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All American (season 1)

2,469 views Comments (0)

All American

16 episodes

The new drama series will tell a dramatic story. Spencer is the star of a school football team from the South Central – a Los Angeles area, notorious for its criminal situation and frequent conflicts on the basis of racial hostility. The guy was not going to leave his native place, until the coach of one of the Beverly Hills schools invited him to his team. Having accepted the offer, Spencer discovers studying in a modern school in a rich, prestigious and safe area, a lot of privileges and a great sports future. However, among the wealthy schoolchildren, the hero of the series “All American” feels superfluous. And the new friends on the team look down on him.


Free Solo (2018)

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Free Solo

American climber Alex Honnold decided to conquer one of the highest and most difficult peaks in North America – Mount El Capitan. In 2017, he made a solo ascent, i.e. climbing alone, without insurance, relying only on their own strength and experience. The National Geographic team filmed his crazy idea, recording Alex’s every step. Climbing higher and higher along a practically steep rock, both Alex and the film crew understood that any mistake along the way could be fatal for a climber. “Free Solo” is a National Geographic documentary about rock-climber Alex Honnold. (more…)


Creed II (2018)

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Creed II

Adonis Creed is the main hero in the movie “Creed II ” wins battle after battle, becomes a heavyweight champion, makes an offer to his girlfriend Bianca and gets agreement – he must feel at the top of the world. However, it is too early to relax, because now every contender for the title wants to fight with Creed. The championship belt is actually harder than it looks – can Creed be able to keep it? (more…)


A Prayer Before Dawn (2018)

2,787 views Comments (0)

A Prayer Before Dawn

The movie “A Prayer Before Dawn” will tell the true story of William Moore. It is known, he is a real person. He lives, or rather, burns life in Thailand: underground Muay Thai fights, liters of alcohol, local drug trafficking. The end comes when Billy is arrested and sent to the colony. In addition to the terrible conditions of Thai prisons (overcrowding, unsanitary conditions), Moore’s position is complicated by drug addiction and language ignorance.


Ballers (season 4)

5,760 views Comments (0)


9 episodes

The actor and director Duane Johnson show a dramatic series “Ballers” about players in American football. The fourth season of the project starts on HBO TV channel. Main characters are professionals in the world of sports. They earn serious money and secure a luxurious life. Each of them has a sea of fans and fans, but many hours of training, constant exhausting games take a very long time. They sometimes want to be like ordinary people, have more opportunities to communicate with loved ones, but sports discipline and hard work on oneself is the way to victory, and personal life and relationships with girls are a whole science for the main characters.


Ballers (season 3)

9,243 views Comments (10)


10 episodes

The project is devoted to a backstage of NFL — the main league of the American soccer, to what we don’t even imagine. The main characters of series are ordinary people with normal problems, normal thoughts, normal sincere and physical wounds. People who also fall in love, make mistakes, are on friendly terms, are reconciled, swear. “Ballers” are rather easy, bright, interesting and rather deep series. And it is very interesting to watch the events on the screen. Expensive cars, beautiful palm trees and beaches — all this gives to the series some charm.


GLOW (season 2)

454 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

Ruth has long dreamed of becoming an actress, but just to master the profession, the girl is not enough, because her goals extend much further. However, there is nothing to support her ambitions, as numerous views and attempts to find a job did not bring results, and the main hero of the series “GLOW” is forced to remain without work and desired fame. At some point, Ruth suddenly meets a man who believed in the potential of the artist. Only here is the task before Sam is not easy, he plans to make a show about women involved in wrestling.


Brockmire (season 2)

7,351 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

Jim Brockmire, the illustrious sports commentator of the highest league baseball — suddenly finds out about the numerous novels of his adored wife. The news that he lived with a serial traitor for many years, causes a nervous breakdown on the air. The video with the raging star instantly enters the net, after which Jim is fired. Ten years later, the hero of the series “Brockmire” decides to restore his career and improve his personal life. He arranges a commentator for the games of the lowest baseball league in a tiny provincial Morristown. He will work with the manager of the local team of the second division.


First Match (2018)

498 views Comments (0)

First Match

The main character of the fmovie “First Match” – a high school student Monique, who lives in Brooklyn. For several years Monique has been living in an adopted family, but she really wants to communicate with her father again. Having escaped from the next house, she meets her father, who just left prison, but he is too carried away by himself and shuns his daughter. To get close to him, she is enrolled in a sports section in wrestling, where only boys are engaged.


I, Tonya (2017)

1,084 views Comments (0)

I, Tonya

The plot of the movie “I,Tonya” is given through interviews with direct or indirect participants in the events, and none of them can be considered reliable or at least a reliable source. Heroes one by one comment on what is happening and share their feelings and experiences. The story develops evenly, but at the same time it can surprise an unexpectedly rigid approach to biography. Tonya Harding became famous in many respects not because of her success on the ice, but because of the unpleasant incident that happened outside the ice rink. On the eve of the competition in 1994, the main rival Tony Harding was attacked, which, as it turned out, was planned by Tony’s ex-husband. Although Tonya herself was not involved in the planning or execution of the attack, her reputation turned out to be damp, and her career was destroyed.