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Archer (season 10)

10,249 views Comments (0)


7 episodes

The animated series for adults about Sterling Archer, a frivolous womanizer who received the title of special agent just because his mother is the head of a spy agency. In the international spying agency ISIS, any world crisis is just an excuse for high-class secret agents to compete with each other in deception and betrayal. Special Agent Sterling Archer, also known under the codename “Duchess”, is forced to work with her eccentric mother Malory (she’s his boss), the former girlfriend Lana, anxious secretary Cheryl and other interesting personalities. (more…)


American Dad! (season 16)

5,501 views Comments (0)


14 episodes

Husband – a CIA agent – the phenomenon is not particularly common, but the family in the animated series “American Dad” is quite common. Only very funny, cynical and a little bit even frostbitten. Each series is a separate mini-plot, only the characters remain unchanged. Humor is mostly evil, cynical, and sometimes black. A special highlight is the alien Roger. Conclusion – funny, without meaning, is addictive. (more…)


Final Space (season 2)

2,473 views Comments (0)

Final Space

4 episodes

The bad-loafer Gary accidentally destroys several ships of the space fleet, for which he is sentenced to five years in prison on a prison ship. Dying from boredom and dreaming about cookies, Gary repairs satellites. And once the hero of the series “Final Space” gets a cute green creature, which becomes his friend. But this creature is hunted by a powerful Lord Commander. But Gary does not give up, and therefore gets involved in a dangerous. adventure.


Mike Tyson Mysteries (season 4)

806 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

In the center of the plot of the comedy cartoon series is the famous boxer Mike Tyson. He left the ring and decided to devote time to investigating mysterious incidents. Mike is assisted by a faithful team: an adopted Korean daughter, a pigeon, formerly a man, and a ghost – the Marquis of Queensberry, who lived two centuries ago. The series “Mike Tyson Mysteries” is aimed at an adult audience. (more…)


Our Cartoon President (season 2)

11,390 views Comments (0)

Our Cartoon President

10 episodes

Animation “office” comedy “Our Cartoon President”, in which the office of the chief is oval. The main characters of the series, created by political satirist Stephen Colbert, are US President Donald Trump, his family, ministers, advisers, heads of other states and other guests and inhabitants of the White House. Each episode is a typical day in the life of the most scandalous and controversial president in US history. The show not only tells in a comic form about the everyday life of the White House, but also explores the psyche and motivation of the president’s entourage. (more…)


The Secret Life of Pets 2 (2019)

519 views Comments (0)

The Secret Life of Pets 2

The continuation of the cartoon about our favorite pets, the real life of which is much more interesting and more complicated than one could imagine. Jack Russell Terrier mistress Max married and bore a son Liam. While Max shows remarkable care for the little one and earns his nervous tick, the rabbit Snowball declares himself a superhero and seeks for new feats (more…)


Family Guy (season 17)

10,354 views Comments (0)


20 episodes

The animated series “Family Guy” began in the last millennium – back in 1999. Today, this cartoon is in season 17, and is not going to stop! This is a story about an ordinary American family of Griffins living in a small town in the state of Rhode Island. They live with three children and a talking dog. The series features great irony and ridiculing of stereotypes of the social, political, and economic spheres, even of an international character.


101 Dalmatian Street (season 1)

5,402 views Comments (0)

101 Dalmatian Street

9 episodes

Comedy series “101 Dalmatian Street” which tells about the life of a big dog family, in which there is a father, a mother and 99 more puppies. Dad – Doug works in a fire brigade, mom – Delilah watches numerous offspring. But the elder brother and sister, Dolly and Dylan, are always in the spotlight. By the way, the names of all members of the spotted family begin with the letter “D”. Restless Dolly and Dylan, once they are left unattended by their parents, they always get into trouble, from which they can’t get out on their own. Adults help puppies to get out of a difficult situation and they certainly sum up what they should learn. But the adventure of the funny animals does not end there, because the little naughty ones cannot sit still and in the next series they will earn themselves trouble again.


Missing Link (2019)

264 views Comments (0)

Missing Link

Meet Sir Lionel Frost, the brave traveler and discoverer. Only Sir Lionel opens up not new lands inhabited by savages, but mythical creatures. Alas, colleagues do not appreciate such a contribution to science and refuse to accept Frost to the Club of Great Travelers. To prove his status, the hero makes a bet and goes in search of the “lost link” – the wild bigfoot. Sir Lionel Frost (Hugh Jackman) considers himself the best researcher of myths and monsters in the world. Sir Lionel’s last chance to express himself in front of others is to travel to the Pacific Ocean, to the north-west of America. (more…)


Norm of the North: Keys to the Kingdom (2018)

1,134 views Comments (0)


A charming bear named Norm was elected king of the Arctic, and in New York he should be given an honorary award – the Golden Key to the Kingdom. However, someone steals a valuable trophy and organizes daring robbery of banks under the guise of Norm. To regain his good name, the hero must catch the bandits, and at the same time prevent the corporation’s treacherous plans to turn all Arctic ice into bottled water. (more…)