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Woodstock (2019)

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They waited 50 thousand, and half a million arrived. Half a million people in one place, when no one was expecting it. What a collapse was happening, traffic jams, lacked food, water, medicine, etc. Shows the story of real ordinary people, their difficulties and thirst to live, love, enjoy youth, dance. Hippies are not only a subculture, but also a whole movement that has become the answer to the main problems of the era and a striking touch to her portrait. (more…)


We Are X (2016)

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We Are X

A documentary about the largest Japanese rock band X JAPAN, led by Yoshiki Hayashi – drummer, pianist, composer and producer. At one time, George Martin, KISS, Stan Lee and the Emperor of Japan themselves confessed their love to the group. “We Are X” tells the thirty-year story of the thrilling and exciting development of X JAPAN, reunited at a concert in New York’s Madison Square Garden. Heavy metal connoisseurs get the opportunity to get to know the popular rock band “X Japan”, which thundered far beyond Japan. Members of the group share frank stories about their past, about the creative process and how life’s tragedies influenced their music. (more…)


Warriors of Liberty City (season 1)

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Warriors of Liberty City

6 episodes

Liberty City – Miami’s criminal area, from which came the most successful players. This six-part documentary series “Warriors of Liberty City” tells about one youth football team. It is led by Luther Campbell – hip-hop pioneer, better known as “Uncle Luke.” The series will also tell about the problems of gun violence, poverty, which facing the area. (more…)


Apollo 11 (2019)

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Apollo 11

The documentary “Apollo 11″ is based on the newsreel of the preparation for the flight, the launch of Apollo 11 and the work of the Mission Control Center in Houston during the mission itself. The important point is that there are no interviews in the film that are traditional for documentary journalism. Only the chronicle and only real voices 50 years ago. The film turned out spectacular and colorful. It shows in detail the preparation for the launch, launch, flight. (more…)


Rise of the Superheroes (2019)

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Rise of the Superheroes

The documentary movie “Rise of the Superheroes” is intended for those who love Marvel. It traces the story of the rise of the superhero comics industry – from cheap child’s reading book to the cinematic phenomenon that has conquered the whole world. The story is led by real experts. Authors and artists, journalists and editors of sites with sincere love and almost manic passion represent the main milestones in the history of comics – the first attempts and the first success. (more…)


Madonna and the Breakfast Club (2019)

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Documentary history of the formation of Madonna. The once unknown 19-year-old dance class student at the University of Michigan, today, thanks to her music, is famous throughout the world. The Movie “Madonna and the Breakfast Club” filmed in an unusual way. It contains such documentary techniques as interviews with former members of the Breakfast Club group and game inserts styled as New York of the 1970s. (more…)


Free Solo (2018)

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Free Solo

American climber Alex Honnold decided to conquer one of the highest and most difficult peaks in North America – Mount El Capitan. In 2017, he made a solo ascent, i.e. climbing alone, without insurance, relying only on their own strength and experience. The National Geographic team filmed his crazy idea, recording Alex’s every step. Climbing higher and higher along a practically steep rock, both Alex and the film crew understood that any mistake along the way could be fatal for a climber. “Free Solo” is a National Geographic documentary about rock-climber Alex Honnold. (more…)


The Twinstitute (season 1)

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5 episodes

The new British documentary series tells about the twin doctors Tulleken. This time they are going to test the twins with the help of some scientific experiments. This is a completely new BBC documentary project “The Twinstitute”. Each season will consist of six half-hour episodes. Each group has 30 identical twins. The goal is to learn more about losing or gaining weight, sleep, memory and intelligence.


The Radical Story of Patty Hearst (season 1)

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The Radical Story of Patty Hearst

2 episodes

Patti Hearst – a frail brunette, the heiress of the newspaper magnate Hearst – was kidnapped by terrorists in the 70s. For several years, the girl was an unwitting witness to senseless and brutal attacks and, in the end, she joined her tormentors. Reincarnation of a hostage as a terrorist caused a wide resonance in American society and seriously undermined the psyche of her father.


Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams (2018)

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Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams

The story of the legendary group Coldplay began many years ago, in the distant ninety-eighth year of the twentieth century, when future musicians met at a college in London. None of them dreamed of popularity. But fate decreed otherwise, and soon the talented guys organized a musical group. By the time they graduated from school, the modest guys turned into real local celebrities. In the documentary, fans are invited to delve into the past of idols and find out how it all began.