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The Night Shift (season 4)

2,245 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

The action series “the Night Shift” takes place in a hospital in San Antonio. Here constantly there is a struggle for life in which the patients are helped by experienced and qualified doctors. There worksl doctors who once lived through difficult days, taking part in the hostilities. Now in peacetime, they help the patients and save their lives. Former military thought in everyday life to treat people much easier than in times of hostilities. Every night shift, something happens because many diseases are usually aggravated at night. Physicians should immediately provide assistance because of their skill and mastery depends human lives. They can only dream about the rest.This series will tell about hard destiny of the former medical officers who in peace time save hundreds of human lives. (more…)


Midnight, Texas (season 1)

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4 episodes

People with paranormal, and as we say, not human abilities constantly are forced to hide their abilities from a look of ordinary people, and usually they are singles and wander from one city to another searching for a usual privacy. The events of this mystical drama will be developed in one settlement in Texas Midnight which has become a safe place for vampires, witches, psychics, and others who differs from ordinary people. In the center of the plot of the series “Midnight, Texas” is the psychic Bernardo and the story is about his wanderings across America searching for the city that will be glad to him and it won’t be necessary to avoid his abilities.


The Carmichael Show (season 3)

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13 episodes

For those who love to spend leisure time for family and relaxation and fun series,will like a comedy sitcom for the whole family “Show Carmichael”. The plot of this funny and exciting projec is around the Jerrod Carmichael – comedian, enjoys popularity. Jerrod and his girlfriend Maxine are constantly faced with some problems and have to solve them. And all the matter is in the family of Carmichael, where because of the circumstances lives a young couple. They have to listen to the “wise” advices of relatives. The lovers remain nothing but to resist the family, in which everybody argue with each other and compete. The audience will be involved in “everyday life” of an ordinary American family, and this “routine” is not gray – it is filled with sparkling humor, funny events and funny dialogues. A marvelous sense of humor of the main character invariably saves the day and puts out the conflicts. Want to have a good laugh? Then move on to view! (more…)


Powerless (season 1)

11,241 views Comments (5)


10 episodes

The employee of insurance company Emily lives in the amazing world where there are much more people having supernatural abilities, than ordinary average citizens. She slowly does the work and does not especially think of what occurs in the city. Fights between kind superheroes and villains have become a norm long ago, but there are also tragic situations and therefore the insurance agency will never remain without clients. Her measured life suddenly makes a sharp turn when once in the train she becomes an unwitting witness to another fight a superhero with a villain. Only now the heroine understands, how defenseless are simple residents before inhuman force. The series will show how people can change under the circumstances.
She decides to help others owing to her ordinary qualities and opportunities – love, kindness and compassion.


Saturday Night Live (season 42)

6,629 views Comments (17)


21 episodes

Since 1975 “Saturday Night Live” pleases the admirers in the USA and worldwide. And “Saturday Night Live” holds a specific place on the American television. Practically each sketch becomes an event in respect of humour and art of the parody. The unique combination of acting and presence of really popular persons of the time — grants SNL the right to be called the cult TV project. Each release we receive amusing sketches, interesting plots and picturesque characters from a great number of comedians. The known fact — many stars after emergence in a show have woken up really well-known, have disclosed the talent on the other hand. And they have shown that they aren’t afraid to look ridiculously. (more…)


Law & Order: SVU (season 18)

11,324 views Comments (10)


21 episodes

These series for 12 years are popular and favourite not only at residents of the USA. The series “Law and Order” are much more approximate to our severe reality that, undoubtedly, selects it, do it special. And at the same time we also can see how hard work of police officers from the special case is reflected in a family, the friendly relations. “Law and order” sure deserves your attention, not each series manage to hold and interest the numerous audience for so many years. Each series you just live together with heroes — you are upset, laugh, you worry, you rejoice, sometimes you cry. When you watche this series you don’t take it as a show, but rather as the truth. (more…)


Shades of Blue (season 2)

12,418 views Comments (0)


13 episodes

Human life is like two strips, black and white, but it’s not at all like that. Life is full of colors that you need to be able to see and use. So does the main character of the film Harley Santos, who, despite all the difficulties she has in her life, tries not to show her displeasure or weakness. When working as a policeman, she must always be in uniform. It is worth noting that the girl brings up two children, which is very difficult. Often, to feed her family, she takes extra tasks, because extra money will not hurt her. As it would not be difficult for her, Harley always looks good, and tries not to show to others, as it sometimes is hard. (more…)


The Blacklist (season 4)

48,723 views Comments (30)

The Blacklist-season-4-posters

22 episodes

A talented person is talented in everything. Whether he is on one or the other side of the law. And if he is a former FBI agent and now the most wanted criminal, trading espionage, then find him is very difficult. Such a person is the main character of the series The Blacklist – “Red” Reddington. Wishing to turn a dangerous deal he puts an ultimatum to the authorities – a list of criminals with compromising evidence to them in exchange for the recovery on service. The authorities accept the ultimatum and agree to all his conditions. And the most interesting things begin..



Chicago P.D. (season 4)

13,777 views Comments (65)

Chicago P.D. - Season 4

23 episodes

The actors are perfect for the characters of the series. Their stories are thought and actions are warranted. Edge of realism and fiction is in the quality of similar proportions to the show. Moments action are presented exciting. And there is no happy events and a successful combination of circumstances. More precisely it is a rarity in the series. Only the heroes and bad guys. The series is based on such concepts as honor, courage and strength. Heroes are serious, even a little gloomy, ambiguous, fearless and humane. The Chicago Police Department consist of two divisions, and both of them fight crime but in different ways..


Blindspot (season 2)

17,544 views Comments (2)


22 episodes

Sometimes to make a crime is not enough for a violator and he wants to make a fun of the servants of law. So one ingenious criminal decided to throw a puzzle for the FBI. He used the girl’s body for numerous tattoos, where encrypted compleated and future crimes. The girl remembers only her name. And her memory was completely blocked by using some medicine. The case begins to investigate special agent Kurt Weller, whose name was on one of the tattoo..