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Corner Gas Animated (season 4)

2,720 views Comments (0)


11 episodes

The adventures of small town folk. Catch up with Brent and the Dog River gang. Canada's #1 comedy brand is now bigger, bolder, and breaking the laws of physics. Small-town Saskatchewan has never been so – animated. (more…)


Jann (season 2)

3,540 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

Jann is a TV series starring Deborah Grover, Jann Arden, and Zoie Palmer. Jann Arden stars as a fictionalized version herself on a quest for renewed fame. (more…)


Transplant (season 1)

2,785 views Comments (0)


13 episodes

The main character was born and raised in Syria. And when the bloody unforeseen war came, the frightened boy did not realize that he would soon lose loved ones. Now he is working as a talented promising ambulance doctor. Despite the many negative feelings and emotions, he believes that he makes the familiar world a better place, doing useful responsible business. When the protagonist of the series “Transplant” realized that in the near future the battle would not end, he decides to move to Canada. Here he has new friends and new life. (more…)


Saving Hope (season 5)

12,558 views Comments (2)


18 episodes

In the center of attention there is doctor Charlie Harris with unique fate. Long time the hero led usual life and enjoyed every moment. He also couldn’t imagine what tests for him were prepared by destiny. Once Charlie gets into terrible accident then he had a lot of injuries. Fortunately, the doctor survived. But adventures didn’t end but only began. After the car accident the main character has a unique ability. Now he can see and communicate with people who are out of the body. It something unreal and tremendous. The hero himself couldn’t believe that all this really happens to him. Now Charlie’s life changes radically. Souls which need help begin to ccome to him. Colleagues of the main character come up every day against terrible situations. They should save lives of people who are on verge of death. The main character who can communicate with souls of sick people is always ready to come to the rescue of these people. How exactly he helps them? You watch the serials “Saving Hope” and learn all. (more…)


Cardinal (season 1)

3,948 views Comments (6)


6 episodes

Cardinal is a Canadian crime drama television series, currently in production for a scheduled debut on CTV in the 2016-17. An adaptation of Giles Blunt’s award-winning mystery novel Forty Words for Sorrow, the series stars Billy Campbell as John Cardinal and Karine Vanasse as Lise Delorme, detectives investigating the murder of a young girl.


Motive (season 4)

3,002 views Comments (6)


13 episodes

Angie Flynn works at the police department in Vancouver. Detective Flynn deals with the most intricate murders that have taken place here. The aim of her work not only to find a killer but also understand his motives. Flynn understands that person can not go to such drastic measures as crime without a serious background. So detective is searching for evidences what caused killer to deprive victim’s life.


The Listener (season 1-2)

481 views Comments (2)



A young paramedic discovers he has telepathic powers.


Saving Hope (season 4)

2,887 views Comments (6)


18 episodes

Events take place in Toronto around family of two doctors: Charlie Harris, who works as a head of the surgical department and his wife Alex Reid, she works at the same hospital. Once a serious car accident happened, after which Charlie falls into a coma. Alex and other prominent surgeon Joel Goran fighting for his life.


Motive (season 3)

2,794 views Comments (0)


13 episodes

Angie Flynn is a talented homicide detective. This young but very clever girl can invastigate any crime happened in Vancouver. Her colleagues are looking for the offender, while Angie finds connection between the killer and his victim. She is able to reveal the most intricate crimes, which can be difficult to sort out by the police. Her main objective is to understand motives of the killer and catch the invisible bond that linked the victim with a torturer. Step by step collecting all the evidence and reconstructing the events that led to the brutal murder…



Flashpoint (season 3)

1,883 views Comments (18)

flashpoint_s3Canadian TV series ” Flashpoint ” filmed in a mixed genres – thriller, drama and crime, it was released in 2008.  They describe the complexity of the work group of special strategic response, the members of which are constantly on the alert. Directed by David Freyzi, Kelly Makin and Eric Kanuelyu managed to take a picture of action-packed, special effects which have been developed to studios Invisible Pictures and Rocket Science VFX. The plot of the television series ” Flashpoint ” allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of a real thriller, where there is always something explodes, killing someone, somewhere took hostages and someone needs urgent help. The main characters – a detachment unit SRU. Employees engaged in special groups most dangerous and hard work. At the beginning of the fifth season, the team is trying to neutralize one of James Mitchell, who is haunted by his ex-wife. He was confident that she deliberately did not give him to communicate with his daughter. But the girl in this respect the very specific opinion.