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Save Me (season 1)

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Save Me

6 episodes

The protagonist of the series “Save Me” Nelson never engaged in the upbringing of his daughter. He had not even seen her all her life. Nelson led a riotous life and was not used to taking responsibility for his child. But one day a group of special forces detains him and charges him for her abduction. The protagonist immediately understands how to prove his innocence. He must save his daughter. Only after finding Jody, and catching the real criminal, he will clean his name. Nelson is waiting for a dangerous adventure that will help him become better and atone for his past mistakes, including Claire, the mother of his child.


Urban Myths (season 2)

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Urban Myths

1 episodes

Teleantology “Urban Myths”, which tells famous and amusing tales about famous personalities. Although the stories are not officially confirmed, they have long become urban legends. One of them tells how the King of Pop Michael Jackson, together with Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor, went on a small road trip from New York after the events of September 11, 2001.


Jamestown (season 2)

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8 episodes

The action of the series “Jamestown” takes place in 1619. North America begins to be actively populated by the British. First men come there, who build settlements and establish everyday life, and then women are brought to their wives. Those men, richer, could afford to leave an application for a wife, which they will bring from the UK. A woman in this case is not exactly a commodity, as they themselves give consent to migration and to marry a man they have never met before. On this ship there are 3 women who become the center of the narrative. The first – a person, noble, she saw her groom in England. The second is a modest and beautiful girl from a farm family. The third is a thief who was bought out of prison. They differ in appearance, in character, and in destiny. They can not be called best friends, but from time to time they come to the rescue each other. (more…)


The Tunnel (season 3)

2,815 views Comments (0)

The Tunnel

6 episodes

The plot of this intriguing detective series is associated with two completely different in character detectives. By chance, they are forced to cooperate and solve crimes in the tunnel. And everything began after the terrible murder – on the border between France and Britain in the tunnel corpse of a politician – a woman was found. The problem is that it lies clearly in the middle of the border and the most terrible thing is that the body is divided into two parts and these are two different corpses. Police officers from two countries are in charge of the case. Family, calm, wise Englishman Karl Roebuck and unsociable and malevolent Frenchwoman Elise Wassermann.


Strike Back (season 6)

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Strike Back

10 episodes

The action-packed television series “Strike Back” is based on the novel by the British writer Chris Ryan of the same name. The plot dates back to 2003, on the eve of the invasion of Allied forces in Iraq. A special unit led by British special forces sergeant John Porter is sent to the hotspot for a special operation to rescue the hostages. In the course of its conduct, Porter falls into a rather complicated situation, and the decision he adopted leads to the death of two members of the detachment, as a result of which the sergeant is dismissed from the army. Pursued by a sense of guilt, John sinks into a deep depression, and his life begins to gradually collapse. Seven years later, the ward of Porter, Hugh Collinson, with whom they participated in that very failed operation, became the head of one of the MI6 reconnaissance divisions. Collinson goes to his former commander, and invites him to take part in a special operation that will give Porter an opportunity to return to Iraq, and thus atone for his guilt.


Trollied (season 7)

2,556 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

Who would have thought that epic events, incredible adventures and a crazy action could unfold on such a small plot. The focus of the plot of the series “Trollied” is just a little shop, a small supermarket, where such different characters work, that you are surprised how they still did not completely quarrel with each other. Despite constant conflicts, eternal attempts to pinch each other, this story makes us look at the world of relationships between people differently. All this happens in a very comical and rather amusing atmosphere, which is heated every time when the interests and views of the characters come to life. Many of them find a solution only in a prolonged conflict, during which anything can happen!


Fortitude (season 2)

630 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

In a small village of Fortitude, located beyond the Arctic Circle, there is a series of strange, inexplicable events. Everything begins with the death of Petigrew, who was torn by a bear, but it turns out that not everything is so simple. It continues with the death of Charlie Stodart, who also, it seems, was torn by a bear, but the nature of wounds is more like a human hand. Police Sheriff Dan Andersen begins the investigation, but soon from London Morton was sent to help him. Between the two, quickly there is rejection. Children, walking on the snowy expanse, discover something in the permafrost.


Britannia (season 1)

2,286 views Comments (0)


9 episodes

In the British-American historical drama series “Britainnia” the action takes place in the UK at the beginning of our era. In 43 AD, the Roman Empire very quickly conquers Britain. Britain in its turn is opposed to the Roman invaders. In each series viewers are waiting for colorful battle scenes, love stories, cruel intrigues and mystical adventures. We are waiting for a fascinating plot and realistic war.


Living the Dream (season 1)

5,121 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

It is difficult for the British to decide to move to US. But the family of Pembertons have made their choice and left Foggy Albion and moved to sunny Florida. The series will tell about how they had to get used to the changed conditions of their life. But Mal discovers that there is a group of eccentric residents in the park who are not very happy to accept their new owners. Meantime, Jen – Mom and children must learn how to survive in the new conditions for them. Children still need to adapt to the new US high school. The family faces numerous cultural collisions because of which their life in Britain began to seem more distant than they had expected before. But when your family support you and you have great friends, you begin to understand how to live the American dream. (more…)


Riviera (season 1)

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10 episodes

In the series “Riviera”, after newly married Georgina, the billionaire Konstantin, has been killed by means of explosion on the yacht, she with horror understands that a high position in society and a way of life which he conducted in reality are surrounded with violence, a lie and murders. Now she is forced to leave a zone of comfort to try to protect not only the family, but also her own life. Georgina is the beautiful, pleasant and clever woman, apparently, who has chosen the husband on love, but not because of money. Now she should undertake investigation and to begin to untangle the whole tangle of events that led to such a sad end.