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Divorce (season 3)

930 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

The main character of the third season of the American comedy-drama series “Divorce” – a resident of New York, Francis. She is experiencing a tedious and difficult divorce with her husband, which makes her take a fresh look at the years of her life together. They have two children, a good house, and it turns out it’s not so easy to start everything from scratch. Especially when you have to support the novel on the side. (more…)


Big Little Lies (season 2)

2,966 views Comments (0)

Big Little Lies

7 episodes

The series begins with a small lie of a little man that, like a trickle, paves the way for big trouble. In the small coastal California town of Monterey, famous for its beautiful schools, expensive houses and their rich inhabitants, a murder happens at a school charity event. Who, how and why killed -is the main intrigue that will be resolved only at the last minutes of the final “Big Little Lies” series, because the entire series is a solid flashback with a bunch of small flashbacks inserted into it, whose task is to tell and show what to nail here every local parent could kill anyone. (more…)


Los Espookys (season 1)

293 views Comments (0)

Los Espookys

6 episodes

The plot of the series “Los Espookys” focuses on the relentless group of friends: Renaldo, dental assistant Ursula, her sister Tati, who becomes the project’s main experimental rabbit, and Andres. The girl is the heir to the chocolate empire and she constantly waits for the moment to tell something about her dirty past and avoids her obsessive boyfriend. Together they buy a mansion and turn it into a nightmare house – an attraction for those who like to tickle nerves. Periodically, the guys are helped by Tico, the good uncle Renaldo, who dreams of becoming the legendary parking attendant of Los Angeles. (more…)


Succession (season 2)

2,624 views Comments (0)


2 episodes

Logan Roy is a tough and powerful 80-year-old patriarch of the family and the owner of one of the world’s largest entertainment and media conglomerates. The company’s board of directors consists of his children – the eldest son Kendall Roy, the youngest and beloved son Roman Roy, as well as Shiban Roy – the only daughter of Logan, who is building a career in politics. Before retiring, the protagonist of the series “Succession” wants to give his heirs a real shake-up – with intrigues, sudden revelations and a fierce race for power. (more…)


A Black Lady Sketch Show (season 1)

334 views Comments (0)

A Black Lady Sketch Show

3 episodes

The protagonists of the comedy sketch show “A Black Lady Sketch Show” are women of different ages, social status and professions. They work, relax, raise children, play sports and constantly fall into various funny situations, to get out of which they are helped by the mind, life wisdom, healthy self-irony and a brilliant sense of humor. In addition to the constant composition of the series, guest stars appear in each episode. (more…)


Euphoria (season 1)

2,576 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

At the heart of the plot – the real story of a teenager who was killed on the street in front of a nightclub. After the murder takes a year. High school students who were at that fateful night at the club are trying to live on. Together or alone, they go through growing up, childhood traumas, identity problems, sex, love, friendship, violence and drugs. The main heroine of the series “Euphoria” Ru soon realizes that in this way she is sucked deeper into the series of new and new problems. (more…)


Gentleman Jack (season 1)

5,174 views Comments (0)

Gentleman Jack

8 episodes

1832, Yorkshire, a very original woman Anna Lister returns to her estate: she is resolute, a little rude, dressed elegantly, but in a masculine style. She arrives under the paternal lordship, having gone through a serious spiritual drama after being separated from her girlfriend. Come to forget your passion for travel. She is in charge of men’s affairs (collects rent and is going to open a mine), because in her family there is simply no one else to do it. (more…)


Veep (season 7)

2,612 views Comments (0)


7 episodes

Much has changed lately. Laura Montez became president, as Andrew Doyle gave her voice for her. At this time, Selina agreed to China loosening control over Tibet. But Montez ascribes this merit to herself, asserting that this is the first political step of her new state apparatus. It takes a year, Selina moved away from big affairs and lives in the Bronx with her ex-husband. However, this break does not put an end to her career. Brave lady is ready to fight again for a place in the sun. It continues its activities, again embroiled in the ridiculous plans of rivals. (more…)


Barry (season 2)

8,103 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

After serving some years in the US Marine Corps, Barry makes the final decision to completely change his lifestyle. But when he returned home, he could not find something to do for himself. The former Marine has changed different jobs, but without having decided, became a hired killer. He liquidates by request of different people, feeling neither pain nor regret. Once a new order brought him to a film studio and Barry tried his hand at filming a movie. (more…)


Chernobyl (season 1)

2,243 views Comments (0)


5 episodes

The subject of Chernobyl, even after more than thirty years that have passed since the Chernobyl disaster, attracts the attention of many people. The main characters are and are not, yet a terrible catastrophe comes to the fore. Deception and the extent of concealing the truth are amazing. And in fact it was even worse. When the whole world announced an explosion at the nuclear power plant and recorded radiation, all information was hidden in Pripyat and the surrounding area. (more…)