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Drunk History (season 6)

4,104 views Comments (0)


13 episodes

This project “Drunk History” will please fans of numerous deviations from the classic presentation of the events. The plot focuses on events that many of us know from textbooks, but all this knowledge will have to be forgotten, because we find ourselves in a completely new environment created by the inflamed brain of the authors of the project. Comic moments and crazy stories – a common feature of the project, which with each new episode raises the degree of madness to a new level. Logic and rationality do not work here, but a typical rule works: if you, dear viewer, understand subtle situational humor based on real events, then you will definitely like this project.


Poldark (season 5)

2,328 views Comments (0)


1 episodes

British historical melodramatic series from the BBC – “Poldark”. Incredibly beautiful landscapes simply capture the spirit, rocks, sea, endless valleys. Filming was done in the North of Cornwall, on the coast of St. Agnes, and urban scenes on the streets of Korsham. The series begins in 1783, during the war with America. Later, a war with France is coming, we will see how it all affects the inhabitants of England. The main character, Ross Poldark, returns from a war after being seriously wounded to his land, to his family. He was absent for 3 years and was considered dead. Family estate is in desolation, father died and the bride is already engaged to another. (more…)


Kursk (2018)

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Although almost 19 years have passed since the terrible tragedy, the controversy is still going on regarding the causes of the explosion on the atomic submarine “Kursk”, because many people disagree with the official version of the tragedy, indicating that one of the torpedoes aboard a submarine exploded as such leakage of fuel components. It is difficult to realize that more than twenty submariners remained alive for several days, but were never saved. For subjective or objective reasons, but people died a horrible death, which was shown by the director and actors. (more…)


Jamestown (season 3)

1,428 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

Jamestown is a small settlement. 1607 England sends a group of men to Virginia for colonization. They founded this small settlement. After a few years, women go there too … they are destined for the fate of the potential wives of the colonists. They all want to start a new life away from the former. And where women are present, there is always envy, intrigue, insidious conspiracy. (more…)


Hotel Mumbai (2019)

223 views Comments (0)

Hotel Mumbai

The movie based on real events. Ten young people on inflatable boats keep their way to Mumbai. Their task is extremely simple: to shoot as many people as possible, bring as much chaos as possible to the city and hear as many shouts as possible. Captured the main, the largest five-star hotel Mumbai, within which a huge number of staff and guests; Each of them has its own family, its own history and its own reason to do everything possible to survive. But this will not happen to everyone. (more…)


Warrior (season 1)

3,727 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The young Chinese immigrant, skillfully owning martial arts – the protagonist of the series “Warrior”. He arrives in San Francisco, but instead of the American dream falls into a gangster showdown with a stigma on his arm. He enters into bloody disagreements with gangs from Chinatown. The plot is based on excerpts from the writings of the martial arts icon of Bruce Lee. (more…)


Chernobyl (season 1)

1,791 views Comments (0)


5 episodes

The subject of Chernobyl, even after more than thirty years that have passed since the Chernobyl disaster, attracts the attention of many people. The main characters are and are not, yet a terrible catastrophe comes to the fore. Deception and the extent of concealing the truth are amazing. And in fact it was even worse. When the whole world announced an explosion at the nuclear power plant and recorded radiation, all information was hidden in Pripyat and the surrounding area. (more…)


The Name of the Rose (season 1)

1,231 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

In the detective series “The Name of the Rose” the action takes place in the thirties of the XIV century, when Europe was marked by the killing and death of monarchs, many wars, epidemics in which the population dies. However, events taking place in one of the monasteries in the north of Italy defy logical explanation, and plunge the locals into horror. In the monastery tragically died several monks.


Mary Queen of Scots (2018)

376 views Comments (0)

Mary Queen of Scots

Queen Maria returns to Scotland – she had just become a widow after marriage with the King of France. The motherland takes her quite warmly, but she does not want to confine herself to a declarative role, and she makes changes in parliament, coming into conflict with a part of the clergy and people who were very close to her once. At the same time, the paternal sister, Elizabeth I, is concerned about the emergence of a new contender for the throne, and failing to impose her candidate for a husband, inflaming popular unrest to destabilize Scotland. (more…)


Project Blue Book (season 1)

3,255 views Comments (0)

Project Blue Book

10 episodes

The series will talk about top-secret investigations related to UFOs, which were conducted in the United States in the middle of the 20th century and are known as the “Project Blue Book”. At the center of the plot there will be Dr. Joseph Allen Heineck, an American ufologist and astronomer, a brilliant college professor, recruited by the US Air Force to lead this covert operation. In the course of it, thousands of cases of alleged observations of unidentified flying objects were investigated.