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The Pembrokeshire Murders (season 1)

151 views Comments (0)

The Pembrokeshire Murders

3 episodes

The Pembrokeshire Murders is a TV mini-series starring Luke Evans, Keith Allen, and Caroline Berry. Detective superintendent reopens two unsolved murder cases from the 1980s. Forensic methods link the crimes to a string of… (more…)


Because the Night (season 1)

427 views Comments (0)

Because the Night

4 episodes

Because the Night is a TV mini-series starring Russell Tovey, Bertie Carvel, and Amrita Acharia. Almost a decade into his new devoted married life Nathan is rocked to the core when Bob, an unwelcome face from the past, turns up on… (more…)


The Singapore Grip (season 1)

4,229 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

The series is based on the novel of the same name by English writer James Gordon Farrell. This is a story about love and war, telling about the siege of a city and a dying way of life. The family saga, which takes place in Singapore shortly before the Japanese invasion of World War II, tells the story of a wealthy British family struggling to maintain their thriving business in a catastrophic world events and intrigue and intricacies. (more…)


Honour (season 1)

181 views Comments (0)


2 episodes

Honour is a TV mini-series starring Ahd, Waj Ali, and Moe Bar-El. Follows the police investigation and the revelations about police failings in the run-up to the ‘honour killing’ of Banaz Mahmod, a 20-year-old Iraqi Kurdish woman… (more…)


Des (season 1)

698 views Comments (0)


3 episodes

Des is a TV mini-series starring David Tennant, Daniel Mays, and Jason Watkins. In 1983 Scottish serial killer Dennis Nilsen is arrested after the discovery of human remains which have blocked a drain near his London home. (more…)


Flesh and Blood (season 1)

1,365 views Comments (0)


4 episodes

The series introduces the viewer to a charming woman named Vivienne, who lives in an excellent mansion on the coast of Sussex. Until recently, it seemed to her that she was the happiest person on the planet, however, the main character had to bury her beloved spouse, whom she considered an ideal man. This event becomes a real shock for the widow. Three children are well aware that she just needs psychological support and all kinds of help. Finally, disappointed in the world, the main character of the series “Flesh and Blood” practically ceases to go outside the house. Meanwhile, a new owner arrives in the neighboring apartment, who turns out to be a charming guy named Mark. Soon a stormy romance erupted between them.


Kate & Koji (season 1)

204 views Comments (0)

Kate & Koji

6 episodes

The owner of a small cafe in one resort town constantly sees one man who often visits her cafe. Word for word they talked and the woman found out that he was a doctor, but without work and without money. Having shown mercy, the protagonist of the series “Kate & Koji” offers to commit a small scam … and free food for his services. The seaside cafe for the TV sitcom was filmed at the Frasiers Pie and Mash Shop in Herne Bay, located in the fictional seaside town of Seagate. (more…)


Isolation Stories (season 1)

301 views Comments (0)


5 episodes

This project is a story about several people who, like many of us, find themselves in a situation of forced isolation. Viewers will be presented with four short stories in which we will see about changes in relations between close people within the same family. They have to be together, they try to do everything to maintain their unity, but unification for a very long time has its consequences. They will be discussed in this series, where we will encounter new feelings, unexpected discoveries, interesting situations and other important events in the lives of the main characters. (more…)


The Good Karma Hospital (season 3)

1,337 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

A medical genre project combined with dramatic elements. It is about a young doctor, Ruby Walker, who, after a hard breakup, decides to move from England to India. Seeing a job ad in a hospital on the south coast, Ruby without hesitation moves and hopes to start a new life under palm trees and the scorching sun. But working in a hospital with limited resources under the direction of Dr. Lydia Fonseca is very difficult.


Quiz (season 1)

476 views Comments (0)


3 episodes

You should not unconditionally believe in what is broadcast on TV. Unfortunately, even the most “truthful” programs contain elements of production and there is a deception of the audience. Otherwise, they simply would not be interesting to watch. However, this series “Quiz” is based on real events and will tell the opposite situation when the famous TV show was deceived by one of the participants. (more…)