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Supernatural (season 13)

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10 episodes

A unique project “Supernatural” created by Eric Kripke and the famous film company Kripke Enterprises make the TV viewers happy with incredible stories. Ghosts and demons do not get fewer. In the new series, the brothers will continue to fight the supernatural evil. New stories, experiences, struggles with the unexplored will fully saturate the subsequent series. New incredible special effects will be added, which will make each episode unusually bright and fascinating. “Supernatural” has become one of the most long-term projects in the world.


Ghost Wars (season 1)

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Ghost Wars

13 episodes

The series “Ghost Wars” will send the viewer to Alaska. Someone says that this place has amazing energy. One of the towns here is even filled with incredible people who have unique abilities. One of them is the main character of Roman Mercer. This person tries in every possible way to make people feel responsible, because the abilities given to them are not the reason to use skills only for their own good. Numerous skills that are used by local residents cause a surge of interest on the part of visitors. Someone believes that no one will believe the guests in a civilized world, and some people think that this can lead to disaster. Besides, the city begins to gradually dive into darkness. It is haunted by ghosts. (more…)


Van Helsing (season 2)

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13 episodes

Watching the series “Van Helsing” is to plunge into an incredibly dangerous world full of vampires and werewolves. However, to protect ordinary people from danger! A relative of the famous hunter for evil spirits turns out to be the main heroine of this fantastic project. The main heroine comes to herself in a mysterious laboratory. She seeks to understand with all her might what is going on around her. Soon it becomes clear that the girl is the last hope of mankind for salvation from the terrible creatures that filled the world. Vampires and other evil forces rule the world, around chaos and devastation, the main character faces the task of restoring peace on Earth, and destroying the most important cause of what is happening, more precisely the arch-enemy of her father – Dracula.


Beyond Skyline (2017)

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Beyond Skyline

Our planet was attacked by unknown aliens. Who they are and why they arrived, no one knows. It was only possible to find out that the aliens are using the human body. They take people to their ship and some of them change physiologically. People become something like cyborgs. So Jerad and Elaine got on an alien shuttle. In the movie “Skyline 2″ continues the story of the invasion of aliens. Detective Mark on that ill-fated day had to take his son from the police station. Trent got there for a minor offense. Then a hell broke out. As a result, the young man was on the shuttle. In order to save his son Mark made his way to the alien ship. Here he meets Elaine and Gerada. Together they manage to spoil the alien ship. As a result of the accident, he falls on the territory of China. There has already been a resistance, which in various ways is trying to destroy hostile aliens. Mark and his new friends are becoming active participants in the resistance.


Darkness Rising (2017)

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Darkness Rising

The movie “Darkness Rising” tells how three young people (a guy and two girls) go to the house where the family of one of the girls died. Mother killed the sister of the heroine, and then the father killed the mother, the main heroine was at that time three years and she miraculously survived. Madison was informed that the house would soon be demolished. The girl decided to go there and pick up some things. And this home became a real trap for Madi and her friends, it’s extremely difficult to get out of it. (more…)


Happy Hunting (2017)

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Happy Hunting

The protagonist of the movie “Happy Hunting” – Warren, an alcoholic and a drug addict, receives news of the death of his girlfriend, whom he once met. The girlfriend had a child, which, apparently, was his. Warren goes to Mexico to solve this issue. On the way, he stops in a small town. Traditionally, buffalo was hunted in this city, but when the herds left, the inhabitants switched to the disadvantaged part of the population. (more…)


Z Nation (season 4)

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Z Nation

13 episodes

The plot of the series “Z Nation” unfolds three years after America was struck by the terrible zombie virus. This rapid and deadly epidemic almost immediately led to the death of almost the entire population of the country. Even attempts to hide and be very careful do not help to survive. When the number of enemies increases in a geometric progression, it becomes impossible to survive. And what if there is a small chance to survive? A small group of people was able to survive in this hellish situation. These people are going to fulfill the most important mission in their lives – to revive humanity. In this difficult business they will be helped by the only character who survived after a zombie bite. He did not just survive, but he remained a normal person. (more…)


The Exorcist (season 2)

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The Exorcist

10 episodes

The series “The Exorcist” is about the priests, engaged in the liberation of human souls from evil. The story begins in a once prosperous and respected family, attacked by demons and now suffering from their negative influence. Relatives ask for help from two priests. Langa and Ortega have fundamentally opposite views on exorcism and faith in general. Upon arriving at the place, the servants of the church discover that the evil spirit has not just settled here, but firmly established itself in every corner of the house. The power of evil is so strong that now the priests will have to fight not only for the lives of family members, but for their own. (more…)


The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017)

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The Killing of a Sacred Deer

British-Irish psychological thriller “The Killing of a Sacred Deer” will tell about a successful surgeon who is trying to help a teenager from a dysfunctional family. The main character Steven Murphy takes care of a boy who has problems with his mother and tries to help him. But he realizes that the boy wants to make him a member of his family. After the threats, Steven decides to take a desperate step. (more…)


Leatherface (2017)

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In the center of the narrative “Leatherface” are four teenagers who fled from the sanatorium for the mentally ill. At the same time, they kidnapped the nurse. When a detachment of policemen, headed by an equally insane representative of the law, is launched along the track of the fugitives, one of the kidnappers embarks on the path that will turn him into a monster – the Leather face. In the movie, we will be told about the events of childhood and youth of the future maniac, which pushed him on this terrible and tragic path of a bloody killer. (more…)