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Blindspot (season 5)

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11 episodes

Before us there is the final season of the series “Blindspot”. The series begins with the fact that in the very center of New York, in Times Square, they find a canvas bag, in which there is an unknown young woman. She does not remember anything about herself, and her whole body is covered with tattoos. FBI agent Kurt Weller and his team are working on deciphering her intricate tattoos. Despite the web of conspiracy and corruption that obscures the investigation, they will soon begin to reveal the keys marked on it and unravel the identity of Jane.


Council of Dads (season 1)

21,127 views Comments (0)

Council of Dads

10 episodes

When Scott Perry found out that he had cancer and had only a short time left to live, he was most worried about how his children would grow when he died. After much thought, the man comes to a very unusual conclusion – he must find a replacement for himself. Scott seeks help from people who can trust their children and their future. He encourages his friends to become reserve fathers at every stage of his family’s life. (more…)


Good Girls (season 3)

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Good Girls

11 episodes

The story of three housewives, whose name is Annie, Ruby and Beth. They decided to embark on the path of crime, but with good intentions. The spouse has changed one, and now she needs to contain four children alone. Ruby’s daughter is sick, she needs money for treatment. The third husband wants to deprive of maternal rights. All circumstances are not in their favor. And girlfriends decide to rob a supermarket. They put on masks and take toy pistols with them. It must be said, that the “production” is $ 500,000. And this is the solution to many problems for the heroines. But through the robbed supermarket, the mafia laundered a large amount of money. Criminals take measures to return the money back. Having learned about this, friends would be happy to return the money, but the bulk of the amount spent. Annie has another problem – her boss found out that she was involved in the robbery. Now he requires a woman to provide sexual services. (more…)


The Blacklist (season 7)

9,995 views Comments (0)


19 episodes

Raymond Reddington is one of the most dangerous criminals in the world. Representatives of special services from different countries, including the American FBI, are trying to catch him. True, the character manages to elude even the feds, who, despite their professionalism, are forced to put up with constant failures. What was their surprise when they discovered Reddington in their office. The main character came to surrender to the authorities, but with certain conditions. As it turned out, Raymond is ready to cooperate. He is going to help representatives of special services to find the most dangerous criminals in the world. (more…)


Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist (season 1)

1,172 views Comments (0)

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

12 episodes

The focus is on a pretty girl working in the computer department. She is well versed in technology, but, unfortunately, until she is not invited to a more serious job. Zoey Clark lives in a small apartment next door to a musician and a DJ. A neighbor attracted her with his work, and even decided to share his newly-made creations. Heading to work, she decided to move to the rhythm of the music, and, wandering around the city, she suddenly heard a strange conversation. An acquaintance appeared beside her, he did not say anything out loud, he only thought. The heroine stopped, believing that she heard something strange, but later the situation repeated. It turns out that when she listens to music, then to this rhythm she hears the voices of people around her. She can read minds, and thus help characters cope with various anxieties and troubles. Initially, the girl was scared, and believed that she was completely crazy. She needed help, but later realized that she had a gift. (more…)


Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (season 21)

5,326 views Comments (0)

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

21 episodes

The special corps continues its work on the disclosure of numerous crimes. The protagonists of this series are trying to solve cases involving sexual harassment and offenses against children. The employees of this unit are real professionals who act confidently, because already many times they helped victims to capture the villains. The main acting characters of the series “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” work in New York. Something is constantly happening here, so things cannot be done without their intervention.


Will & Grace (season 11)

5,180 views Comments (0)


18 episodes

The main characters, at first glance, would perfectly fit each other, but they are forced to be just friends. How is this possible? In the focus of the plot on this project “Will & Grace” there are two persons – Will Truman and Grace Adler. One already has a relationship with a guy, and the second also loves guys! True, everything will change when Grace breaks up with his young man and temporarily decides to move to live with Will. As a friend, of course. The heroine has long been seeing the perfect guy in this young man. Will continues to be interested in guys, and Grace has to use all the tricks of charm to make the young man to fall in love with her. (more…)


Superstore (season 5)

6,756 views Comments (0)


21 episodes

A unique series that tells about the hilarious everyday life of workers in a simple hypermarket. The main characters of this series “Superstore”, once in the workplace, can not help but come across fun events! There are enough comical situations, because often they are generated due to a simple conflict of interests between buyers and employees of this institution. The authors of the script introduce us to truly vivid and unique characters, each of which looks very intriguing and promising. For the past five seasons, the craziest events have been taking place in the walls of this shop! (more…)


Chicago Fire (season 8)

10,819 views Comments (0)

Chicago Fire

20 episodes

Against the background of crazy events in his personal life, the main characters of the “Chicago Fire” series have to do responsible work. They are representatives of the fire department of Chicago. This metropolis has long declared itself to be the most troubled place in the states. The main characters every day travel to dangerous and complex challenges that can turn their lives and careers upside down. One mistake, one awkward movement, and life can be interrupted. Of course, the main characters are preparing for trips and trying to do everything to remain professionals in their field. (more…)


Chicago P.D. (season 7)

10,049 views Comments (0)

Chicago P.D.

20 episodes

Continuation of the series about the Chicago Investigation Department, which deals with all the crimes in the city, from robberies to the capture of serial killers. The action-packed series “Chicago P.D.” talks about the daily hard work of employees. The team led by Sergeant Hank often violates official powers – uses prohibited methods of interrogation, torture, but Chicago residents can sleep peacefully – the department has the highest detection rate. (more…)