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Lego City Adventures (season 2)

1,254 views Comments (0)

Lego City Adventures

2 episodes

The comedy Lego animated series tells about the adventures of the brave residents of LEGO City. Welcome to LEGO City! The Bravest firefighters, the best policemen, the attentive mayor and representatives of many other professions live in this modern metropolis. All of them will have to work together to stop the mysterious criminal who begins to wreak havoc around. Each resident of LEGO City can feel like a real hero and take part in the most incredible and amazing adventures in the city!


The Substitute (season 1)

394 views Comments (0)


12 episodes

Actually, figuring out an employee in a crowd is not a difficult task. Any work lays on a person its greasy imprint over time. However, when some celebrities, being transformed by assistant teachers, went to school to make an interesting show using hidden cameras, the children could not recognize them. Judging by the series “The Substitute”, you can understand that working undercover is the most driving and sometimes dangerous task. (more…)


Danger Force (season 1)

1,022 views Comments (0)

Danger Force

6 episodes

The new comedy series “Danger Force” will tell about Captain Man and four teenagers. Every day, superheroes fight crime. They are fighters for justice. But Captain Man begins to train the guys to fight monsters. They become an excellent team, each with their own superpowers, ready to save any situation! Superhero is a typical series for teenagers and for those who remain a teenager, despite their age. (more…)


Power Rangers Ninja Steel (season 27)

364 views Comments (0)

Power Rangers Ninja Steel

4 episodes

The protagonists of this amazing series are a group of teenage superheroes who hide their real meaning from everyone. They are Power Rangers standing on the protection of the Earth. Guys with unique fighting skills fight the army of Ripcon, who dreams of becoming invulnerable. He wants to capture the Crystal of Spirit, capable of giving him such an incredible ability. True, Ripcon has very ominous plans for the future, because this villain dreams of enslaving the whole universe. (more…)


Are You Afraid of the Dark? (season 1)

581 views Comments (0)

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

3 episodes

This series will tell about some guys who love to spend time together. They have one favorite common activity – to gather at night near the fire. And they tell each other very scary stories. They also call themselves night owls, and before starting the story, they do a special rite. The storyteller begins his story with special words, and then throws the midnight dust into the burning fire, which in secret is ordinary sugar, but the main thing for them is a spectacular introduction. After that, the name of the next story appears. After this, the narrator again says the required words, and then tells what the soul wants. (more…)


Henry Danger (season 5)

19,679 views Comments (0)

Henry Danger

40 episodes

The plot of the children’s TV series “Henry Danger” tells about a simple schoolboy who got a dream job. He is an assistant superhero Captain Man. By the same teenager has constant access to the most modern gadgets. But there are also difficulties of his own – he must hide from his parents about his dangerous occupation and, moreover, there are problems at school because of the constant missing of lessons.


Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty (season 1)

1,835 views Comments (0)

Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty

23 episodes

Meet the exciting new animated series, which debuts on the channel Nickelodeon. Full of adventure, this new animated show has the main theme of individuality and self-confidence. Comedy adventures, magic and mischief are waiting for fans in the bizarre world of the “Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty”. The star of the show is a fearless cat with special powers: it is part of the rainbow, part of the butterfly and part of the unicorn.


All That (season 11)

383 views Comments (0)

All That

7 episodes

Everything is new, it is well forgotten old. Nickelodeon revives the eponymous comedy series of the 90s “All That” with a new cast of children, and former actors appear throughout the season. The series also contains sketches, funny commercials, scientific experiments and various interviews. Humor is unpredictable but mostly pure content intended for children. (more…)


Knight Squad (season 2)

5,165 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

Brave Ciara studies at the legendary School of Knights in the magical Astoria. The girl – the star of the school, hiding a big secret – in fact, she is a princess. Then one day at school a complacent young man Arc appears who can cause Ciara to be exposed. Young people will have to make friends, because only together they will be able to fight for the honor of presenting Astoria in the coming battle.


Cousins for Life (season 1)

1,172 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

Nickelodeon launches new comedy series “Cousins for Life”. The project consists of 20 episodes. The creators and executive producers have focused their attention on the 12-year-old cousins Stewart and Ivy. They are best friends in spite of the fact that they come from the most different strata of society, but nevertheless there is a feeling of connectedness and belonging to one community between them.