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Harley Quinn (season 1)

474 views Comments (0)


9 episodes

Harley Quinn is a TV series starring Kaley Cuoco, Lake Bell, and Alan Tudyk. The series will focus on a newly single Harley Quinn, who sets off to make it on her own in Gotham City. (more…)


Mike Tyson Mysteries (season 4)

1,478 views Comments (0)


14 episodes

In the center of the plot of the comedy cartoon series is the famous boxer Mike Tyson. He left the ring and decided to devote time to investigating mysterious incidents. Mike is assisted by a faithful team: an adopted Korean daughter, a pigeon, formerly a man, and a ghost – the Marquis of Queensberry, who lived two centuries ago. The series “Mike Tyson Mysteries” is aimed at an adult audience. (more…)


Abominable (2019)

55 views Comments (0)


Abominable is a movie starring Chloe Bennet, Albert Tsai, and Tenzing Norgay Trainor. Three teenagers must help a Yeti return to his family while avoiding a wealthy man and a zoologist who want it for their own needs. (more…)


Bob’s Burgers (season 10)

2,034 views Comments (0)


11 episodes

The plot of this animated series “Bob’s Burgers” develops around the life of members of the Bob Belcher family. He owns a diner in a small town on the coast. Bob’s Burgers is located in a small building where the owner’s restaurant’s apartment is located on the second floor. The building itself is sandwiched on both sides by other large commercial facilities, the owner of one of which regularly visits Bob’s Burgers. The competition in the restaurant business is usually quite high. So the institution “Jimmy Pesto’s Pizzeria”, located directly across the road, constantly pulls the clientele. Therefore, the two owners are fighting an irreconcilable struggle between themselves. But the children will throw a surprise to their parents. (more…)


The Simpsons (season 31)

6,377 views Comments (0)


11 episodes

The most popular cartoon series is about a simple family, which consists of 5 members – Homer (father), Marge (mother), Bart (eldest son), Lisa (middle child in the family) and little Maggie. There are more than 200 episodic characters in the series, and each character has a seriously registered character, and he plays a clear role. Watching this fun Simpsons family is always interesting, as the series are not too monotonous and exude positive.


Family Guy (season 18)

2,276 views Comments (0)

Family Guy

10 episodes

This is a fascinating humorous animated series “Family Guy” that talks about a simple American family, where each character tries to find himself in this life and go with the flow. The main character is Peter Griffin, a man who is not very smart, but still smart enough to plunge into another unpleasant story. Around him, some kind of madness is going on. It seems that the protagonist cannot escape them, no matter how hard he tries! His wife Lois is trying to somehow support her husband. The main character looks clearly smarter than the head of the family, but she tries to maintain balance, remaining in the shadow of Peter. (more…)


South Park (season 23)

1,751 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

With the twenty-third season, the much-loved multi-social social comedy for adults “South Park” returns to the screens. This project is a caricature of modern American life, a parody of social standards, a worldview, features of cultural development, and much, much more. The authors do not hesitate to raise acute problems and talk about the imperfections of modern people of different social strata and subcultures. Each new series is another parade of black humor, which promises to be tough, sharp and crazy. Despite the fact that the main characters are children, there is plenty of vulgarity in the series. (more…)


The Halloween Family (2019)

129 views Comments (0)

The Halloween Family

The Halloween Family is a movie starring Thomas Carr, Maria Petrano, and Jacob Tyler. It’s Mischief Night and Larry the Zombie and Fred the Mummy are down in the dumps, and Fred wants his mummy curse to be lifted. Boo the Bogeyman… (more…)


Dino King 3D: Journey to Fire Mountain (2019)

250 views Comments (0)

Dino King 3D: Journey to Fire Mountain

Dino King 3D: Journey to Fire Mountain is a movie starring Hee-soon Park, Erin Connor, and Nate Gothard. An action-packed family adventure that combines the realism of Walking With Dinosaurs with the heart of Finding Nemo. Speckles,… (more…)


Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty (season 1)

1,653 views Comments (0)

Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty

23 episodes

Meet the exciting new animated series, which debuts on the channel Nickelodeon. Full of adventure, this new animated show has the main theme of individuality and self-confidence. Comedy adventures, magic and mischief are waiting for fans in the bizarre world of the “Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty”. The star of the show is a fearless cat with special powers: it is part of the rainbow, part of the butterfly and part of the unicorn.