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Disney XD


Star Wars: Rebels (season 4)

3,961 views Comments (0)

Star Wars: Rebels

16 episodes

This story is made in an unusual for the Universe – cartoon style. The series “Star Wars: Rebels” tells us about the events that developed between the third and fourth episodes of the famous saga. In the center of attention is the crew of a small spacecraft called “Ghost.” The main characters are in a real trap. They are ready to fight for their lives, ready to participate in the global war, but what will freedom cost them? The fight against the Galactic Empire is a difficult and thankless task. A lot of brave warriors fell at the hands of the Imperials, but ahead of the main characters there are many difficulties and many big victories. Perhaps, they will manage to turn the course of the war, despite their small number and imperfect technical equipment.


Future-Worm! (season 2)

978 views Comments (0)


4 episodes

The hero of the cartoon “Future-Worm!” Danny is a twelve-year-old boy, who gives his parents high hopes. After all, he is very clever, good-natured and inquisitive boy, who, in addition, is fond of science and technology, and also adores to conduct various kinds of experiments. Therefore, any object that is in his hands can become something amazing and incredible. So it happened with the usual box for lunch, which Danny carried with him every day to school. After a little manipulation, it turned from a simple store of sandwiches and fruits into a compact time machine. From this moment the life of our teenager has completely changed.


Gravity Falls (season 2)

20,124 views Comments (25)

Gravity Falls Disney Channel poster season 2 2014

21 episodes

The second season finds Dipper and Mabel digging deeper than ever to learn the secret history of Journal #3?s unknown author, while Stan works on a secret project that could change everything in the basement of the Mystery Shack. Scarier creatures, weirder magic and new hilarious characters, including vengeful villains and love interests, will be introduced. (more…)


Star Wars Rebels (season 3)

6,722 views Comments (3)


22 episodes

The dark times came for the Galaxy. Absorbing one world after another, the Empire continues to increase its power. Imperial troops, occupying a distant planet, set on it’s despotic regime. But there are brave men, ready to confront the forces of the Empire. Representatives of the team – are unique individuals with their own outlook on life. But all are united in the service of a spaceship and fight with a formidable opponent..


Avengers Assemble (season 3)

6,139 views Comments (3)


26 episodes

Avengers – this is a new team of heroes for a long time known to all of us. The most famous super heroes have decided to unite to fight the evil in the darkness. The new team includes: Iron Man, Falcon, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, and many others. Now they all live in a shelter, where the train and wait for the announced new villains. Iron Man has become central to this team. They all help people to get rid of villains such as Doctor Doom and other …


Lab Rats: Elite Force (season 1)

4,606 views Comments (0)


16 episodes

For many years Leo lived without a father. One day, the boy learns out that his mother found a husband. His name is Donald and he is a very rich and intelligent man. Soon they got married and moved to the Donald’s house. Leo did not imagine that one day he would have to live in a luxurious mansion stuffed with different inventions. Once Leo found the lab in the basement. There were 3 teens that have a supernatural abilities. All these years, Donald raise them in the laboratory, carefully hiding from the real world.


Star Wars Rebels (season 2)

11,766 views Comments (17)


21 episodes

The story revolves around starship,  which consists of a team of rebels. Sabina Wren is representative of the human race, which, ideally, has the skills of any weapons. Ezra Bridger is a thief who possesses the power and skills of the Jedi. Keinan Dzharrus – former Jedi, who had defected to the rebels. Gera Sindulla is a representative race Twi’lek, it is an excellent pilot of a spaceship. Chopper – droid who created from parts of other robots. Zeb Orrelios – lasat representative of the tribe, a very strong and experienced fighter. Together, our hero is united in the rebel army, which eventually grow into a movement that will reliably withstand the Galactic Empire.



Girl Meets World (season 2)

3,823 views Comments (10)


30 episodes

The TV series “Girl meets World” is a logical continuation of the series “Guy meets World.” Cory and Topanga Matthews have married and now they have two children grow up. Younger is Riley, she goes to school and learns through relationship with friends and parents. She has a best friend Maya who considered to be a real Wild Child, they both constantly get into funny situations.



K.C. Undercover (season 1)

4,654 views Comments (9)


26 episodes

The brand new tv show called “K.C. Undercover” get started to stream on Disney Channel in January 18. The plot reveleas us the story about K.C. Cooper – math genuis who’s just a 16 years old. She goes to school and thinks that she is a usual girl with an extraordinary problems. But accidentally she discovers that her parents are spies. After hearing this news she get required by her parents to become a secret agent too following thier footsteps. Each episode emphasizes the Cooper’s typical family life with the balance of their spy career aimed to protect country. Let’s see how they get with it!



Avengers Assemble (season 1, 2)

10,954 views Comments (7)

26 episodes

Avengers Assemble is a new animated tv show based on Marvel Comics. Tv series will reunite the most popular superheroes: Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow and newcomer Falcon. For the first time in the history of animation team will gather in this format. Led by Iron Man, heroes train and live together in their new headquarters in the Tower of the Avengers. The most dangerous villains of the planet do not have any chance when it comes to the Avengers. Stop Doctor Doom or win Asgard to protect New York from the army Attumen or defeat vampires Dracula – The Avengers must work as a team to win.