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Black Jesus (season 3)

20 views Comments (0)

Black Jesus

1 episodes

The series takes place in a small town called Compton, located in California. Most of the local population are African Americans. And then one day an ordinary black guy decides for himself that he is the modern incarnation of Jesus. The newly made messenger of heaven does not at all look like the Son of God, but, despite this, the inhabitants of the town very quickly become sympathetic to him. With the support of loyal followers, the protagonist of the series “Black Jesus” plans to change the world for the better.


Titans (season 2)

759 views Comments (0)


3 episodes

n the hope of stopping her father, the ancient demon Trigon, the possessor of incredible abilities, the girl Raven turns to Robin for help. She is obsessed with the strange energy of darkness, being drawn into a conspiracy that could bring Hell to Earth. Batman’s former partner now administers justice in the streets of Gotham, but to stop the evil, Raven and Robin will need help.


This Close (season 2)

402 views Comments (0)

This Close

8 episodes

Do you think friendship between a woman and a man is impossible? Then you obviously did not watch this series “This Close”, because it tells exactly how two representatives of different sexes get along well with each other, spending a lot of time together. Kate and Michael have known each other for a long time, and are best friends. There is one feature that unites the heroes – they are both deaf. (more…)


Room 104 (season 3)

228 views Comments (0)

Room 104

2 episodes

Each series is full of philosophical, moral and psychological meaning. “Room 104″ is a comedy series anthology, which takes place in one of the rooms of a regular American hotel. In the center of events are the guests who check in the room in each episode. The series anthology has long been popular with the viewer, as it provides an opportunity to observe different stories that always have something in common – the subject, the scene, and so on. (more…)


Preacher (season 4)

2,540 views Comments (0)


9 episodes

The plot was based on religious themes, mixed with witchcraft, speculation with souls, a community of vampires and hunters for them, a shadowed global organization, eager for world domination. The plot of the series “Preacher” is about a priest with a criminal past in whom a creature, a child of a demon and an angel, who can become equal with God, has settled, and the one in whom it has settled becomes the most powerful person on earth. (more…)


Killjoys (season 5)

1,914 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

Easy and dynamic series tells about the space team on the search and capture of people called Killjoys. This team is led by a sexy brunette with a frivolous face, but a rich life experience. Under her leadership, cute guys. And now this cheerful team periodically receives a warrant for the search and delivery of various people: from criminals to VIPs. While performing these tasks happen to them the most incredible adventures. One episode – one impressive adventure task.


Fear the Walking Dead (season 5)

5,058 views Comments (0)

Fear the Walking Dead

15 episodes

Here, as before, ordinary people with their own problems (and the family’s problems were enough without zombies) are in the middle of the story, trying to survive under the circumstances that cannot be explained by rationally to an adult. In addition to the living dead bodies, the same ordinary people, who slowly but surely demonstrate their own base nature, cause no less concern. The series “Fear the Walking Dead” gradually introduces the situation, the result of which is so well known from the first series. (more…)


Disenchantment (season 1)

790 views Comments (0)


20 episodes

Animated comedy “Disenchantment”, which offers viewers to go to the Kingdom of Beanland, where life has long been not so cloudless and calm. The main character is Princess Bean. True, she does not go to balls, she does not dream of a prince on a white horse, she does not prepare for government, but simply lives without getting out of a prolonged depression. To cope with the desperation there is a bottle of a strong alcoholic drink, as well as a tame elf who always tries to support the main character. Among the advisers of the unfortunate Bean there are the personal demon Lucy, who distributes not the most useful advice. (more…)


Beecham House (season 1)

894 views Comments (0)

Beecham House

6 episodes

India, 1795. The British East India Company is preparing to seize the empire. For this, it has an army, with the help of which the company forces the local rulers to enter into the deals it needs, depriving them of property and taking away their fertile lands. Competing with France, Britain intends to seize India and become the first superpower in the world. The main character, John Beecham, quietly leaves Calcutta for Delhi, where he settles in a large mansion and begins a new life. But how long will he be able to hold out before the secrets of his past are revealed? (more…)


Instinct (season 2)

7,155 views Comments (0)


11 episodes

In the second season of the American detective series “Instinct”, Detective Nidam and Professor Reinhart had to look for the killer, at the hands of whom the successful business woman, who worked on creating the “elixir of youth”, died. Andy, along with Dylan was involved in the adoption of a child, and Detective Stoke really wants to find a potential serial maniac. In the second episode, the main characters of the series will launch an investigation into the new murder. A novice musician was killed. He was shot in the amusement park in the area of roller coasters. (more…)