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Van Helsing (season 4)

1,730 views Comments (0)

Van Helsing

8 episodes

This story is dedicated to the famous vampire hunter, which is presented in a very non-classical and original way. Now the focus of the plot “Van Helsing” is a girl who is a distant relative of a popular character. Who would have thought that the main character with the same ease would be able to cope with the difficulties that had fallen on her, however, fate has its own plans for this mysterious person. Despite the fact that the heroine practically does not remember anything about her past, she feels that the fight against monsters is her calling. (more…)


The Walking Dead (season 10)

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7 episodes

Before us is the continuation of the story of a group of survivors. The main characters went through hordes of zombies and survived in incredibly difficult conditions. Their struggle for life looks really furious, but it is doomed to failure. The main characters are unlikely to be able to live their whole lives in such conditions, because the walking dead are not always the main threat. As it turned out, the most dangerous creatures are the people themselves who survive in this world. Many of them are ready to go to extreme measures so as not to let a stranger in. This story is filled with amazing events and interweaving of human destinies. Each new episode is a new story showing the true picture of what is happening: far from zombies turn out to be the walking dead in this world, but people whose soul has died a long time ago. (more…)


Supernatural (season 15)

1,049 views Comments (0)


5 episodes

Many years of struggle with evil is inexorably approaching its final. At least for the Winchester brothers, for many years looking for a mother who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The search for a loved one, begun by the father of Dean and Sam, allowed the brothers to find out many unexpected facts about the long-standing confrontation between the forces of Light and Darkness. Involuntarily, the Winchesters were participants in a thousand-year struggle. The activity of the guys attracted the attention of the Lord of the Underworld itself. He at some point realized the degree of danger emanating from the Winchesters. It was not possible to deal with the brothers on the first attempt. However, the lord of the dark forces does not intend to deviate from his own insidious plan. Sam and Dean need to be extremely vigilant. (more…)


Room 104 (season 3)

1,636 views Comments (0)

Room 104

10 episodes

Each series is full of philosophical, moral and psychological meaning. “Room 104″ is a comedy series anthology, which takes place in one of the rooms of a regular American hotel. In the center of events are the guests who check in the room in each episode. The series anthology has long been popular with the viewer, as it provides an opportunity to observe different stories that always have something in common – the subject, the scene, and so on. (more…)


Legacies (season 2)

3,671 views Comments (0)


5 episodes

In the center of the story is 17-year-old Hope Mikaelson and other children with supernormal abilities. The action of the series “Legacies” takes place in a school. Here they are trained to improve their skills, overcome themselves and their villainous impulses and learn to fight their worst enemies and try to maintain a fragile balance in the world. This spin-off of The Vampire Diaries talks about a new generation of defenders.


Evil (season 1)

1,187 views Comments (0)


7 episodes

Skeptical psychologist Kristen Bouchard studies phenomena that science has not yet been able to explain. Its purpose is to explore the inexplicable secrets that have accumulated in the church, including alleged miracles, demonic possessions, and persecution of believers. Bouchard seeks divine origin in them. The company is made up of a seminary student, David Acosta, who acts on behalf of the church. (more…)


American Horror Story (season 9)

1,922 views Comments (0)

American Horror Story

9 episodes

Each season of the series reveals one of the non-standard themes in the concept of this cult mystic series “American Horror Story”. The action of new season will take place in the near future in the state of Arizona, which survived a nuclear strike. Actors and developers unanimously argue that the material shown will be quite relevant today. Many actors move from season to season, but some have played their role in the season or series no longer appear, and their place is taken by other new characters, helping to diversify the familiar faces. (more…)


Castle Rock (season 2)

809 views Comments (0)

Castle Rock

6 episodes

Events unfolding in the city of Castle Rock after the head of the local prison extravagantly committed suicide. An investigation began and a cell was found in the building in the basement. The young guy is obviously kept there for a dozen years. Silence is the only thing he issues for questioning. All the staff could figure out was a name: Henry Diver. After this incident, it turned out that the black boy was brought up in a white family and once disappeared for several days. Among the frozen forest, he was found to be completely unscathed. There was a character near the lake, but Henry replied that he did not remember how he ended up here and what he was doing. After the sad events, the protagonist left the city and became a successful lawyer. The man in the cell pronounced the name of the missing person, and after that the prison guard tries to get in touch with him. The man asks to return, because the bosses of the institution want to hush up the story with the captive. Meanwhile, the guy needs special help. (more…)


The Purge (season 2)

2,045 views Comments (0)


5 episodes

One night came, not like everyone else. In the cities reigned mass violence and permissiveness. Laws cease to rule the world, and people do not obey generally accepted rules. When some crave the doomsday to absorb human torment and enjoy their bloodied bodies, others prefer to wait out those terrible hours among the walls of their own houses. The American authorities, no longer wanting to endure the anger and hatred that has fallen on people, are taking the necessary measures to protect the population. (more…)


Nails (2017)

83 views Comments (0)


Nails is a movie starring Shauna Macdonald, Steve Wall, and Leah McNamara. Recovering after a terrible accident, Dana struggles to regain her life and family when she encounters a malevolent ghost in her hospital room. (more…)