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The Holden Girls: Mandy & Myrtle (season 1)

1,315 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

Eight episode faux-reality mockumentary comedy series depicting the life of TV's Amanda Holden as she persuades her lonely nan to relocate from Doncaster to live with her in her swanky London house. (more…)


Maxxx (season 2)

1,377 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

The former member of the once popular boy band Boy Town, who misses the life of a pop star, decides to revive his musical career, but this time solo. To return and prove his relevance to the whole world, Maxxx turns to his main fan, cousin Rose, for help, and also tries to restore relations with his former manager Don Wilde and with ex-girlfriend – the famous supermodel Jordan. The methods that Maxxx uses to achieve former glory seem very dubious to everyone around him. (more…)


The Aliens (season 1)

1,572 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

Do you still need a proof that aliens exist? Then Ride to the UK and find a guy named Lewis. He is a former officer of the border, which is now forced to wander on the outskirts of the city. Once there, he meets a beautiful girl, Lewis falls in love with her immediately. Getting to know her closer, he realizes that the girl is an alien …


My Mad Fat Diary (season 2)

1,750 views Comments (4)

My Mad Fat Diary E4 season 2 2014 poster

7 episodes

Series two kicks off at the hazy end of the long hot summer of 1996, just after Rae has finally revealed the truth about her mental health to her gang of friends and shared that moment with object of her lust Finn. Things are pretty much as good as they get in Lincolnshire. But there’s something looming on the horizon which threatens to disrupt the glorious status quo… COLLEGE. (more…)


My Mad Fat Diary (season 1)

1,793 views Comments (5)

My Mad Fat Diary E4 season 1 2013 poster

6 episodes

The series is based on Rae Earl’s 2007 book about her teenage years in the ’80s. Set in Stamford, Lincolnshire in 1996, My Mad Fat Diary follows the story of 16-year-old, 16 stone girl, Rae Earl, who has just left a psychiatric hospital, where she has spent four months.[3] She begins to reconnect with her best friend, Chloe, who is unaware of Rae’s mental health and body image problems, believing she was in France for the past four months. (more…)


Top TV series on IMDB version (2014)

7,025 views Comments (2)

imdb logo

We decided to update the information about the highest ratings TV shows according to IMDB (2014). The rating was on series, which is being broadcast. In case of equal ranking we take a number of votes. TV Shows that are on our website highlighted clickable links. (more…)


Misfits (season 5)

5,401 views Comments (6)

Misfits E4 season 5 2013 poster

8 episodes

The new series marks the first anniversary of the storm and a support group forms on the estate for those people who find having a super power isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Like … the ability to knit visions of the future, or to shag unwanted powers out of other people or to transform into a turtle. And as Dark Rudy likes to talk-slash-moan, it should come as no surprise that he is the first of our gang to start attending. And it’s here that he sees a very different future facing the team — one which could change things forever. Strap on those ankle tags, because this is what you’ve been waiting for. Our guys are going to have to up their game if they’re going to tackle some real life A-grade super-powered vigilantes. (more…)


Skins (season 7)

5,791 views Comments (12)

Skins E4 season 7 2013 poster

6 episodes

Skins is back. But this time, things are going to be a little bit different. Time changes everyone. The new season will be three new stories: SKINS PURE (that’s Cassie story), SKINS RISE (Cook’s) and SKINS FIRE (that one is Effy). Old friends. New lives. Brand new drama … (more…)


Skins (season 5)

3,206 views Comments (4)

Skins E4 season 5 poster

8 episodes

There’s Mini the leader whose strong exterior and controlling nature hides a vulnerable young girl. Liv, Mini’s second in command, a clumsy but beautiful party animal with a big heart. Grace, who seems pure as the driven snow, but even her best friends don’t really know her. And into this group of best mates crashes Franky: super-intelligent, strange and androgynous. The universe bends to her difference and weirdness, and so do these girls – eventually. Then there are the boys. Rich – a cynical metal-head who will never compromise. His best mate Alo – farmer-boy, pot-head, porn connoisseur. Nick, Mini’s boyfriend, is captain of the rugby team. He’s good-looking, popular, arrogant and unhappy. And Matty, who fits the bill of the tall, dark and handsome outsider. But is Matty all that he seems or does he have a darker edge that no one would’ve ever expected? (more…)


Misfits (season 4)

4,413 views Comments (4)

misfits E4 season 4 2012 poster

8 episodes

In the new season – new characters. Finn is a naive optimist, always trying to please everyone. He is very much talking, which often helps him get out of a difficult situation. Hilarious dude. Jess not only rebel, but very sensible and sharp-tongued woman. She can’t tolerate hypocrites and liars. All the heroes realize that super powers are not a gift from above, but also a heavy burden, which brings emotional pain in their lives. The new gang members Finn and Jess are zipping up those iconic orange jumpsuits for their first day of community service and meeting their probation worker… or is it their new probation worker? Things become stranger still when a man stumbles into the community centre with a briefcase and a power that infects them all. The truth unravels in a series of tense flashbacks and it’s soon clear to Finn and Jess that there’s more to community service than scrubbing off graffiti and picking up litter… (more…)