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Lovecraft Country (season 1)

2,046 views Comments (0)


7 episodes

USA, 1954. Black guy Atticus Black is only 22 years old, but he has already had a chance to go through a difficult school of life and experience all the horrors of war, because he just returned from Korea. Having barely set foot on his native land, the guy hurries to his parents’ house to hug his father after a long separation. But the family estate turns out to be empty, and the father disappeared without a trace. After searching the house in the hope of finding at least some clue, Atticus manages to find several mysterious messages. After watching them, the guy realizes that he needs to look for his father in New England. Without hesitation, Atticus sets out to search. Letitia, a childhood friend and Uncle George, is called to help him. The Trinity embarks on a perilous journey along the roads of America. (more…)


Room 104 (season 4)

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Room 104

10 episodes

An ordinary American hotel room near the airport is the most boring and dismal place you can imagine. But it is precisely in the midst of a dull routine that extraordinary things often happen: funny, strange, sad, absurd and even scary. The common thing in all the series is a hotel room with the number 104. Each new guest is a new story. Each new story is a new series. These stories are not alike, just as the people who stay in this room are not alike. (more…)


Raised by Wolves (season 1)

6,403 views Comments (0)

Raised by Wolves

9 episodes

Once upon a time, the conflict within humanity, which arose on religious grounds, escalated into the Great War. The Earth was destroyed and so that the human race did not finally disappear, a ship with embryos was sent into the depths of space. Several perfect robots were entrusted with finding a new planet, settling down on it and raising children, according to the established program. The years passed, the kids grew up. It seemed that humanity managed to take advantage of a second chance, but everything changed when a ship with new colonists landed on the planet.


Hard Knocks (season 15)

3,359 views Comments (0)


5 episodes

The audience will be presented with all the nuances of the difficult work of the team of coaches, who will have to determine which of the players will continue to work in the team, and whose path in professional sports will be over. Real decisions, difficult conflict situations, the real life of professional athletes, all this cannot leave indifferent even those who have never been interested in sports before.


The New Pope (season 1)

248 views Comments (0)

The New Pope

9 episodes

Vatican. A new head of the Catholic Church, named Lenny Belardo, is elected. The protagonist gains tremendous power. Doesn’t do what the people who set him up wanted. The opportunity to remove him from office appears when the main character of the series “The New Pope” is in a coma. The cardinals see an opportunity to change everything and call new elections for the Pope. They are looking for a puppet candidate. There is such a person. Everything goes according to plan until the news comes out: the old Pope has come to his senses and can talk and move. Soon, he decides to regain power again, thereby finding out about his rival. (more…)


Perry Mason (season 1)

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Perry Mason

8 episodes

The thirties of the last century were hard on the United States of America. In big cities, gangsters are rampant, total unemployment is rampant, and only Los Angeles bypasses the economic collapse. The city lives a full life thanks to the development of oil reserves and the development of the film industry. But in the city of angels, very close to the sparkle of spotlights and luxury, there is a completely different life. Underground bars and the emerging Christian cult, whose leader is often trusted more than the police, is just the tip of the iceberg, in the depths of which there is a more predatory fish. The well-known lawyer in the city, Elias Jonathan, is considered the best in unraveling cases. His colleague Perry Mason helps him in this – a man with a difficult fate, behind whose participation in the First World War and a difficult divorce. (more…)


Esme & Roy (season 2)

358 views Comments (0)

Esme & Roy

10 episodes

Esme and her new friend, a monster, go on a trip with their friends to their fantasy world in the animated series “Esme & Roy”. Little viewers will be amazed by dizzying adventures and entertaining stories, as well as difficulties and dangers that the main characters must learn together and solve together. Every day is full of new events. A dark-skinned teenage girl will cope with all the troubles in life, because she has loyal friends. (more…)


Looney Tunes Cartoons (season 1)

379 views Comments (0)

Looney Tunes Cartoons

10 episodes

Here is a greeting from the past in a modern interpretation. Familiar popular characters, ready to give a lot of fun to everyone who just wants to relax in front of the screen, enjoying simple adventures. The authors of the script of this project “Looney Tunes Cartoons” remind us of such interesting and bright characters as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pigand many others. Every day, mysterious circumstances begin to happen to fairy-tale characters. Throughout their life path, the characters are haunted by difficulties and happy events. (more…)


I May Destroy You (season 1)

2,831 views Comments (0)

I May Destroy You

12 episodes

The main character is the young and freedom-loving writer Arabella. Lives in London, has many friends. Soon she meets an Italian, and their spa romance develops into a serious relationship. Along with success in her personal life, she is also lucky in her career – her writing talent begins to gain momentum. But if she only knew that soon her life would be turned upside down … Arabella meets with friends, and they decide to have fun at the bar. Suddenly, after a party, she cannot remember anything and does not understand what happened to her last night. It turns out that drugs were poured into her cocktail, and then raped. Upon learning of this, all her early beliefs are crumbling. She reproaches herself that night and delves into her world, trying to figure out how to live on …


Trackers (season 1)

2,267 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

Africa is the second largest continent of the planet; the center of third world countries, notorious as a hotbed of disease, poverty, violence … The criminal situation has deteriorated sharply, police deaths have risen, 200-300 police officers killed in modern South Africa are normal, although this is the highest figure in the world, huge even by African standards. The series tells various stories about organized crime in Cape Town. (more…)