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ABC Family


Home Sweet Rome (season 1)

35 views Comments (0)

Home Sweet Rome

6 episodes

Follows Lucy, who moves from California to start a new life in Rome with her dad and stepmom, Francesca, an Italian pop star. (more…)


Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments (season 3)

13,781 views Comments (0)

Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments

22 episodes

There is another world – it’s enough just to take a closer look, just take a couple of steps to be elected to meet the supernatural and extraordinary. But the other world is not kind, because there are magical beings and demons that fight for dominance. Here the blood flows like a river, the war never ends here, life costs practically nothing … But at the same time, the mysterious “Shadowhunters” who are half-angles follow the order. For thousands of years these creatures have been protecting the human race from cruel demons who dream of gaining unlimited power over the Earth. Soon, in this secret world, the struggle for the possession of the mysterious ancient chalice, on which the future of mankind depends, will unfold.


Alone Together (season 2)

1,815 views Comments (0)

Alone Together

10 episodes

This is a series, telling about the fate of two young people. They came to America from other countries to start life from scratch. The characters settled in Los Angeles. In addition, the characters manage to come together and even find a common home, although the desired relationship and great love go to the background. The main characters for some reason begin to associate a purely platonic friendship, which condemns them to a long search for the second half. Although, it would seem, they have already found each other! What else do they need? It remains to find out by watching the series “Alone Together.”


Cloak & Dagger (season 1)

12,646 views Comments (4)

Cloak & Dagger

10 episodes

The series “Cloak & Dagger” will tell about two teenagers who once discovered superpowers – the main advantage of Tandy is the possibility of radiation of light daggers. And Tyrone is able to plunge everything into darkness. Fate brings the heroes together, and from that moment their lives completely change. Now two young people, who sincerely fell in love with each other, despite the racial differences, become a friendly effective team, capable of doing great things. The series “Cloak & Dagger” is based on the comics Marvel.


Young & Hungry (season 5)

5,048 views Comments (6)


20 episodes

The nice blonde Gaby in the series « Young & Hungry»dreams to become known and Josh — a rich programmer gives a job to the young girl. Of course the main characters have feelings to each other. But Josh has a bride, and Gaby is not a couple to him, she has lots of debts and other problems … She is a modern Cinderella who trusts in true love, ridiculous, sometimes naive and a little eccentric. She isn’t idle, and is ready to fight for a dream and with delicate irony untangles the problems. But, despite quite banal plot, the soap opera is watched easily. The quite good scenario, humour and interesting characters don’t allow starting missing. (more…)


Alone Together (season 1)

5,886 views Comments (0)

Alone Together

10 episodes

The comedy series “Alone Together” will tell the story of two people in an attempt to conquer Los Angeles. This is the story of two losers. The main characters are from different backgrounds and to America they came from different countries, but together they try to defeat the harsh customs of the big city. They find salvation from the rabid rhythm of the city in platonic relations to each other. They often swear, but in this city they no longer have to rely on.


Stitchers (season 3)

8,711 views Comments (7)


10 episodes

In the series “Stitchers” we meet one young girl detective who absolutely differently runs business and solves crimes in the most unusual way. It isn’t important what has occurred, but the girl always makes crucial decision to get up to the place of the victim. That she has solved this or that murder, it is necessary to connect the mind with consciousness of the died person and to wander along mysterious corridors of inner world of that, against whom the crime has been committed. But what can happen if unexpectedly to get stuck in others consciousness? Whether there is a chance to be chosen? Having once connected life with such difficult work, it is hardly possible to abandon her forever. (more…)


Pretty Little Liars (season 7)

26,795 views Comments (10)


20 episodes

Here in the series “Pretty Little Liars ” there are four girlfriends – Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily who were good girlfriends for a long time. However, after one party Alison has suddenly disappeared, and then they found her dead. And the girls they ceased to maintain any relations. But once, a year later after this awful incident, girls to have to meet again. The reason for this was that the former girlfriends at the same time begin to receive mysterious messages from the unknown person. This anonymous author knows most intimate secrets of girls which they didn’t open even to each other. For their secrets not to become obvious, girlfriends do everything possible to find the stranger. But it appears not so simply to do it, and soon they learn that they are not the first victims of this mysterious person. (more…)


Baby Daddy (season 6)

5,324 views Comments (0)


11 episodes

The main character is not easy, because he is already twenty years old, and on the way there are many problems that need to be solved. It is necessary to decide what is really needed for a guy, study, work or can strive for something more. But one day life puts everything in its place, and makes a choice for Ben. The former girlfriend of the guy leaves the infant at the doorstep of his house, and disappears in an unknown direction. Now Ben needs to take care of his new baby. Naturally, in this he does not understand anything, therefore, to help the protagonist come his mother, brother and best friend with his girlfriend Riley, who is secretly in love with Ben. (more…)


The Fosters (season 4)

7,935 views Comments (3)


20 episodes

The Fosters is a very unusual family. Besides the fact that kids in families of different nationalities, native and adoptive brought together, so more and raise their two moms. One of the mothers name is Steph, and she works at a local police station. Second, Lena worked in high school. Together, they brought up a son Brandon Steph and adoptive twins Jesus and Marianne. And all in the family was quiet and smooth, friendship and mutual understanding prevailed, until one day Lena has not led to the house a young girl named Kelly.