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The Terror (season 2)

2,831 views Comments (0)

The Terror

6 episodes

In the new Terror series, the action takes place during World War II. In Southern California, terrible inexplicable events began to occur in the Japanese prisoner of war camp that could not be resolved logically. The protagonist of the second season is a young Japanese military photographer, Chester Nakayama, chasing a creature that constantly kills members of the Japanese diaspora. The series was based on the novel of the same name by Dan Simmons and is based on real events. (more…)


Room 104 (season 3)

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Room 104

1 episodes

Each series is full of philosophical, moral and psychological meaning. “Room 104″ is a comedy series anthology, which takes place in one of the rooms of a regular American hotel. In the center of events are the guests who check in the room in each episode. The series anthology has long been popular with the viewer, as it provides an opportunity to observe different stories that always have something in common – the subject, the scene, and so on. (more…)


Fear the Walking Dead (season 5)

4,952 views Comments (0)

Fear the Walking Dead

14 episodes

Here, as before, ordinary people with their own problems (and the family’s problems were enough without zombies) are in the middle of the story, trying to survive under the circumstances that cannot be explained by rationally to an adult. In addition to the living dead bodies, the same ordinary people, who slowly but surely demonstrate their own base nature, cause no less concern. The series “Fear the Walking Dead” gradually introduces the situation, the result of which is so well known from the first series. (more…)


Los Espookys (season 1)

2,075 views Comments (0)

Los Espookys

6 episodes

The plot of the series “Los Espookys” focuses on the relentless group of friends: Renaldo, dental assistant Ursula, her sister Tati, who becomes the project’s main experimental rabbit, and Andres. The girl is the heir to the chocolate empire and she constantly waits for the moment to tell something about her dirty past and avoids her obsessive boyfriend. Together they buy a mansion and turn it into a nightmare house – an attraction for those who like to tickle nerves. Periodically, the guys are helped by Tico, the good uncle Renaldo, who dreams of becoming the legendary parking attendant of Los Angeles. (more…)


Into the Dark (season 1)

11,162 views Comments (0)

Into the Dark

12 episodes

Episodes of the horror project “Into the Dark” come out once a month. This series does not connect the plots of their episodes with each other, however, it coincides with each issue for a certain holiday, which, despite a joyous date, turns into a real horror festival! Attentive viewers can draw parallels between the episodes, but the authors set themselves the task of showing that the horror genre is still alive, despite the fact that the popularity of the genre is falling.


In Fabric (2019)

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The movie tells the story of a mysterious outfit that everyone wants to possess, but which certainly kills anyone who takes possession of it. Before our eyes, a nondescript red dress turns not just into the main character of the movie “In the Fabric”, but into some kind of extraterrestrial, alien entity. Sheila, a miserable middle-aged bank clerk, goes to a department store for an outfit, where a saleswoman, dressed as a geisha and speaking with a strong accent, persuades her to buy a silk blood-red cocktail dress. (more…)


Crawl (2019)

235 views Comments (0)


The new movie “Crawl” tells us about a young athlete, Haley Keller, swimming at the University of Florida. A destructive hurricane of the fifth category is looming over the state, and it is urgent to leave the area, but only Haley’s father, who’s an ex-trainer with whom they have not talked for several years due to a divorce from his mother, does not answer calls, so Haley goes in search of him. A father is found in the basement of an old house, the former Keller family house, with the man seriously injured, and hungry representatives of the Alligator mississippiensis species crawl nearby. (more…)


A Dark Song (2017)

1,755 views Comments (0)

A Dark Song

The life of Sofia, the protagonist of ‘A Dark Song” movie, was filled with sorrow after the death of her son. She invites the obsessed occultist Joseph Solomon to an old two-story house, lost among the deserted lands of Wales, to perform a special rite and invoke an otherworldly entity through which you can again talk with a dead child. This is a psychological immersion in the madness of two broken personalities, each of which pursues his own goals in a dark rite. (more…)


iZombie (season 5)

9,262 views Comments (0)


13 episodes

At the heart of this television series “iZombie” is the eponymous series of comic books, the creators of which are Chris Roberson and Michael Allred. One of the highlights of this series were the bright, memorable comic strip screensavers that in the title credits, that between the scenes in the narrative itself. They were created by the artist Michael Allred. The unusualness of the series begins with the fact that the idea of the “rationality” of zombies is put at the forefront here. (more…)


Nekrotronic (2019)

2,455 views Comments (0)


Howard is an ordinary sewage worker who regularly dives into sewage. During the next working trip, he was first suddenly attacked by an unknown psychopath, and then – just as suddenly – Howard was saved by the stern-looking shooter, accompanied by his two daughters. So Howard learns that he is a descendant of an ancient family of necromancers, hunters of demons devouring human souls. Soon he will continue the family business, as the mistress of the ghouls Finnegan is just preparing a global plan for collecting souls through smartphones – and only Howard can stop her in time. (more…)