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American Dad! (season 14)

5,539 views Comments (0)


18 episodes

The plot of a cartoon serial is developed around a family Smith. The father Stan is CIA agent and the republican to the core, he has a strong body, but silly reason. He has the most courageous chin and always the ironed suit. Francine is Stan’s wife and mother of children. She is a typical housewife. Moderately wise, moderately silly. Besides, doesn’t know the real parents. The son is Steve. He has certain problems in communication with an opposite sex (girls communicate with him sometimes, only under a barrel of a service weapon of the father). The daughter Haylie — tries to be hippie, protects the nature, and does soft drugs. The speaking goldfish Claus – actually, has human brains.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (season 5)

4,285 views Comments (0)


9 episodes

You perfectly know the main heroes of this amusing cartoon serial “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “! We can see the real superheroes of the present. Each of them has an amusing story in the past, but together Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo are Turtles ninjas under leadership of the teacher Splinter once again throw down a challenge to the criminal world of huge New York. Chewing pizza, the main characters without problems find time for giving battle to nasty criminals, and also annoying Schroeder and a couple Krengs – aliens who have all of a sudden attacked Earth! A new season is already before you. Pleasant viewing! (more…)


Mike Tyson Mysteries (season 3)

2,014 views Comments (1)


10 episodes

The animation series “Mike Tyson Mysteries” which basis is the investigations made by “Iron Mike”. Actually, it is about Mike Tyson in a leading role, the famous boxer. He has very interesting magic force, and he has a faithful assistant the speaking bird. He is a private detective, his work is very difficult, daily meeting on the way lots of crimes, incidents which it is not impossible to solve without detective, with a good deal of mind. He is very similar to the superman who is always ready to go for help, with his abilities it isn’t so heavy to make investigations especially as the speaking pigeon can always prompt and give practical advice. These series contain comedy, both adventure, all thanks to the main character (more…)


Despicable Me 3 (2017)

1,209 views Comments (0)


After he is fired from the Anti-Villain League for failing to take down the latest bad guy to threaten humanity, Gru finds himself in the midst of a major identity crisis. But when a mysterious stranger shows up to inform Gru that he has a long-lost twin brother-a brother who desperately wishes to follow in his twin’s despicable footsteps-one former super-villain will rediscover just how good it feels to be bad.


F is for Family (season 2)

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10 episodes

Film-nostalgia for the 1970s, when everybody carried a gun and smoked not only at home but also in public places. In the center of events — Murphy family relating to rather poor stratum of society. The head of the family, Frank, plenty of oddities afflicting his wife Sue and two sons — Kevin and Bill. The husband and father rushes from one extreme direction into another, so it is impossible to be boring with him. First of all, the series “F is for Family” is not even a comedy but a family drama, which, as any good work, has a social implication and skilfully goes on to various aspects. (more…)


Imaginary Mary (season 1)

4,810 views Comments (0)


9 episodes

In the center of events of this fascinating comedy TV series “Imaginary Mary “ lies a story about love. The main character Mary is quite happy with life. She has a good work which she loves, good friends and career. The girl is beautiful, strong and independent. But once everything turns over upside down when the heroine meets love of the life — the divorced man with three children. Her rest is lost forever now. The true feeling is stronger than logical arguments. To be together with the beloved and his children, it is necessary to go to certain victims and changes. Whether she is ready to it and what needs to be done? To rescue her, here there is the best childhood friend … the imagined friend. Everybody at early age had imagined advisers with whom it was possible to share all secrets. And our heroine asks now for help and support such friend — Alice again. Now their joint mission — to force the inexperienced girl in love and family affairs, not to be afraid to love, to finish loneliness and to learn to enjoy joint life. And it is a difficult task, the woman is used to be alone … (more…)


Archer (season 8)

5,537 views Comments (0)


8 episodes


This animated cartoon”Archer” looks on one breath and at all the eighth season doesn’t bother. The humour remained on former, very and very high level. Drawing still pleases with the quality and style. It is worth to play tribute to screenwriters of these series: to remove the eighth season as the first, changing both surroundings, and structure again, and even a temporary era is cool. In terms of the structure of the narrative there is before us a whole story-line. Here each subsequent series directly continues the ending of the previous ones. (more…)


Family Guy (season 15)

8,193 views Comments (0)


20 episodes

Brian and Stewie decide to create their own musical group. Children’s group starts to gain the spectators, and soon becomes very popular. Everything lasts as long as between soloists and groups will not be associated with another girl. While artists understand each other, Peter and Lois strongly want Chris found a job. With combined forces the guy gets a job as a Manager. Main responsibilities Chris is the managing sex life Glen. Chris is not happy about a new job, and was very angry about this. In order to do something to help him cope with his anger, Brian and Lois believe that sport is the only solution to this problem. (more…)


The Simpsons (season 28)

9,779 views Comments (2)


22 episodes

Homer Simpson – the main character of the animated cartoon ,who is head of his family. Homer is a rather strange man who has many bad habits. Often he does so that no one can understand. But despite all this, his family loves and respects him. Beautiful wife named Marge is not a very bright past that does not want to remember. Because of who she was before she met her future husband, the kids better not to know. Three children, who are so contradictory, always together, no matter what. They are all the Simpson family, who are so different, but so love and appreciate each other. Because together they can overcome any difficulties and troubles. (more…)


American Dad! (season 13)

2,627 views Comments (6)


10 episodes

Stan Smith, who works for the CIA and is constantly on the alert for terrorist activity, will go to extremes to protect his beloved America from harm; as evidenced by the terror-alert color code on his fridge, and his frequent knee-jerk reaction of shooting holes in the toaster whenever the toast pops up. In addition to Stan’s wife and teenage children, the Smith household has two rather unconventional members. There’s Roger, the sarcastic space alien who rescued Stan from Area 51 who deeply resents the fact that he’s not allowed to leave the house, and therefore, has been reduced to drinking wine and smoking cigarettes, and Klaus, a lascivious, German-speaking goldfish; the result of a CIA experiment gone seriously wrong where the CIA tried to give a fish a German man’s brain. Stan’s son is a dorky teenager who tries to be cool. His wife has had a past life of sex and drugs.