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Strike Back (season 8)

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Strike Back

3 episodes

John Porter is involved in a special operation in Iraq and heads the military unit. In one event, the sergeant did not dare to shoot an teenager. The boy turned out to be a suicide bomber, because of him people from the brigade of the special forces were killed. Due to the tragic incident, the soldier lost his job, there were disorders in the family. Time passes. The main character is found by a former colleague who invites a friend to return to the Iraq to continue his service. The British intelligence team has a goal – in the eastern country it is necessary to track down and neutralize a dangerous terrorist. First-class specialists carry out many successful military actions to destroy international terrorists. They will be able to confront armed criminals who kidnapped the daughter of an influential diplomat. (more…)


Star Wars: The Clone Wars (season 7)

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars

2 episodes

In the new season of the animated series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” hard times for the Galactic Republic are described. The protracted galactic conflict caused not only a huge number of victims, but also economic decline and the rapid growth of crime. The fighting is plunging the distant Galaxy into chaos and the Jedi have to make increasingly difficult decisions to save the worlds from destruction. (more…)


MacGyver (season 4)

875 views Comments (0)


4 episodes

An outstanding young man, a true professional in his field, who fights crime around the world. The protagonist conducts numerous covert operations in different corners of the Earth, where he tries not to allow representatives of terrorist groups to realize their cunning plans. Of course, he has to face serious obstacles in his path. The main character does an excellent job with his work, but it would be unlikely that McGyver would have been so successful if not for his partner – Jack Dalton, a man who spent many years in the CIA, so now he is trying to find a new vocation. (more…)


Hawaii Five-0 (season 10)

16,849 views Comments (0)

Hawaii Five-0

18 episodes

This fascinating story “Hawaii Five-0″ is about the representatives of the police Department of a remote American state. The plot focuses on the main character Stephen Mcgarrett, who returns to his hometown to begin an investigation of the death of his father. The detective contacts the local police, who are willing to help in the case, but it seems that they are no less in need of help. Mcgarrett’s team includes the most outstanding professionals of the Department. They are ready to start working again, but they understand that soon success will consist only in high-quality team actions. (more…)


Altered Carbon (season 2)

134 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

It was the twenty-seventh century. Earth has changed beyond recognition. Humanity has made a huge breakthrough in science. At this time, everyone can transfer their mind and consciousness to a “vessel”, the so-called artificially created body. With the help of this, criminals implement the most tricky schemes. The state is trying to fix it, comes up with laws. And to understand exactly who was in this or that “vessel” is practically unrealistic. Bankford, a wealthy man, hires Takeshi Kovacs, a formerly perfect mercenary, and now a special forces soldier. He asks him to investigate the murder of one of his bodies. The rich man is afraid for his life, because it was a clear attempted murder, which they tried to arrange as suicide. At the same time he was lucky, the mind during the murder was not hurt, but the memory of that moment was lost. He cannot remember the criminal. The former mercenary has to unravel this strange thing and find the attacker. (more…)


Station 19 (season 3)

834 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

The series is a spin-off from the popular long-playing series of the ABC television channel “Grey’s Anatomy”. In the series Station 19, the daily routine of the heroic firefighters of the 19th part of the Seattle Fire Department is described. There are no main and secondary characters – from a recruit to a captain, they all do their job, save lives, risking their own. Of course, firefighters also have time for romantic relationships, which sometimes make their life easier, and sometimes complicate. (more…)


Star Trek: Picard (season 1)

4,800 views Comments (0)

Star Trek: Picard

6 episodes

Twenty years have passed since the day that turned the life of Admiral Jean-Luc Picard. Stunning adventures, the fight against evil in the name of life and travel through the universe are far behind. Now he spends his days not on the bridge of the ship, but in a cozy family home. But every night, with his eyes turned upward, he again relives those desperate days of his service. The earth never became his home. However, a strange meeting with a girl named Dudge made Picard once again convinced of the vicissitudes of fate. His new acquaintance is fraught with many mysteries, which the captain will have to solve in order to save not only her, but also many other people. (more…)


SEAL Team (season 3)

8,711 views Comments (0)


11 episodes

The main characters are masters of their craft. Each operative has a number of amazing abilities that somehow affect the successful operation. The main characters are faced with dangerous terrorist groups, considered the main problem of our time. Heroes try to do everything to fulfill the next mission. Most often it is necessary to rescue hostages from captivity, to storm the public buildings seized by terrorists, and also to make raids to other countries of the world for elimination of epicenter of the created chaos. (more…)


Deputy (season 1)

1,351 views Comments (0)


9 episodes

The focus of the series “Deputy” – events in Los Angeles. More specifically, the fight against organized crime and the focus is on the main character, who works as an assistant to the sheriff. The sheriff will die under sad and mysterious circumstances after the next raid. According to the laws of the Los Angeles County, the next sheriff is appointed assistant to the previous. They are the main character Hollister. The protagonist declares a large-scale war against representatives of the criminal world. He does not know mercy and condescension. (more…)


Chicago P.D. (season 7)

6,062 views Comments (0)

Chicago P.D.

15 episodes

Continuation of the series about the Chicago Investigation Department, which deals with all the crimes in the city, from robberies to the capture of serial killers. The action-packed series “Chicago P.D.” talks about the daily hard work of employees. The team led by Sergeant Hank often violates official powers – uses prohibited methods of interrogation, torture, but Chicago residents can sleep peacefully – the department has the highest detection rate. (more…)