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19-2 (season 3)

1,586 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

Such film will be interesting for people, who like to see the films about police department. Nick Barron and Ben Chartier are the main characters, who are the best cops in the city. They are struggle for the truth, so they have a lot of problems on their way. Pay attention that such a film will be very unusual for people, who love the films, which a full of adventures.


Girlfriends Guide to Divorce (season 2)

2,593 views Comments (8)


13 episodes

Abby McCarthy is the author of bestseller “Self-help” which aims to help a single women that are looking for their happiness. At the peak of her popularity comes and divorce from her husband, Abby carefully hides this fact from the media, because her life is not the same as in the book. The MacCarthy begins to communicate more often with unmarried friends, which leads her to new discoveries…


19-2 (season 2)

3,251 views Comments (14)


10 episode

Nick Barron and Ben Chartier are two detectives in Montreal police department. Now they have to work with each other but they didn’t happy with that. The thing is that they are completely different in everything: different temperaments, different habits, different position in a life. Only now it’s all have to leave behind the walls of the police station and Nick and Ben should try to work together. Their duties include patrolling the city center. The locals call these streets zone 2, so Nick and Ben get a new call sign – 19-2. The object of their surveillance sufficient criminal area where almost every day there is a violation of the law. Here we can meet guns and thieves, drugs and real killers. Guys can perfectly cope with any operation. But they have to cross your pride and habits and perform honorably job on catching criminals.



19-2 (season 1)

10,080 views Comments (2)

19-2 Bravo season 1 2014 poster

10 episodes

The cop drama sees two cops put their differences aside as their lives intertwine professionally and personally. The TV series surrounding the daily lives of two unwilling partners of the Montreal Police Department, Officers Nick Barron and Ben Chartier. (more…)