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Alone (season 7)

396 views Comments (0)


5 episodes

The American reality show, where ten people travel to remote areas of Vancouver Island (Canada), is far enough apart so as not to make contact. The goal is to survive in the wild all alone for a year with minimal equipment and a minimum set of first aid. Participants wishing to withdraw from the competition may use a satellite telephone. The last remaining participant wins five hundred thousand dollars. (more…)


Deadliest Catch (season 16)

227 views Comments (0)

Deadliest Catch

12 episodes

A new fascinating documentary project tells a story about how fishermen experience catastrophic situations in a labor-intensive profession. The main characters of the series “Deadliest Catch” will soon take part in international competitions in the catch of crabs. It turns out that such events are usually held in the season of large storms. This time, professionals go to Unalaska Bay, located near the Aleutian Islands, to get crabs. Nobody thought about prey, the main thing is to win, get as many crabs as possible. (more…)


The Substitute (season 1)

360 views Comments (0)


12 episodes

Actually, figuring out an employee in a crowd is not a difficult task. Any work lays on a person its greasy imprint over time. However, when some celebrities, being transformed by assistant teachers, went to school to make an interesting show using hidden cameras, the children could not recognize them. Judging by the series “The Substitute”, you can understand that working undercover is the most driving and sometimes dangerous task. (more…)


Queer Eye (season 5)

427 views Comments (0)

Queer Eye

10 episodes

This is a reality show in which an expert council of five gays “transforms” the life of an average man in those areas where, according to stereotypes, gays are better versed than heterosexuals. This is the formal connection – in fact, the series rather teaches things common to people of any gender and any sexuality: accepting oneself and the basics of self-love, which often begins with habits and small things, but, of course, is not limited to them. (more…)


The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch (season 1)

841 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

Inexplicable events happen here and there all over the planet. In the series, it is the “Skinwalker Ranch”. In 2010, some unexplained phenomena occurred here. This is damage to livestock and disappearance of the eight-year-old son of the owner. A year later, a group of experts arrived to investigate these mysterious incidents. The incidents are becoming more violent and cause increased tension among the population. The group is discussing whether it’s worth risking their lives to find answers, or whether they should just stop investigating and leave the ranch.


The Curse of Oak Island (season 7)

9,281 views Comments (0)

The Curse of Oak Island

21 episodes

Key events unfold in a small town located in California. The local police have little work, because honest, fair and law-abiding citizens live in a quiet place. Once there is a terrible incident – a brutal murder. The victim is the daughter of a famous businessman. After some time, law enforcement officers find the killer and put him in jail. The man confessed to the crime. All the townsfolk calmed down, but not the acting sheriff Keith Mars and his daughter, the former girlfriend of the murdered person. It seems to two heroes that an innocent person is in prison, and the real criminal is walking free. (more…)


Ex on the Beach (season 4)

7,345 views Comments (0)


14 episodes

The characters of the show live on the Mediterranean coast in an expensive and beautiful villa. Each of them dreams of romance, serious relationships and unforgettable love. Sympathy begins to arise between the couples, and the development of events seems to them joyful and bright. This continues until new heroes, the “former” participants, arrive at the project. Some of them should take a place in the villa, but nobody knows who it will be. Each week new participants will arrive, who were once in a relationship with the heroes of the show. Relations between them will become more complicated every day – and this is not surprising. (more…)


The Masked Singer (season 3)

263 views Comments (0)

The Masked Singer

2 episodes

A show that attracts a lot of attention due to an unusual scenario. This new third season of reality show “The Masked Singer” continues the singing contest, which is based on the Korean television show “King of Mask Singer”. 12 performers wear costumes to hide their identities. Once a week, one singer is exposed and accordingly he leaves. The organizers give small hints to the audience to make it easier to guess.


Ex on the Beach (season 3)

4,294 views Comments (0)


15 episodes

The heroes of the reality show “Former on the Beach” – a few young people and they live on the coast of the sea in an expensive villa.
Each project participant dreams of a serious relationship, romance and love. Between couples, sympathy flares up, and the development of relations seems to them bright and joyful.
But on the project once a week will be arriving former participants, who were in a relationship with the characters. Every day the relationship between the participants will be increasingly difficult. According to the authors, participants can be associated with several characters of the show simultaneously. This will greatly complicate the understanding between the players, but they will have to understand the feelings themselves. (more…)


Ex on the Beach (season 2)

5,309 views Comments (0)

Ex on the Beach

16 episodes

On the territory of the beautiful coast in the Mediterranean there is an expensive villa with a unique interior. This is where the participants of the reality project will have to settle down. Heroes crave romance, unforgettable relationships and passion. Against the background of dating with each other, mutual sympathy is born between them and it seems that happiness is about to come true. Only this will last only as long as the “ex” does not enter into the matter. New participants in the show “Ex on the Beach” will have to claim the place of the former hero. Weekly come those people who in the past were in serious romantic relationships with project participants. Understanding in the team disappears in an instant, because no one was ready to meet in such a secluded place with his ex.