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iZombie (season 5)

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11 episodes

At the heart of this television series “iZombie” is the eponymous series of comic books, the creators of which are Chris Roberson and Michael Allred. One of the highlights of this series were the bright, memorable comic strip screensavers that in the title credits, that between the scenes in the narrative itself. They were created by the artist Michael Allred. The unusualness of the series begins with the fact that the idea of the “rationality” of zombies is put at the forefront here. (more…)


Mike Tyson Mysteries (season 4)

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6 episodes

In the center of the plot of the comedy cartoon series is the famous boxer Mike Tyson. He left the ring and decided to devote time to investigating mysterious incidents. Mike is assisted by a faithful team: an adopted Korean daughter, a pigeon, formerly a man, and a ghost – the Marquis of Queensberry, who lived two centuries ago. The series “Mike Tyson Mysteries” is aimed at an adult audience. (more…)


The Haunting of Sharon Tate (2019)

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The Haunting of Sharon Tate

The plot revolves around a 26-year-old girl Sharon Tate, who is pregnant and waiting for her husband from a business trip. The main heroine of the movie “The Haunting of Sharon Tate” in a dream sees very real his terrible violent death of her friends who are in her house. Or is it just a game of the subconscious? Events take place in the distant 1969. Based on the premise that Tate predicted the future events of her life, director Daniel Farrand uses the most famous massacre in the 20th century as a pretext to create a horror movie about home invasion. Movie is dedicated to a very beautiful talented actress, wife of Roman Polanski. (more…)


Los Espookys (season 1)

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Los Espookys

5 episodes

The plot of the series “Los Espookys” focuses on the relentless group of friends: Renaldo, dental assistant Ursula, her sister Tati, who becomes the project’s main experimental rabbit, and Andres. The girl is the heir to the chocolate empire and she constantly waits for the moment to tell something about her dirty past and avoids her obsessive boyfriend. Together they buy a mansion and turn it into a nightmare house – an attraction for those who like to tickle nerves. Periodically, the guys are helped by Tico, the good uncle Renaldo, who dreams of becoming the legendary parking attendant of Los Angeles. (more…)


Swamp Thing (season 1)

1,725 views Comments (0)


7 episodes

Abby Arcane is trying to figure out the nature of the deadly virus that originated in the swamps in the small town of Marais in Louisiana. Soon, she discovers that those places hold a lot of creepy secrets. Marais City Sheriff Lucily Cable is a pragmatic and tough woman who cares about the safety of local people as much as the well-being of her son Matt. When the city, to which she has dedicated her life, is in danger, Lucile mobilizes all her strength to save those who are dear to her. (more…)


Fear the Walking Dead (season 5)

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Fear the Walking Dead

7 episodes

Here, as before, ordinary people with their own problems (and the family’s problems were enough without zombies) are in the middle of the story, trying to survive under the circumstances that cannot be explained by rationally to an adult. In addition to the living dead bodies, the same ordinary people, who slowly but surely demonstrate their own base nature, cause no less concern. The series “Fear the Walking Dead” gradually introduces the situation, the result of which is so well known from the first series. (more…)


The Wind (2019)

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The Wind

The action of “Wind” takes place in America of the 18th century. Somewhere in the middle of a prairie, far from cities and churches, two young and beautiful couples settled. One of the men was stronger and stronger, the other was driven and quiet. One of the women mourned her stillborn son for several years, and the other was nine months pregnant and did not fully understand who the father of the child was. However, the movie “The Wind” will tell all these details after a third of the heroes die. (more…)


The Hollow Child (2018)

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The Hollow Child

Liz is impressed by the girl Samantha, who has undergone serious difficulties in her short life. The woman manages to persuade her husband to take Samantha under their care, and he agrees. The couple had a daughter, Olivia. Samantha begins to disobey and jeopardizes Olivia’s life without bringing her home. The daughter of the spouses was forced to go home through the forest and disappears. After a while she comes but she behaves differently. Samantha became aware of a hollow in which children disappear. The girl begins to guess what is happening with the step-sister and wants to inform the adoptive parents about the trouble, but they do not want to listen to her. (more…)


I Am Mother (2019)

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I Am Mother

From the very beginning, we are told that there is not a single living person on Earth, and we are to blame for this. War, disease and disaster occur through the fault of man. But, in this story, “I Am Mother”, a high-tech robot mother is engaged in the salvation of mankind, which brings up a girl from a preserved embryo. And she brings her comprehensively. A girl should be able to do a lot, knowledge is checked by exams and the girl is making progress. She is destined to become the mother of a future colony of new people, whose embryos carefully preserve the walls of the laboratory. After all, outside the laboratory there is no life and everything is infected. Or not? (more…)


Stranger Things (season 3)

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8 episodes

The plot of the American mystical series “Stranger Things” unfolds in a provincial town in the north-eastern part of the United States. This town became the center of mysterious events, which were the result of the once held secret experiments here. After the sudden disappearance of a 12-year-old boy, the residents of the city learned that people with unbelievable abilities live in the neighborhood with them and not all of them are friendly.