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The Twilight Zone (season 2)

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The Twilight Zone

10 episodes

Each series is a separate story about different people who fall into unusual situations. The end of all stories is completely unpredictable. Many inexplicable things happen in our world when reality is intertwined with fantasy. All stories are associated with the mysterious Twilight Zone. This is a completely different dimension with which you can influence the events that happened in reality, or which will only happen in the future. Paranormal and surreal events make the film vivid and memorable. The viewer, along with the main characters, makes incredible journeys through the expanses of the universe and learns the secrets of the universe. It turns out that the possibilities of the human mind are unlimited. The world is not limited by any framework, but there are only people who restrain themselves and do not reveal their capabilities. (more…)


S.W.A.T. (season 3)

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21 episodes

The script continues the story of a special forces unit operating in the vast city of Los Angeles. The main characters continue to work for the good of society. They are true professionals in their field who know for sure that they can cope with numerous difficulties and upheavals. The criminal world forces to keep only real professionals in the team. Daniel Harrelson is a man who knows exactly how to organize a special forces detachment in order to have one hundred percent confidence in the success of the operation. The third season of “S.W.A.T.” continues its history. (more…)


Man with a Plan (season 4)

7,238 views Comments (0)


13 episodes

It will be about one man in the prime of life with three children who turned out to be monsters in the truest sense of the word. The fact is that his wife went to work, and he stayed at home with the children and realized that parenthood is not to lie on the sofa, legs up, it is responsibility, it is also work. Now his three “little angels” no longer seem to him such heavenly creatures as before. Adam comes to the conclusion that these are real maniacs. (more…)


The Good Fight (season 4)

1,806 views Comments (0)

The Good Fight

7 episodes

The protagonist of the series gets a lawyer in a small law office, which is dominated by black clerks and partners. Nothing else remains for her after she finds out that she is almost ruined. All the money was invested in a dubious enterprise run by an unscrupulous Henry Rindell. At a new place of work, she immediately proves her worth after several large and complex processes. Now her legal practice is focused on ordinary people, a showdown with the police, harassment, in general, all that an ordinary person may encounter. And the partners themselves sometimes encounter insoluble situations. For example, not so long ago a maniac started up in the city, who systematically eliminates lawyers one by one. (more…)


MacGyver (season 4)

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13 episodes

An outstanding young man, a true professional in his field, who fights crime around the world. The protagonist conducts numerous covert operations in different corners of the Earth, where he tries not to allow representatives of terrorist groups to realize their cunning plans. Of course, he has to face serious obstacles in his path. The main character does an excellent job with his work, but it would be unlikely that McGyver would have been so successful if not for his partner – Jack Dalton, a man who spent many years in the CIA, so now he is trying to find a new vocation. (more…)


Tommy (season 1)

3,631 views Comments (0)


12 episodes

The main character of the series is a woman named Abigail Thomas. She was a regular policeman for a long time, until one day she received an important position. Namely, she becomes the head of the police department. For the first time in her life, it is a woman who becomes the one who will control men with police officers. But for her this is not just a position. A woman gets the opportunity to change the police system from the inside. Now she will fight against bribes and other manifestations of corruption. (more…)


Magnum P.I. (season 2)

9,493 views Comments (0)


20 episodes

We leave with the audience in Hawaii. Here, under the hot sun, private investigator Thomas Magnum conducts his investigations. He is a confident man who once passed Afghanistan, and is now investigating crimes in the hottest and most unusual state of America. The main character enlisted the support of long-standing colleagues, with whom he often manages to solve even the most dead-end and confusing crimes. Often, the main characters have to deal with murders and robberies, performed by real professionals. (more…)


SEAL Team (season 3)

12,409 views Comments (0)


20 episodes

The main characters are masters of their craft. Each operative has a number of amazing abilities that somehow affect the successful operation. The main characters are faced with dangerous terrorist groups, considered the main problem of our time. Heroes try to do everything to fulfill the next mission. Most often it is necessary to rescue hostages from captivity, to storm the public buildings seized by terrorists, and also to make raids to other countries of the world for elimination of epicenter of the created chaos. (more…)


FBI: Most Wanted (season 1)

5,898 views Comments (0)

FBI: Most Wanted

14 episodes

Experienced professionals work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which deals with the disclosure of particularly complex crimes. The main characters are trying to figure out the most dangerous criminal authorities who are hiding from justice. Of course, they always have to face many difficulties, because finding logical connections and evidence of the guilt of a particular wanted person is not so simple. Each new day at the FBI office is another matter that requires close attention from law enforcement officials. It is not always possible to close the investigation quickly enough. In such cases, the entire department is connected to the proceedings.


The Neighborhood (season 2)

6,653 views Comments (0)

The Neighborhood

22 episodes

The main characters of the series “The Neighborhood” – Johnsons, a friendly family from Michigan. They have just moved to one of the cozy houses in a suburb of Los Angeles and are trying to build relationships with their neighbors. It soon turns out that the locals make up a close-knit community, determined not so much by common interests as by color of skin. It is not easy for simple white guys to win a place in the black region. (more…)