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His Dark Materials (season 1)

785 views Comments (0)

His Dark Materials

3 episodes

After the death of their parents, the main character of the series “His Dark Materials” is forced to stay at Oxford University, where her uncle works. He prohibits the child from communicating with peers and does not let go of the territory of the educational institution without adult supervision. Unable to know the world, the niece is forced to constantly read books from the library and dream of coming of age when she gets the right to independently manage her life. Soon, uncle decides to admit to the girl that there is a parallel dimension in the world where dark entities attack and kidnap children and Lira mysteriously disappears from her room. (more…)


Heartland (season 13)

1,532 views Comments (0)


9 episodes

The drama series “Heartland”is about the Fleming family, who has owned a horse ranch in the foothills of Alberta for generations. The story tells about the life of several generations of the same family who are trying to survive in a small town. They have great difficulties constantly happen, however, despite everything, the main characters are very, very happy. We can only empathize with them, because such unity today is a real rarity! (more…)


Coop and Cami Ask the World (season 2)

1,448 views Comments (0)


7 episodes

The focus of the plot of the project “Coop and Cami Ask the World” is on the brother and sister, whose life is an attempt to shift the responsibility for the choice to someone else. The characters completely forgot that sometimes it is necessary to make important decisions themselves, so every new day for them is the release of another poll on the Internet on the subject of any situation in their life. A huge audience on the channel of the main character Cooper decides what is the best thing to do for the main characters. As it turned out, people on the Internet are not indifferent to the actions and fate of their brother and sister, so they try to help and support the heroes with their decisions. (more…)


Bunk’d (season 4)

6,830 views Comments (0)


13 episodes

In the summer camp there are children who can not adapt to the real world, they have not friends, like to hang out in social networks, games. They are from different backgrounds and different skin colors, but they need to learn how to communicate. To do this, there is no internet in the camp, laptops, and there is only live communication. Initially, it will be very difficult for them to abandon the fruits of civilization, but it is this that will force them to find a common language with a neighbor. And, of course, they will fall into various funny situations from which they need to find a way out. (more…)


The Unicorn (season 1)

490 views Comments (0)

The Unicorn

7 episodes

In complete despair, the protagonist intends to hang himself. The beloved wife died, leaving two daughters. He cannot bring them up alone. But he does not have time to throw a noose, as a strange incident occurs, which forced to postpone suicide indefinitely. The protagonist of the series “The Unicorn” decides to get married again. His daughters support him, saying that his mother is not against the new union. Observing from heaven, she will be able to protect all troubles. This allowed him to relax a bit, and he departs from deep sadness and gets to his feet, and the small achievements of the children only incite to attempts to make a new acquaintance. (more…)


Up And Away (2018)

64 views Comments (0)

Hodja fra Pjort

Hodja fra Pjort is a movie starring Vibeke Dueholm, Peter Frödin, and Erik Holmey. Hodja is a boy from Pjort, who borrows a flying carpet to see the world. In return he has to find and return “diamond” to her grandfather. The… (more…)


Henry Danger (season 5)

14,994 views Comments (0)

Henry Danger

27 episodes

The plot of the children’s TV series “Henry Danger” tells about a simple schoolboy who got a dream job. He is an assistant superhero Captain Man. By the same teenager has constant access to the most modern gadgets. But there are also difficulties of his own – he must hide from his parents about his dangerous occupation and, moreover, there are problems at school because of the constant missing of lessons.


The Queen’s Corgi (2019)

130 views Comments (0)

The Queen's Corgi

The Queen’s Corgi is a movie starring Rusty Shackleford, Jo Wyatt, and Leo Barakat. The British monarch’s (Dame Julie Walters’) favorite dog gets lost from the palace and finds himself at a dog fight club. He then begins his long… (more…)


Luis & the Aliens (2018)

185 views Comments (0)


12-year-old Louis has no friends, and his father is constantly not enough time for him. He is passionate about UFOlogy and does not even realize that those whom he is so eager to find, are right in front of his nose. Louis becomes the only witness to the emergency landing of three eccentric aliens near their home. The trio of aliens quickly finds a common language with the boy. They behave exactly like mischievous teenagers, and have the same absolutely amazing ability-to transform into any living creature. Louis had never had so much fun as with them. But he quickly realizes that if adults find out about his secret, nothing good will come of it. So he decides to help them fix the plate and fly away with them. (more…)


Chesapeake Shores (season 4)

1,212 views Comments (0)

Chesapeake Shores

6 episodes

This is the story of the large O`Brien family. One of the main characters is the architect and urban planner Mick O`Brien. He once decided to create a commune on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay, on land that was still owned by his ancestors. A workaholic, Mick, with his preoccupation with work and perseverance, destroyed his own family and completely ruined his relationship with his brothers. His wife left him, but he did not give five children to her. Years passed, the children, already adults, began to come to Chesapeake one by one to reunite the family, find understanding with their father and try to reconcile with their mother. They believe she has abandoned them. (more…)