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Channel 4


Year of the Rabbit (season 1)

2,213 views Comments (0)

Year of the Rabbit

6 episodes

Victorian era, London. A dirty and neglected city, in which Jack the Ripper and other unpleasant personalities operate. Fingerprinting and forensics have not yet been invented, and the police have to work through surveillance, interrogation of witnesses and the deductive method. This group of police officers is led by Detective Rabbit. He has a lot of experience, in this job he saw everything, in connection with which he drinks hard. Under his leadership comes a newbie – the complete opposite, a bookworm. Soon they are joined by the adopted daughter of the police chief, a depraved girl, but promising. In addition, the first woman in the country’s police. They will have to deal with street gangs, corrupt politicians, spiritualist fraudsters. (more…)


The Windsors (season 3)

872 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

The series offers us to plunge into the life story of royal people who also experience difficult periods of their age. In their life there are special reasons for experiencing, which, as it turns out, are quite ordinary and peculiar to all of us. Love, relationships, meetings, conflicts, disputes and much more. In addition, a large family cannot live without constant clashes between their representatives. The protagonists of the series “The Windsors” are trying to somehow get along in all this crazy chaos of life in a high-ranking society.


Friday Night Dinner (season 6)

7,092 views Comments (0)

Friday Night Dinner

6 episodes

A cheerful family consists of the father of the family, who is a typical man of fifty years, spending the weekend in front of the TV. During a gala dinner, he constantly drinks ketchup directly from the bottle, completely ignoring the surprised looks of the assembled relatives. Mother is a charming woman obsessed with culinary TV shows. Grandmother is an eccentric old woman who loves to show off in front of guests in revealing outfits. Every Friday, two children a little older than 20 come back to their home to attend a family dinner. (more…)


The Accident (season 1)

282 views Comments (0)

The Accident

4 episodes

The plot of the series takes viewers to a small town in Wales. A sad event takes place here: an explosion at one of the construction sites causes the death of people. The focus is on unhappy teenagers who have suffered from the incident. They were at a construction site in the hope that they would get a lot of impressions. The grieving community is angry and aggressive against the city authorities. At the center of the conflict is Polly Bevan, the wife of a local official who defended a construction project, and after the explosion turned out to be a scapegoat responsible for the death of innocent children.


Ackley Bridge (season 3)

3,940 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

The new season of the series “Ackley Bridge” will continue to tell about what will happen if one day two completely different schools decide to unite. Thanks to a young and confident young director, the new institution improved the quality of education. But no one could have imagined that the number of disputes and complaints would exceed all permissible limits. (more…)


The Virtues (season 1)

2,960 views Comments (0)

The Virtues

4 episodes

The dramatic series “The Virtues” tells about love and stories about the conflict between sin and virtue. The plot revolves around Joseph, an emotionally and physically overwhelmed man who lost everything, and is sent to Ireland to counter fearful memories from childhood spent in the child care system. There he meets Dean, and between them begins the true love story. (more…)


Derry Girls (season 2)

1,190 views Comments (0)

Derry Girls

6 episodes

The action of the comedy series “Derry Girls” takes place in a small town during the Troubles in Northern Ireland in 1994 – Erin lives with his mother and father. The girl used to see her country in the evening news. Armed police on an armored Land Rover, checkpoints of the British army and the “walls of the world” are a daily reality for the 16-year-old heroine of the “Derry Girls” series and her friends. But this is also the heyday of youth culture in which Erin is immersed. (more…)


Crashing (season 3)

1,973 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

Modern realities are such that it is extremely difficult for young people, to find a normal job and buy a good apartment. And so it happened with the main characters of the British TV series “Crashing”. They have to save money on their own housing, living temporarily in an abandoned hospital. There, they conduct their observation of order and do everything possible to behave as calmly as possible so that they will not be evicted. However, the young years would not be themselves if the guys and girls really would have sat on the spot. The main characters get along well with each other. Each new day for them is another test of friendship and a sense of humor!


Traitors (season 1)

1,043 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

After World War II, Britain struggled to take its place in the new world order. The main heroine of the series “Traitors”, a brave young woman, comes to the public service in 1945, just when the Labor Party is striving for victory. She makes a decision to spy for the Americans, who are determined to do everything possible so that England’s growing socialist ambitions do not play into the hands of the Soviet Union. Trying to understand what she is fighting for and what she is capable of, she must learn to think independently and play by her own rules at a time when information seizes the world and nothing is what it seems. (more…)


Pure (season 1)

2,248 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

She does not know where it came from, all these inappropriate and shocking thoughts. Clean thoughts, this is not about Marnie. She is simply unable to control her thoughts. They always have her aggressive or sexual nature. Now she presents her boss naked, then she wants to hit the old woman on the street or jump off the platform of the subway under the train. Many people think about such things, but fleetingly. Marnie is the opposite, she constantly thinks about such strange things and unusual actions, as if she cannot curb her violent and unhealthy fantasy. It began when she was fourteen and has been going on for almost ten years.