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The Deuce (season 2)

4,615 views Comments (0)


7 episodes

The seventies of last century. New York. The city is immersed in the abyss of criminal lawlessness. The streets are ruined, and local businessmen are run by criminal authorities. Every day the local police are trying to put things in order, but criminals are also playing their cunning game. The spirit of freedom has never been so obvious and ardent. People plunge headlong into an atmosphere of utter debauchery, succumbing to the influence of the sexual revolution, which entails both the boom of pornography, and the rise of the television format, and the triumph of cinematography, and freedom of speech in the press. The series “The Deuce” tells about people for whom the forbidden peace became close. They are stuck in a criminal environment and forced to live as they should.


Ballers (season 4)

5,376 views Comments (0)


9 episodes

The actor and director Duane Johnson show a dramatic series “Ballers” about players in American football. The fourth season of the project starts on HBO TV channel. Main characters are professionals in the world of sports. They earn serious money and secure a luxurious life. Each of them has a sea of fans and fans, but many hours of training, constant exhausting games take a very long time. They sometimes want to be like ordinary people, have more opportunities to communicate with loved ones, but sports discipline and hard work on oneself is the way to victory, and personal life and relationships with girls are a whole science for the main characters.


Insecure (season 3)

2,231 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

The main characters of this comedy series “Insecure” are two girls from the United States. They not so long ago reached the mark of thirty years, however, have not yet built a decent personal life. Girls dream of great happiness, although in the career everything is going well, which can not but rejoice. Every day, ladies spend time searching for a single and unique man. However, even if the guy is found, it’s not a reason to shout about success, because in order to normal relations. The most common are unemployed and lazy men who are not amenable to any upbringing.


Animals. (season 3)

4,092 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

People do not realize that there is a life hidden from human sight and understanding. The series “Animals.” continues to tell the stories of the oppressed inhabitants of the stone jungles of New York, among which there are those who suffer from unrequited love of rats, and questioning their gender identity, pigeons, and the middle-aged bugs that are going through a crisis.


Random Acts of Flyness (season 1)

3,131 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

The plot line of the new comedy series “Random Acts of Flyness” is presented in several different episodes, which in turn are completely unrelated. However, there is a certain line between episodes. The author thus makes an attempt to show the viewer a reaction to the various media industries of American society. It will be mainly about the love relationships of the opposite sexes, and about talented musicians who can not get into the light, and all sorts of cartoon stories. At the same time, the footage is presented in a large number of genres, beginning with a frivolous comedy and ending with a drama tearing the heart in half.


Sharp Objects (season 1)

12,890 views Comments (0)

Sharp Objects

8 episodes

Camilla Preaker works as a reporter in a small Chicago newspaper. Her career is not very successful, but one day she gets a chance to become famous all over the country. Camilla is sent to a small provincial town where she grew up and where, recently, a violent maniac has been operating, the victims of whom are girls. Since Preaker is well acquainted with the locals, it will be easier for her to get information about the progress of the investigation. However, what seemed like an excellent opportunity to make a sensational report soon turns into a real nightmare for her. The series “Sharp objects” is based on the eponymous work of Gillian Flynn.


Succession (season 1)

4,531 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

Logan Roy is a powerful and tough man. He manages a huge clan, which is engaged in the development of media business. Under Logan’s management are thousands of people and tens of thousands of studios. The main character thinks about who will continue his work, who is worthy to become the head of the media conglomerate, which obviously needs modernization. A new look at development, fresh thoughts and ideas is what the outgoing manager wants for his business. The focus of the plot “Succession” is a family drama, in which the subtleties and peculiarities of running a family business in our time are revealed. These are stories about destinies, about people, hopes, changes and belief in the best.


Ballers (season 3)

9,160 views Comments (10)


10 episodes

The project is devoted to a backstage of NFL — the main league of the American soccer, to what we don’t even imagine. The main characters of series are ordinary people with normal problems, normal thoughts, normal sincere and physical wounds. People who also fall in love, make mistakes, are on friendly terms, are reconciled, swear. “Ballers” are rather easy, bright, interesting and rather deep series. And it is very interesting to watch the events on the screen. Expensive cars, beautiful palm trees and beaches — all this gives to the series some charm.


Westworld (season 2)

9,606 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The second season of the series “Westworld” tells about a special park where rich and wealthy people come to have fun and meet some needs. A huge location in the style of the Wild West, populated by intelligent robots, provides guests with the freedom of choice, which they could only dream of. Someone here becomes the savior of the city, someone a detective, someone a hero-lover. But what happens if previously programmed robots begin to feel, understand and think?


Togetherness (season 1)

2,053 views Comments (10)


8 episodes

One day a young married couple Michelle and Brett Pearson decide to move from Houston to Los Angeles. Together with them in the City of Angels goes Tina – the sister of Michelle and best friend of Brett – actor Alex. Friends take a single house for four in a new place, they plan to start all over again. Soon, however, cohabitation begins to threaten their already complicated relationship. Can they establish life together pursuiting their own dreams. The authors of the comedy series “Together” became Dyuplass brothers, Jay and Mark, known for his work on the film “Jeff, Who Lives at Home.” Mark also played a leading role.