain to be experienced after the invasion of the representatives of Mars. The focus of the series “The War of the Worlds” is George, who is forced to defend not only his beloved people, but the whole planet. The fight with aliens is incredibly emotional and very difficult, because uninvited guests are superior to people in technology. (more…)


Still Open All Hours (season 6)

892 views Comments (0)


5 episodes

The plot is built around a small grocery store, the management of which after the death of Uncle Arkwright passed to the nephew of Granville. The new owner is helped by his bad-looking son. Together with the store, Granville inherited from his uncle his stinginess, which often causes funny and ridiculous situations. The series was shot according to the script of the original version of Roy Clark, and some roles are played by actors who starred in the original series. (more…)


Gold Digger (season 1)

686 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

Julia Day is a divorced wealthy woman, a mother of three children. Her eldest son Patrick is struggling to become a good person, the middle daughter Della, on the contrary, is committed to self-destruction in every possible way, and the youngest Leo lives with his mother, but at the same time idealizes his father. One day, Julia falls in love with Benjamin, who is 25 years younger than her. These unusual relationships make a strong impression on the whole family, in which almost everyone is sure that Benjamin is only interested in the money of his mature lover. (more…)


World on Fire (season 1)

337 views Comments (0)

World on Fire

7 episodes

The main characters of the series “World on Fire” did not directly participate in the battles, but became eyewitnesses to the events taking place. One of the heroines is Nancy. She is an American journalist, a military columnist, and came from the United States. Settled in Europe, works in Berlin. At the risk of being exposed, she sends radiograms and watches as tank units move towards Paris. The beginning of the described offensive is 1939 until the 40th. There is a story about a Polish guy. Harry serves as a translator. None of the neighbors guesses that his beloved is hiding in his home. The series consists of several episodes – here is a young German soldier who does not dare to open fire on people, there are love experiences and family tragedies. (more…)


The Wrong Mans (season 2)

3,879 views Comments (6)

The Wrong Mans poster BBC Two season 2 2014

4 episodes

The Wrong Mans season 2 begins. Phil and Sam are coming back, but this time they’re in the wrong place, at the wrong time and with the wrong set of skills. (more…)


Peaky Blinders (season 5)

1,287 views Comments (0)

Peaky Blinders

6 episodes

The continuation of the British series “Peaky Blinders” about the criminal world of Birmingham of the 20s of the last century, in which the large Shelby family became one of the most brutal and influential gangs of the post-war period. The brand name of the group, which was engaged in robberies and gambling, became blades sewn into the visors. In the final fifth season, events continue to unfold around the Shelby family, which has chosen the alcohol business as its field of activity. Over the course of all four seasons, we could see how former criminals moved toward success.


Poldark (season 5)

8,133 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

British historical melodramatic series from the BBC – “Poldark”. Incredibly beautiful landscapes simply capture the spirit, rocks, sea, endless valleys. Filming was done in the North of Cornwall, on the coast of St. Agnes, and urban scenes on the streets of Korsham. The series begins in 1783, during the war with America. Later, a war with France is coming, we will see how it all affects the inhabitants of England. The main character, Ross Poldark, returns from a war after being seriously wounded to his land, to his family. He was absent for 3 years and was considered dead. Family estate is in desolation, father died and the bride is already engaged to another. (more…)


Summer of Rockets (season 1)

1,924 views Comments (0)

Summer of Rockets

6 episodes

The action takes place at the height of the Cold War, in the late 1950s. Russian Jew Samuel Petrukhin emigrates to the UK. There he lives with his wife Miliam, 17-year-old daughter Hannah, and 8-year-old son Sasha and is engaged in the invention and production of hearing aids. Sasha’s illness, due to which the boy goes to the hospital, inspires Samuel to create a revolutionary device that will facilitate communication within hospitals and other enterprises. The invention draws attention to Petrukhin, and MI5 recruits him to carry out a secret mission to extract valuable information. (more…)


Top Gear (season 27)

1,755 views Comments (0)


5 episodes

The format of this program “Top Gear” has its originality in the plot. Plus, it is reduced by a share of good jokes and humor, even if it is not always appropriate and sometimes threatening scandals, but they are also committed to their strategies and principles. The success of this show lies in the fact that it is clearly not dry in content and is designed for a large audience of viewers, it is entertaining and entertaining for everyone. (more…)


The Missing (season 3)

630 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

During the 2006 World Cup, the British family in France lost their young son in the middle of a football orgy that was happening on the streets on the occasion of the final. Tony cannot accept the idea that his child may be dead, and continues to look for him from year to year. These searches exhaust Tony and have a negative effect on his relationship with his wife Emily, gradually ruining their lives. Julien is a detective in the French police who was involved in the abduction of Oliver. Even when he retires, he does not lose hope of finding a boy. (more…)