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Krypton (season 1)

5,509 views Comments (0)


5 episodes

The plot of the series “Krypton” develops on the planet Krypton. We are introduced to the still young grandfather of Clark Kent, there is an opportunity to learn more about that terrible catastrophe that will inevitably happen. Actions take place 200 years before the birth of Clark Kent. Superman’s grandfather is a strong, confident young man who tries to restore the honor of his family and save the world from chaos. The series is full of elaborated and thoughtful graphics, a good storyline and a wonderful game of actors.


The Flash (season 4)

27,911 views Comments (0)


18 episodes

In the new season of the series “Flash”, from the parallel world, several killers were sent to Flash. As it turned out, the terrible villain Zoom is hunting for the hero, to whom Barry’s unusual abilities prevent from tackling the conquest of our reality. In a fatal flaw, Flash becomes the culprit for the opening of the portal between our world and the parallel universe from which the monsters of conquerors begin to arrive, under the leadership of that same Zoom. Responsible for the violation of the order in the Central City Flash, enters into a protracted and complex struggle with the mighty descendants of parallel reality. And as usual, in a fight, a young man is helped by his friends – a real fighting team.


The Crossing (season 1)

625 views Comments (0)

The Crossing

3 episodes

In a small American town, standing on the shore of the ocean, there is a shocking event – the waves carried out a lot of dead bodies. But there are also survivors. They told that they came from a distant future – 23 centuries. Back in the past they were made by a war in their time. Their goal is to change the course of history. In the series “The Crossing” there is incredibly beautiful nature with an icy ocean, centuries-old pines, neat fishing lodges and wooden taverns.


Supergirl (season 3)

23,487 views Comments (2)


14 episodes

Fantastic TV series “Supergirl” will tell about the native of the distant planet Krypton Kara Zor-El. But on the Earth has the name of Kara Danvers, has superhuman abilities and decides to enter the fight against evil. Kara takes the pseudonym “supergirl”. Her older stepsister Alex, a doctor, scientist and employee of a secret laboratory helps her in the fight against terrestrial criminals and with villains of the universal scale. In the new season, Kara tries to survive the death of a loved one. Now she spends all her strength on developing her abilities to protect the city.


Final Space (season 1)

1,994 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

Guardian of infinity warriors named Gary in the series “Final Space” was defeated by a villain unknown to us. His ship Galaxy1 was defeated, a faithful friend and companion, the anthropomorphic cat of Avocato, died in a battle with the enemy, and Quinn, who taught him everything, was also destroyed. Even Kevin, a robot hated by him, did not escape the tragic fate. Having lost all meaning to existence, Gary did not find another way out as to go to the past, where he, however, should lose his memories. The only thing he tried in every possible way to keep in his mind is that he needs to save Mooncake – that is the key to salvation in everything. (more…)


Hostiles (2017)

128 views Comments (0)


The movie “Hostiles” takes place in the late 19th century. The legendary US military agrees to escort the Cheyenne chief and his family on their way home. During the journey, the company meets a young widow whose family died during the war. All together, they are trying to overcome dangerous lands, where the Comanche tribes dwell.


Timeless (season 2)

4,995 views Comments (0)


5 episodes

The plot of the series “Timeless” unfolds around a very clever and uncommon criminal who managed to steal from the government a secret time machine and went by it several centuries ago. He pursues only one goal – with the help of some actions in the past to change the modern future and erase the US from the Earth map. A team was sent for him immediately. They need not only to let the villain realize his plans, but also not to commit blunders capable of bringing an irreparable harm to the modern world.


Knight Squad (season 1)

2,516 views Comments (0)

Knight Squad

9 episodes

A new comic series fantasy “Knight Squad” will tell you about two schoolchildren who, by chance coincidence, are bound by a common secret. Once upon a time these two guys were at enmity with each other. But now they had to unite in a Knight Squad, but they are completely different in character. Both main characters in their dreams have always seen themselves as brave warriors saving the princesses. And now their dreams come true.


Once Upon a Time (season 7)

12,572 views Comments (0)


17 episodes

The series “Once Upon a Time” will tell about the difficult life of Emma Swan. But the girl always kept blows of fate. The heroine works as a bailiff who knocks debts out of people who are hiding from the law. However, the girl’s life changes when she turns 28 years old. She, as usual, comes home alone and tries to celebrate her name-days. Suddenly, a boy of about ten is knocking at the door. This guy is Henry. He is the son of Emma. Once upon a time she was forced to abandon the child, because she was in an unenviable position and could hardly raise a child. It’s true Henry now comes to Emma not to start a family relationship, but to send her to Storybrook, a city where, according to the boy, fabulous characters who forget who they really are live. All this is the tricks of the evil Queen, who once imposed a terrible curse on the fairy world. Emma, of course, does not believe in the stories of the boy, thinking that he has a wild fantasy. However, the girl eventually begins to notice the oddities that are happening in Storybrook. She remains in the city and, even, becomes a sheriff.


MacGyver (season 2)

6,587 views Comments (0)


20 episodes

The story of “MacGyver” tells of a young, talented and intelligent man named Angus MacGyver. He is able to make anything, to find a way out of any situation, even the most complex and dangerous. After all, he believes that desperate situations do not happen, but intelligence and savvy are the most important weapons. He has the ability to improvise and never get lost, even when everything is not going according to plan. He creates a secret organization, where he uses his exceptional talent to solve extraordinary problems and extensive scientific knowledge to save lives. (more…)