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Fear the Walking Dead (season 4)

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Fear the Walking Dead

2 episodes

The new project “Fear the Walking Dead” shows the viewer where the zombie apocalypse began and how the virus originated. The action takes place in Los Angeles, in the center of the story instructor Travis and Madison Clark with two children – Nick and Ashley, they together try to escape from the surging world of madness. No one knows about the virus, it all starts with strange events happening all over the country – the authorities record cases of sudden attacks of people against each other, inexplicable outbursts of rage.


Ash vs Evil Dead (season 3)

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Ash vs Evil Dead

9 episodes

Since the events of the famous trilogy “The Evil Dead” 30 years have passed and the sinister dead come again to our world, the same grotesque-trash-vile, with whitish eyes on the roll, able to turn their heads 180 degrees, briskly run on the ceiling, for the time pretend to be normal people. And most importantly – like all the dead, aggressive and actively replenishing their population at the expense of the people around them. Who, and how, will stop this threat? On the warpath in the series “Ash vs Evil Dead” again comes the magnificent and inimitable Ash (Bruce Campbell), with the help of his chainsaw, which literally became the continuation of his severed brush and a couple as eccentric as he friends.


Supernatural (season 13)

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19 episodes

A unique project “Supernatural” created by Eric Kripke and the famous film company Kripke Enterprises make the TV viewers happy with incredible stories. Ghosts and demons do not get fewer. In the new series, the brothers will continue to fight the supernatural evil. New stories, experiences, struggles with the unexplored will fully saturate the subsequent series. New incredible special effects will be added, which will make each episode unusually bright and fascinating. “Supernatural” has become one of the most long-term projects in the world.


The Originals (season 5)

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The Originals

1 episodes

“The Originals” is a story about the first-born vampires. Intrigues and the struggle for power are filled with the life of the ancient – a representative ancient vampire family. After returning to his native New Orleans, the ancients decided to end the conflict between local vampires, werewolves and witches and become the masters of the city. But any imbalance is fraught with consequences.


iZombie (season 4)

5,100 views Comments (0)


7 episodes

A student at the Medical Institute, Olivia Moore, becomes a zombie. To maintain her human essence, she has to have human brains, and this does not bring her any pleasure. To gain access to fresh “products”, the girl settles in the office of the coroner, investigating the murders, occurred under unusual circumstances. Every time, eating the brain of this or that person, the heroine of the series “iZombie” sees all the memories of the deceased. With this ability, a zombie girl helps a detective and forensic expert discover mysterious crimes.


The Walking Dead (season 8)

22,484 views Comments (0)


16 episodes

 the continuation of the popular American zombie apocalypse, created in 2010. People fight, survive, escape from the living dead, fight with them, scream in earnest, when a particularly nimble piece of rotting flesh grabs them by the leg. They also loot, picking up in abandoned houses and shops everything that can be useful in a world where there is no electricity, running water and you can not call the police to complain about zombie party members under the window. But the main thing is that people get to know themselves better, comrades in misfortune and in general the nature of man. In extreme conditions, they show their best and worst qualities, whether it be boundless self-sacrifice or transcendent meanness.


Beyond the Woods (2018)

95 views Comments (0)

Beyond the Woods

The company of friends in the movie “Beyond the Woods” decided to relax away from the city bustle in a small house in the forest. The idea seemed to everyone to be excellent and everyone liked the house. And of course no one thought and troubles. Suddenly, someone notices a funnel that appears from nowhere. The tornado moves quickly towards the resting company and sweeps everything in its path. The funnel became a kind of portal from which mystical creatures enter the forest.


The Terror (season 1)

2,817 views Comments (0)

The Terror

10 episodes

The crew of the Royal Naval Expedition are sent to research in the Arctic in 1845. During the voyage both ships are in an ice trap. Not busy, how to get out of this situation, the crew members are amenable to panic and fear. But what they discover there, plunges everyone into a chilling horror. Unexpectedly, the ships are attacked by a huge unknown monster. As a result of the attack, the commander and half of the crew die. Commanding takes the main character of the series ” The Terror. ”


Insidious: The Last Key (2018)

462 views Comments (0)

Insidious: The Last Key

The movie “The Astral: The Last Key” continues the mystical adventures of the female psychic Elise Rainier, who with all her might opposes the evil and demons of the dark side of the Astral. Being a brave medium and an experienced parapsychologist, having already seen a lot of mysterious cases with manifestations of ghosts, demonic and dangerous forces, and repeatedly entering into battle with them for the souls and lives of various innocent people, now she goes to her home where she should meet and cope with the ghosts of her past.


Demon House (2018)

571 views Comments (0)

Demon House

This movie “Demon House” tells us story about four young people who communicated with each other on the Internet. Once, one of this group has decided to gather them in the country old house. The main characters have turned out absolutely different: the writer, the four-eyes who constantly is engaged in self-flagellation because of terrible incident, a blonde who suddenly has opened in herself the clairvoyant, and the bearded man. After arrival to this house awful things have begun to happen to heroes.