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His Dark Materials (season 1)

5,240 views Comments (0)

His Dark Materials

8 episodes

After the death of their parents, the main character of the series “His Dark Materials” is forced to stay at Oxford University, where her uncle works. He prohibits the child from communicating with peers and does not let go of the territory of the educational institution without adult supervision. Unable to know the world, the niece is forced to constantly read books from the library and dream of coming of age when she gets the right to independently manage her life. Soon, uncle decides to admit to the girl that there is a parallel dimension in the world where dark entities attack and kidnap children and Lira mysteriously disappears from her room. (more…)


Silicon Valley (season 6)

3,877 views Comments (0)

Silicon Valley

7 episodes

The protagonists of this series are six young and ambitious characters who are well versed in the IT sphere. They strive to make any breakthrough in the development, so they are developing an action plan to promote the startup. A well-known millionaire is interested in their business project, which allows the protagonists of the Silicon Valley series to settle in San Francisco. Here in the Silicon Valley, the guys have every chance to become famous. Ahead of the main characters awaits a truly difficult work, but they are sure that they will justify the hopes assigned to them by the millionaire.


Watchmen (season 1)

6,020 views Comments (0)


9 episodes

Suddenly, people with masks on their faces appear in cities. They look the same, it is impossible to distinguish between them. At first they went out at night and organized outrage, thus returning justice to the streets of the United States. All this happened after superheroes disappeared. They were insanely strong and courageous, could deal with criminals in a few minutes. Law enforcement sighed with relief, did not have to take care of the order in the streets and protect citizens. But later their endurance dried up, they disappeared into the air without a trace. After some time, the past was forgotten, the police had to start their legal duties, and catch the bandits in the way they know. (more…)


Catherine the Great (season 1)

733 views Comments (0)

Catherine the Great

4 episodes

The reign of the famous Catherine II, nicknamed the Great, is characterized by substantial and important reformative introductions for Russia, aimed at strengthening the relationship of the Empire with European states. Moreover, due to the tendency of the ruler herself to the beautiful, during this period there is also a rise in literature, painting, and enlightenment of the state. In the new mini-series “Catherine the Great”, we will see palace coups, uprisings, wonderful balls, state conspiracies and intrigues, the secret and open personal life of the empress, large-scale colorful battles. All the secrets of the Russian Empire of the XVIII century will be revealed in the series “Catherine the Great”. (more…)


Room 104 (season 3)

2,622 views Comments (0)

Room 104

12 episodes

Each series is full of philosophical, moral and psychological meaning. “Room 104″ is a comedy series anthology, which takes place in one of the rooms of a regular American hotel. In the center of events are the guests who check in the room in each episode. The series anthology has long been popular with the viewer, as it provides an opportunity to observe different stories that always have something in common – the subject, the scene, and so on. (more…)


The Deuce (season 3)

1,784 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

The seventies of the last century. New York is overwhelmed by the wave of crime: criminals commit robberies, dealers sell prohibited items, and prostitution flourishes amid the sexual revolution. Manhattan has become a mixture of brothel and porn studios – New York is mired in debauchery. Everyone knows that this sex industry has become one of the most successful in the world. The series “The Deuce” tells about the events of the seventies and eighties and tells about people and destinies.


Succession (season 2)

8,820 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

Logan Roy is a tough and powerful 80-year-old patriarch of the family and the owner of one of the world’s largest entertainment and media conglomerates. The company’s board of directors consists of his children – the eldest son Kendall Roy, the youngest and beloved son Roman Roy, as well as Shiban Roy – the only daughter of Logan, who is building a career in politics. Before retiring, the protagonist of the series “Succession” wants to give his heirs a real shake-up – with intrigues, sudden revelations and a fierce race for power. (more…)


The Righteous Gemstones (season 1)

2,377 views Comments (0)

The Righteous Gemstones

9 episodes

The comedy series “The Righteous Gemstones” tells about Jesse, Kevin and Elijah Gemstones – representatives of three generations of the same family. They are known throughout the world for their unusual religious sermons. Carrying the word of God, they care about the spiritual well-being of their “parishioners” and, of course, their own financial situation. At the same time, the wrong side of their educational activities is not very similar to the way of life that they preach. (more…)


Ballers (season 5)

1,844 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

The comedy-drama series “Ballers” follows the retired football star Spencer, who is struggling to become a financial manager for current players. He is a former NFL player who is trying to succeed by helping rising football stars as a mentor. Having experience in this field, he feels a lack of experience in business. Therefore, Spencer was not ready to face the largest business manager in this area. Thus, Spencer now has to consider his former profession as a business. Otherwise, he may fail. (more…)


Euphoria (season 1)

8,554 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

At the heart of the plot – the real story of a teenager who was killed on the street in front of a nightclub. After the murder takes a year. High school students who were at that fateful night at the club are trying to live on. Together or alone, they go through growing up, childhood traumas, identity problems, sex, love, friendship, violence and drugs. The main heroine of the series “Euphoria” Ru soon realizes that in this way she is sucked deeper into the series of new and new problems. (more…)