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Bitten (season 3)

6,801 views Comments (6)


10 episodes

A beautiful girl named Elena has a truly terrible, but an exciting mystery. She is a hereditary vampire who  once bitten by a werewolf. Once bitten, she is not dead, but on the contrary became even stronger. It is unique in its kind and Elena wants to know why she is still alive. In parallel, she leads a normal life working as a photographer in Toronto.


Bitten (season 2)

7,247 views Comments (9)

Bitten poster Space season 2 2015

10 episodes

In the Bitten season 2 Elena and the Pack, bent on bloody revenge, hunt for the mastermind of the Mutt uprising, Malcolm Danvers. But as they try to settle old scores, the Pack discovers a dangerously new and much more evil threat—a sinister and deadly force that draws the werewolves into a strange and frightening Otherworld, filled with enemies and allies. This time their very existence is at stake. (more…)


Primeval: New World (season 1)

12,212 views Comments (7)

Primeval New World Space Channel season 1 2012 poster

13 episodes

The series tells the story of a group of scientists and enthusiasts who study the phenomenon of electromagnetic objects – “anomalies”, a portal in time and space. They will fight with prehistoric creatures that fall through the portals in our time. They are back and they are hungry… (more…)