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Astral (2019)

830 views Comments (0)


When one of the university professors gave a lecture on other dimensions, the young man set about trying to use astral projection to connect with the spirit of the mother. In this movie “Astral” the authors try to talk about how to understand the traumas of the past, and show the willingness of the main character Alex to do it using very unusual means, using the poorly studied phenomenon of astral projection. (more…)


The Order (season 1)

503 views Comments (0)

The Order

10 episodes

This is a story about an incredible magical journey, which will reveal our true essence, and the monsters hiding inside us. In the center of the plot of the mystical thriller “The Order” – student freshman Jack Morton. In order to avenge the death of his mother, the guy joins the secret legendary Order “Blue Rose”. Gradually, he plunges into the world of magic, monsters and magical intrigues. The further Jack goes in his study of magic, the more he learns about the past of his family. (more…)


Supernatural (season 14)

13,114 views Comments (0)


16 episodes

The main characters of the series “Supernatural” are fighting against the otherworldly forces of evil, simultaneously solving their own mystery of life.
Each episode has its own story, its own plot. Be prepared for the fact that the main part of the series takes place at night. As it should be in horror movies: darkness, sea of blood close up, monsters attacking from behind. However, all this is in a slightly smoothed version. Plus-mystery, which runs a single storyline, for many episodes.


Legacies (season 1)

6,590 views Comments (0)


15 episodes

The series “Legacies” is a spin-off to the successful project “The Originals” and tells about teenagers Alaric Salzman and Caroline Forbes, who graduated from school, where there was a place for both ordinary students and for vampires, werewolves and other representatives of the supernatural world. Before them the doors to the big world are open, but can young and inexperienced representatives of the vampire kind find themselves in it? The main characters are faced with numerous prejudices and aggression towards them.


The Walking Dead (season 9)

9,058 views Comments (0)

The Walking Dead

15 episodes

Few people would have thought that such a horror “The Walking Dead”, shot based on the famous comic books, could attract such attention. We can say that the new season, like its previous parts, will be dramatic, at times creepy and a bit harsh. In spite of the fact that the participants of the movement are constantly dying and the team is endangered every second, the strength of the spirit of the heroes and their purposefulness make it possible to count on success.


The Passage (season 1)

2,913 views Comments (0)

The Passage

10 episodes

The Passage is a TV series starring Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Saniyya Sidney, and Jamie McShane. When a botched U.S. government experiment turns a group of death row inmates into highly infectious vampires, an orphan girl might be the… (more…)


Look Away (2018)

245 views Comments (0)

Look Away

The life of a quiet and self-contained schoolgirl Maria cannot be called easy. Parents do not understand how to communicate with her for a long time, her classmates are constantly being bullied, and her best friend is jealous of her boyfriend. However, Maria has her own secret – sometimes she communicates with her twin who lives … on the other side of the mirrors. And this twin has a suggestion that will help Maria to become much more confident and overcome her fears. But what will she want in return? (more…)


Braid (2019)

2,815 views Comments (0)


Two young criminals on the run, Tilda and Petula decide to fix their financial affairs by robbing their old friend Daphne, who lives alone in a huge house and has serious mental problems. In order to find out where the owner of the mansion keeps her savings, the main characters decide to build on the painful fantasies of their victim, and at first it all seems like a daunting task. But as soon as the girls cross the threshold of the old house, events take an unexpected turn, and it will soon become harder for burglars to distinguish the illusion from reality, which will radically change their plans for life. (more…)


Into the Dark (season 1)

8,577 views Comments (0)

Into the Dark

6 episodes

Episodes of the horror project “Into the Dark” come out once a month. This series does not connect the plots of their episodes with each other, however, it coincides with each issue for a certain holiday, which, despite a joyous date, turns into a real horror festival! Attentive viewers can draw parallels between the episodes, but the authors set themselves the task of showing that the horror genre is still alive, despite the fact that the popularity of the genre is falling.


Piercing (2019)

237 views Comments (0)


Reed is tormented by an obsession to repeat the once perfect murder of a woman. To do this, he rents a hotel room, calls a prostitute and begins a thorough preparation for the perfect, in his opinion, crime. But the girl who arrived to the challenge very quickly breaks all the plans of Reed. Platinum blonde with a bob haircut – working as an elite call girl in her spare time free from masochistic attacks, shamelessly loving things because they are more durable than people – and in general is strange. It is her intention to strangle and then dismember Reed in the bathroom. The question is one – intentionally? “Piercing”, a screen version of the Japanese novel Ryu Murakami. (more…)