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The Making of the Mob: Chicago (season 1)

2,067 views Comments (4)


3 episodes

Everybody knew Al Capone. And here is the film, where he plays an important role. The events caused in Chicago and everything comes to a right side. But, all the characters of the film have big problems in making the right decisions, so it was rather hard for them to understand, how to be in such a situation. But then the decision came and everything is okay. They didn’t realize, that it is the end, so the life comes to a right side.


Preacher (season 1)

8,124 views Comments (13)


10 episodes

That is the story, in which Jesse Custer plays the main and important role. He is a preacher and he is interested in creature. The main aim is to observe, how Genesis moved to another body. Pay attention, that the creature has a contradictory nature. We can say, that Genesis is a little bit of demon and angel. He has the forces of Evil and God. And Custer wanted to know, who he is and what is his general aim.


Hell on Wheels (season 5)

6,462 views Comments (8)


14 episodes

Cullen Bohannon is a former military of Confederacy during the Civil War, he lost his wife and son, someone killed his family when he was on a battlefield. Now he is forced to wander the States in search of the killers of his family. The action takes place in 1865 in Nebraska. Once he tracked down the killers, they were the troops of the Northern Union, he came to the town of “Hell on Wheels”, inhabited by crooks, prostitutes and swindlers of all stripes, as well as employees of the railway company. They spend a transcontinental route across America and now he is expected new dangers and new challenges. (more…)


Turn (season 3)

2,520 views Comments (2)

turn (2)

10 episodes

The events happening in the year of 1775. That is the time, when the independence war between North Amerika and British colonies caused. Then the resistance groups were organized and their main idea was to loose colonial troups. Such a war was a real shock for many people. The most important role played the people from Long Island. People are gathered and organized a spy network.


Better Call Saul (season 2)

14,388 views Comments (17)


10 episodes

Everyone knows the show – Breaking bad, and a character named Saul Goodman is straight from there. He is so fond of the audience, that producers decided to make the prequel series about his life. The story of the trials and tribulations that have to be overcome Saul Goodman, a lawyer in criminal cases in the period when he was trying to open his own law office in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


The Walking Dead (season 6)

40,237 views Comments (48)


16 episodes

The Walking Dead is  TV series from AMC channel, tells the story about a zombie apocalypse, which changed the lives of all heroes. Sheriff Rick Grimes is one of those who managed to survive, he will lead a group of other survivors, and they lead the way in America that turned into a living dead …


The Night Manager (season 1)

13,577 views Comments (15)


6 episodes

Hugh Laurie – the star of tv series “House M.D.” played a main role in the series “The Night Manager” based on the novel by John Le Carr?. IThe plot of the show centers on a former soldier – Jonathan Pine who finds a job as an manager in the Swiss luxury hotel. There he meets a rich merchant of illegal weapons Roper (Lori). Pine decides to destroy the criminal empire of the new acquaintance.


Into the Badlands (season 1)

10,757 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

Sunny is the most powerful and loyal soldier in the desert of death. The conflict occurs between him and a rich baron, who wants to kill Sunny in any means. He begins to hunt for the soldier have not yet knowing that it would lead to a big war …


Fear the Walking Dead (season 1)

16,312 views Comments (15)


6 episodes

What did the world look like as it was transforming into the horrifying apocalypse depicted in “The Walking Dead”? This spin-off set in Los Angeles, following new characters as they face the beginning of the end of the world, will answer that question. (more…)


Humans (season 1)

7,453 views Comments (5)

8 episodes

The events of the TV show will unfold in a parallel world where the extreme popularity gained new gadgetshigh-tech robots servants who looks eerily similar to humans. One of such “service workerbecomes a property of family who lives in the suburbs. Soon they realize that together with the machine life will entail dire consequences.