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Murdoch Mysteries (season 13)

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1 episodes

Murdoch Mysteries is a TV series starring Yannick Bisson, Thomas Craig, and Jonny Harris. In the 1890s, William Murdoch uses radical forensic techniques for the time, including fingerprinting and trace evidence, to solve some of the… (more…)


Keeping Faith (season 2)

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Keeping Faith

6 episodes

Faith Holes is an attorney at a family law firm in a small Welsh town. She has to abruptly and unexpectedly interrupt her third child’s parental leave when her husband and business partner Evan disappears. Soon after his disappearance, the unpleasant facts of his biography come to the surface, because of which Faith has to throw all his strength into protecting herself and the children. (more…)


The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2018)

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The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

Before us there is an anthology of six stories, each of which has a breathtaking ending. Among the parts of the movie “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” there are absurd, humorous, tragic and surreal. Each part is a separate story with completely different characters. All these stories are united only by the place of action – the Wild West, as well as the indispensable death of the characters. (more…)


Big Little Lies (season 2)

3,709 views Comments (0)

Big Little Lies

7 episodes

The series begins with a small lie of a little man that, like a trickle, paves the way for big trouble. In the small coastal California town of Monterey, famous for its beautiful schools, expensive houses and their rich inhabitants, a murder happens at a school charity event. Who, how and why killed -is the main intrigue that will be resolved only at the last minutes of the final “Big Little Lies” series, because the entire series is a solid flashback with a bunch of small flashbacks inserted into it, whose task is to tell and show what to nail here every local parent could kill anyone. (more…)


Mr. Mercedes (season 3)

88 views Comments (0)

Mr. Mercedes

1 episodes

The plot tells us about the peculiar confrontation of a former policeman with a psycho-maniac, who at one time managed to escape the court for the crime he committed. Now, after a while, the maniac begins to mock the former cop, pestering him with letters by E-mail, trying to bring to suicide. The series “Mr. Mercedes” once again makes you think about who lives next to us. (more…)


Preacher (season 4)

2,440 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

The plot was based on religious themes, mixed with witchcraft, speculation with souls, a community of vampires and hunters for them, a shadowed global organization, eager for world domination. The plot of the series “Preacher” is about a priest with a criminal past in whom a creature, a child of a demon and an angel, who can become equal with God, has settled, and the one in whom it has settled becomes the most powerful person on earth. (more…)


Carnival Row (season 1)

652 views Comments (0)

Carnival Row

8 episodes

Fantasy, and neo-noir, and mysticism, and the thriller “Carnival Row” talks about the coexistence of people and mythical creatures – fairies, vampires and other creatures in the same city. You can’t call it life, because people are completely not happy with their new neighbors. War broke out in the homeland of supernatural beings, so they were forced to leave the house and seek refuge in another place. In the hope of a normal life, a girl named Vignette Stonmoss moved from the country of fairies. However, soon after the move, the heroine realizes that she is unlikely to be able to name the town in which events are developing, her home. People are sharply negative, their attitude to mythical creatures is cold and indifferent. (more…)


Midsomer Murders (season 20)

851 views Comments (0)

Midsomer Murders

4 episodes

Here the most sophisticated crimes are committed by the most sophisticated criminals in the world. Inspector Barneby and his assistant investigate the crimes carefully and unhurriedly. They have to investigate unusual crimes, sometimes even with a mystical hue. And only he will calculate the criminal, as the suspect himself at the last moment becomes a victim in the ill-fated chain of murders. It turns out that the wounds inflicted by the criminal on the bodies of their victims are not in fact the cause of their death. Each episode of “Midsomer Murders” series is a separate investigation. (more…)


Private Eyes (season 3)

3,411 views Comments (0)


12 episodes

The series tells about the partnership of two very dissimilar people. Private investigator Angie Everett, who inherited her business from her father. And former football player Matt Shade, nicknamed “Shadow”, played by Jason Priestley. Shade literally imposed himself on the girl, since his football career is over, and he is either bored or has nothing to do. This couple helps people, turned to them, reveals various crimes and secrets, and all this is not without a share of humor. (more…)


A Dark Song (2017)

1,755 views Comments (0)

A Dark Song

The life of Sofia, the protagonist of ‘A Dark Song” movie, was filled with sorrow after the death of her son. She invites the obsessed occultist Joseph Solomon to an old two-story house, lost among the deserted lands of Wales, to perform a special rite and invoke an otherworldly entity through which you can again talk with a dead child. This is a psychological immersion in the madness of two broken personalities, each of which pursues his own goals in a dark rite. (more…)