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Power (season 6)

3,609 views Comments (0)


12 episodes

In the new season of the series “Power”, the action will continue to develop in New York – a city with great opportunities. Smart people take full advantage of it and become successful. Friends call James St. Patrick “Guest”. He owns a night club. This is his official occupation. In addition, James is the leader of the drug mafia. Saint Patrick constantly balances between the image of a law-abiding entrepreneur and a drug dealer. Over time, it is very difficult for him to do this. As a result, James comes to the conclusion that it is time to tie him up with the sale of drugs. But as soon as he tried to get out of this criminal business, he faced a lot of obstacles that the main character of the series could not overcome. (more…)


Sweetbitter (season 2)

7,127 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

Tess is young and quite attractive, like many other people, she dreams of a brilliant career, in search of which she arrives in New York. However, shyness and self-doubt are not the best helpers. Fortunately, in a short time she manages to rent an apartment and find a prestigious job in one of the expensive restaurants in the city, which others can only dream of. Of course, it pleases the girl, especially since the work promises to bring a good income. (more…)


The Rook (season 1)

2,050 views Comments (0)

The Rook

8 episodes

A young woman wakes up in one of the parks of London. She remembers absolutely nothing, and around her there are the lifeless bodies of strangers in latex gloves. The heroine will not only restore memory, but also regain a place in the most secret British service that controls paranormal activity. In carrying out this difficult mission, the girl regularly encounters opponents from the other world and at the same time tries to suppress her own supernatural abilities. You can not hesitate – the attackers who stole her memory will try with all their might to finish what they have already begun. The series “The Rook” is based on the eponymous science fiction novel by Australian writer Daniel O’Malley. (more…)


Warriors of Liberty City (season 1)

248 views Comments (0)

Warriors of Liberty City

6 episodes

Liberty City – Miami’s criminal area, from which came the most successful players. This six-part documentary series “Warriors of Liberty City” tells about one youth football team. It is led by Luther Campbell – hip-hop pioneer, better known as “Uncle Luke.” The series will also tell about the problems of gun violence, poverty, which facing the area. (more…)


Vida (season 2)

309 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The two Mexican sisters who live in the United States are the closest people to each other. They actively support each other in all difficult situations, share experiences and believe in a better future. Emma and Lyn grew up in a disadvantaged poor area of Los Angeles, and as they matured, they moved into the city. The girls promised to visit their friends and acquaintances, but the bright city life dragged them over. They began to meet new people, engage in the device of personal life and do everything possible in order to achieve their plans. (more…)


American Gods (season 2)

3,478 views Comments (0)

American Gods

8 episodes

American Gods is a TV series starring Ricky Whittle, Emily Browning, and Crispin Glover. A recently released ex-convict named Shadow meets a mysterious man who calls himself “Wednesday” and who knows more than he first seems to… (more…)


Now Apocalypse (season 1)

1,117 views Comments (0)

Now Apocalypse

10 episodes

In the center of the plot of the series “Now Apocalypse” – four friends who enjoy life and come off in full. The main characters are very young and are in constant search of themselves. Carried away by this process, they explore for themselves the different sides of love, sex, relationships, and sometimes try prohibited substances. Diving deeper into the mad whirlpool of California life, Ulysses suddenly begins to see strange visions. However, the guy can not understand: he just went over the grass or was the victim of a secret world conspiracy? (more…)


Counterpart (season 2)

9,835 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The second season of the adventure drama “Counterpart” with elements of fiction offers viewers to continue their journey through another world that is intertwined with our reality. Howard Silk, working in a small agency, which is engaged in the protection of a mysterious corridor uniting the worlds, accidentally learns about the existence of Prime. In this corridor there are guards, customs, special agents, catching illegal immigrants, as well as those who cross the border on a special visa, issued for several hours or days. These are, most often, business cases, and, moreover, not always legal. About seven percent of the population died because of a flu epidemic, and close contact with other residents, ranging from a handshake, is strictly prohibited. Another feature of parallel reality is that – it is inhabited by people who are the equivalent of a person from the present. Howard in our world is a clerk, and Howard from another dimension is an operative who comes to our world to prevent murder.


Outlander (season 4)

5,984 views Comments (0)


13 episodes

The story of the series “Outlander” begins with the fact that after the end of the Second World War, a young couple goes to Scotland. So it turns out that the wife, whose name is Claire, goes alone on the hill where the Celtic stones are located, touches them, and ends up in 1743. And so began her adventures in the 18th century, where the Scots fought for their independence from the British, and where she would meet friends, enemies, meet another love, where her life would be in danger and she would save the lives of other people.


Insomnia (season 1)

1,001 views Comments (0)


1 episodes

The series “Insomnia” tells about the illegal game, which is held annually in one of the illegal casinos. Twenty participants will compete for the main prize – a huge amount of money, but the loser will die. Each of the characters injected with a special drug that will kill a person if he falls asleep. The huge excitement around the illegal game makes the most powerful and wealthy people to bet on their contenders. In a few days and nights, millions are lost.