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The Twilight Zone (season 1)

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The Twilight Zone

9 episodes

The highlight of the series is the presence of the lead. He tells a kind of prologue at the beginning of each story and reads a moral at the end. In the Twilight Zone, you can encounter anything: parallel measurements, mysterious disappearances, paranormal abilities and much, much more. As stated in the TV show itself, the limits of the Twilight Zone are determined only by your imagination! But in the center of the plot is always a man. And only depends on the decisions and behavior of the Person, how the situation will develop in the Twilight zone. (more…)


iZombie (season 5)

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4 episodes

At the heart of this television series “iZombie” is the eponymous series of comic books, the creators of which are Chris Roberson and Michael Allred. One of the highlights of this series were the bright, memorable comic strip screensavers that in the title credits, that between the scenes in the narrative itself. They were created by the artist Michael Allred. The unusualness of the series begins with the fact that the idea of the “rationality” of zombies is put at the forefront here. (more…)


Us (2019)

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Little Adelaide goes with her parents to the coastal amusement park, where she wanders into a mirror maze. What she saw there will shake her for the rest of her life. 30 years later, already adult Adelaide Wilson, along with her spouse and two children, daughter and son, comes to a summer holiday on the same beach. She is disturbed by vague memories from her childhood, but the threat seems to come from the other side: at night, four of them rush into their houses – an exact copy of the Wilson family, only scary looking, dressed in red overalls and armed with scissors. Similar counterparts will begin to wield at least throughout America, seeking to take the place of decent inhabitants. (more…)


The Witch in the Window (2018)

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The Witch in the Window

Simon rarely sees his 12-year-old son Finn. Wanting to build a relationship with him, they come to an old farm in Vermont to put it in order. However, the soul of her deceased owner Lidia is in no hurry to rest. It soon becomes clear that the hostess was a dangerous witch. Being engaged in repair and opening up to each other more and more, they begin to notice strange things and feel someone’s presence. And the further the repair proceeds, the stronger the evil spirit becomes. (more…)


The Hole in the Ground (2019)

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The Hole in the Ground

Young mother Sarah, taking with her little son, moves to live in the suburbs. New life must begin in the Irish backwater: in a secluded house, on which there is no number plate. As usual, nothing good can be expected: on the way, the characters will meet a strange woman in a hood, whispering something subtle and strange looking at the child. Unhappy family life with her husband, literally imprinted on the face of Sarah (behind the bangs, the girl hides an impressive scar), ends, but new problems begin. Nearby in the forest there is a huge hole, where the clods of earth fall, – one day, Sarah’s son will go for a walk and return no longer what he was. (more…)


Pet Sematary (2019)

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Pet Sematary

The family of Dr. Louis Creed, moves from Boston to the suburbs, the idyllic rural town of Ludlow, Maine, USA. The new place is very beautiful, it is not at all like Boston. Beautiful house, besides the family also owns a piece of the adjacent forest. Dramatic changes, with all their novelty, will bring some frustration. The new, quiet district, where the Creeds are moving, is shrouded in myths. Long ago, the children went to the forest at night to argue, they passed from mouth to mouth legends about his power and were afraid of it. They also say that these forests are a special place, cursed lands. It is possible that this is just a crazy legend, but it immediately becomes clear that something is wrong with it. (more…)


Supernatural (season 14)

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20 episodes

The main characters of the series “Supernatural” are fighting against the otherworldly forces of evil, simultaneously solving their own mystery of life.
Each episode has its own story, its own plot. Be prepared for the fact that the main part of the series takes place at night. As it should be in horror movies: darkness, sea of blood close up, monsters attacking from behind. However, all this is in a slightly smoothed version. Plus-mystery, which runs a single storyline, for many episodes.


The Possession of Hannah Grace (2018)

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The Possession of Hannah Grace

Pragmatic and well-built in the plot of the movie “The Possession of Hannah Grace” tells of supernatural phenomena that occur not in the most fun place – the city morgue of the American Boston. The traditional story about exorcism is laid on the basis of a psychological thriller about post-traumatic stress disorder of the main heroine Shay Mitchell. She attends rehabilitation courses and is trying to find work, the whole thing is complicated by the young woman’s habit of using illegal drugs, which she began to take while deeply depressed. (more…)


Happy Death Day 2U (2019)

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Happy Death Day 2U

The unlucky inventor Ryan wakes up again and again in the same day. At first, the guy tries to explain this cost with a minute whim, but eventually he comes to the conclusion that there is some kind of time loop that keeps him in tight limits. And he created it by none other than himself. Student Trish is again immersed in a personal Groundhog Day. Another in her place would have given up and conquered an unenviable fate, but the girl is too active to die time after time, losing her strength and will to live. Therefore, her sentence turns into a guide to action, to which not everyone has been given.



The Prodigy (2019)

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Sarah and John are a happy married couple raising a precocious boy. Their measured life, however, begins to crack as the son matures, and more and more oddities appear in his behavior – first unexpected, and then frightening. Parents try to influence the boy through conversations with a psychologist, and then turn to a reincarnation specialist, who explains to them that the talent of an eight-year-old boy is due to the fact that someone else lives in his body. And this “someone” clearly wants to oust their child entirely. (more…)