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Supernatural (season 15)

2,324 views Comments (0)


9 episodes

Many years of struggle with evil is inexorably approaching its final. At least for the Winchester brothers, for many years looking for a mother who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The search for a loved one, begun by the father of Dean and Sam, allowed the brothers to find out many unexpected facts about the long-standing confrontation between the forces of Light and Darkness. Involuntarily, the Winchesters were participants in a thousand-year struggle. The activity of the guys attracted the attention of the Lord of the Underworld itself. He at some point realized the degree of danger emanating from the Winchesters. It was not possible to deal with the brothers on the first attempt. However, the lord of the dark forces does not intend to deviate from his own insidious plan. Sam and Dean need to be extremely vigilant. (more…)


Legacies (season 2)

4,504 views Comments (0)


9 episodes

In the center of the story is 17-year-old Hope Mikaelson and other children with supernormal abilities. The action of the series “Legacies” takes place in a school. Here they are trained to improve their skills, overcome themselves and their villainous impulses and learn to fight their worst enemies and try to maintain a fragile balance in the world. This spin-off of The Vampire Diaries talks about a new generation of defenders.


Evil (season 1)

6,626 views Comments (0)


12 episodes

Skeptical psychologist Kristen Bouchard studies phenomena that science has not yet been able to explain. Its purpose is to explore the inexplicable secrets that have accumulated in the church, including alleged miracles, demonic possessions, and persecution of believers. Bouchard seeks divine origin in them. The company is made up of a seminary student, David Acosta, who acts on behalf of the church. (more…)


Mike Tyson Mysteries (season 4)

1,432 views Comments (0)


12 episodes

In the center of the plot of the comedy cartoon series is the famous boxer Mike Tyson. He left the ring and decided to devote time to investigating mysterious incidents. Mike is assisted by a faithful team: an adopted Korean daughter, a pigeon, formerly a man, and a ghost – the Marquis of Queensberry, who lived two centuries ago. The series “Mike Tyson Mysteries” is aimed at an adult audience. (more…)


The Purge (season 2)

2,871 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

One night came, not like everyone else. In the cities reigned mass violence and permissiveness. Laws cease to rule the world, and people do not obey generally accepted rules. When some crave the doomsday to absorb human torment and enjoy their bloodied bodies, others prefer to wait out those terrible hours among the walls of their own houses. The American authorities, no longer wanting to endure the anger and hatred that has fallen on people, are taking the necessary measures to protect the population. (more…)


Van Helsing (season 4)

3,395 views Comments (0)

Van Helsing

13 episodes

This story is dedicated to the famous vampire hunter, which is presented in a very non-classical and original way. Now the focus of the plot “Van Helsing” is a girl who is a distant relative of a popular character. Who would have thought that the main character with the same ease would be able to cope with the difficulties that had fallen on her, however, fate has its own plans for this mysterious person. Despite the fact that the heroine practically does not remember anything about her past, she feels that the fight against monsters is her calling. (more…)


Wellington Paranormal (season 2)

3,314 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

In the center of the plot are representatives of the special unit of the Wellington police who are constantly dealing with vampires, werewolves, zombies, demons and ghosts living in the vicinity of the capital of New Zealand. They track and search for various supernatural beings living among ordinary inhabitants. Mostly they are faced with drunken brawls, bathing in fountains and quarrels at parties. (more…)


Into the Dark (season 2)

1,526 views Comments (0)


4 episodes

In one German town, where high-profile crimes and scandalous incidents rarely happen, an ominous event takes place that radically changed the existence of the inhabitants of a calm and peaceful settlement. The further biography of four families, formerly considered model dynasties, turns into a real nightmare. Respectable fellow citizens are becoming the object of close attention of compatriots, watching with interest and curiosity the development of a dramatic incident. Two teenagers who went for a walk in the urban area disappeared. (more…)


Hinsdale House (2019)

153 views Comments (0)


Hinsdale House is a movie starring Steve Stanulis, Eric Freeman, and Victoria Oliver. Actors and crew arrive at the actual Hinsdale House in upstate New York and prepare to shoot a horror movie over the next few weeks. The owner of… (more…)


Ánimas (2018)

277 views Comments (0)


Ánimas is a movie starring Ángela Molina, Luis Bermejo, and Chacha Huang. This time, horror comes fron the other side. (more…)