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The First Team (season 1)

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6 episodes

Someone might think that football is just a game. In fact, competitions go far beyond the boundaries of the game itself. They begin with managers, directors, presidents of clubs who make crucial decisions that affect the development of the team, the youth academy, transfers, and more. The protagonists of the series are three young people, talented football players who could become professionals in their field. However, as practice has shown, none of the merits of the players and their actions on the field can be compared in influence to the madness that sometimes happens in managerial circles. (more…)


Some Girls (season 3)

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Some Girls

6 episodes

A story that could happen in any school, with each of the girls who study in it. Four popular girls are members of the local women’s soccer team. But each of them has her own difficulties, which are sometimes impossible to solve. And these difficulties can be a hindrance to girls entering college. The first is a relationship with the team coach. And then it turned out that she is still expecting a child from him. The second lives in a dysfunctional area in the suburbs, and so dreams of moving to the center and never returning to the backyard of life, where people do not live, but survive. The third has irrepressible energy, which simply has nowhere to throw out. And the fourth is too smart for this world of foolish blondes. They all will have to resolve their difficulties and move on. (more…)


Moving On (season 11)

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Moving On

5 episodes

The characters of the series “Moving On” fall into dangerous, ambiguous and unexpected situations. Each episode tells a new story. The heroine is forced to sell her beloved house because of debts and is going to make a deal with the unclean John, her old school love. The father of the teenager finds a sexy lingerie, in which the boy dresses up, and begins to suspect his wife of treason. Mike gets parole and goes to his wife, who lives with their daughter and new man. (more…)


The A Word (season 3)

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The A Word

6 episodes

This is a story about a special child with autism. Trouble came to the most ordinary family. The youngest child was diagnosed with autism. From that moment they ceased to be an ordinary family, and now they have to go through great trials. Only together can they cope with all difficulties and learn to enjoy success. They have become a really strong and happy family, creating an atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding. This remains to be done for both children and adults. After all, autists are immersed in themselves and locked in their own world, they do not let outsiders into it. (more…)


Malory Towers (season 1)

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Malory Towers

13 episodes

Before us there is a drama series co-produced by the UK and Canada for children. This is an adaptation of Enid Blyton’s novels. The action of the series “Malory Towers” takes place in the boarding school for girls Benenden Schul. The main character – the daughter of Blyton, attends this school, and which subsequently moved during the war on the coast of Cornwall. The series consists of 13 episodes. (more…)


Noughts + Crosses (season 1)

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6 episodes

This is a fascinating story of first love in 21st century alternative England, where society split racism. Belonging to different races, but connected by forbidden love, two young people are desperately fighting the injustice that deprived them of the right to be together. The main characters of the series “Noughts + Crosses” Cephy and Callum met in early childhood, and as they matured, their relationship became more complex and their feelings for each other stronger. (more…)


The Last Kingdom (season 4)

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The Last Kingdom

10 episodes

The British historical television series is based on a series of books by the English writer Bernard Cornwell. After King Alfred died, England was ruled by his son Edward. And although Wessex survived the battles, such a world could not last forever. Uhtred is now out of favor with the new king. He was exiled north to recapture old family estates, a huge fortress in Northumbria. Sent to exile, he decided to use forced leave to solve personal problems. After all, the murder of his father remained unrefined. The killer was not found. The family fortress with which Uhtred was supposed to inherit is captured by his uncle. But the hero already has a cunning plan for returning property. And he equips the ship to his native Northumbria. (more…)


Scot Squad (season 5)

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6 episodes

A parody look, filed in a reality show format, on the work of the Scottish police. The fifth season of the comedy series “Scot Squad” continues the series of comedies that again and again show the everyday work of Scottish policemen with a certain degree of irony. Police officers have to deal with robbers, scammers and killers. So there is enough work for law enforcement officers. But the days have passed when brute physical force prevailed in the work of the police. (more…)


Call the Midwife (season 9)

1,532 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

Call the Midwife is a TV series starring Vanessa Redgrave, Laura Main, and Jenny Agutter. Chronicles the lives of a group of midwives living in East London in the late-1950s to mid-1960s. (more…)


Limmy’s Homemade Show (season 1)

559 views Comments (0)


3 episodes

Before the main character of the new British comedy series “Homemade Show” hit the BBC, he became famous for his funny home videos. Such a show gained millions of views from him, although the video was made on his phone. And the stories are also not intricate! How he goes for a walk, how he talks to himself, how his toilet looks and so on. This is a Scottish sketch show for lovers of British, or rather Scottish humor.