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The L.A. Complex (season 1, 2)

6,720 views Comments (7)

the LA Complex CW season 1 poster

13 episodes  season 2

Six young people: actors, dancer, producer and comedian – come to Hollywood to achieve recognition, to become known, to conquer the top of show business. However, they do not live in mansions in the Hollywood Hills. They live in a motel, where renting a small apartment. Each of them in his home town was either a star or a budding young talent. But such as they are, in Los Angeles – hundreds of thousands. They will meet on the way a lot of difficulties, but the conquest of Hollywood’s worth it. Personal life is also not standing still: the heroes have affairs with each other and break the heart … (more…)


Gossip Girl (season 4)

4,880 views Comments (10)

Gossip Girl The CW season 4 2010 poster

22 episodes

Blair spends a remarkable summer in Paris, not knowing that her former lover was shot. But no matter how much Blair did not try to distract themselves from pain caused by Chuck, his mysterious appearance in Paris in the company of beautiful women make again to look at what happened. Meanwhile, Serena enjoys again a lonely Parisian summer of love in the company of two guys, trying to escape from the imminent decision on its long-time lovers Nate and Dan. On the Upper East Side Nate meets a mysterious girl named Juliet, who helps him to understand that sexual conquests of the summer with a small black Chuck’s booklet, it was only an attempt to escape from unresolved feelings for Serena. The drama with the Georgina baby and Dan continues. A van der Woodsen home buzzing with preparations for an upcoming fashion event “Fashion’s Night Out”. (more…)


Supernatural (season 7)

29,564 views Comments (35)

Supernatural CW season 7 poster

23 episodes

The series is talking about the adventures of the two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, who travel across the US on the black Chevrolet Impala of 1967, investigating supernatural phenomenons, many of which are based on the American town legends and folklore, and fighting against the evil creatures such as demons and ghosts. In the 7th season the Winchesters will find themselves in a getting more and more tense situation and face with a new enemy which they have never met before. All of their old skills, habitual weapons and fighting methods will turn out to be useless. Sam and Dean are going to rely only on each other. And, sure thing, they are not going to give up without a fight. (more…)


Nikita (season 2)

25,354 views Comments (34)

Nikita poster CW season 2 2011

23 episodes

When Nikita was quite a troublemaking teenager, she was saved from death by the US secret agency known as the Division which had tweaked her penalty and convinced of giving her the second chance to start a new life and get an opportunity to serve her state. However, she hasn’t been told that she was trained as a spying killer. Eventually, Nikita was betrayed and all her dreams were ruined by the people whom she thought she could trust. After spending three years in hiding, Nikita is looks for a revenge to make her ex-bosses realize that she won’t stop in front of anything in order to expose and destroy their secret division. However, the Division continues recruiting and teaching young people getting rid of any information about their former life and making a cold-blood killers out of them. One of the new recruits, Alex, is just starting to realize what is waiting for her ahead and understands why the legendary Nikita made a desperate attempt to escape. In the second season there is a sequel of Nikita’s fight against the Division. Many secrets of the Division are already uncovered, including the “black box” which Persey was trying to get back so hard. The ways of Alex and Nikita are parted. Nikita and Michael are gone from the country. What will happen to Alex now? What decision will she take? On the one hand she works for the government, on the other side – returning toRussiain order to get a huge multibillion corporation “Z” which now belongs to her by inheritance and a revenge for her father’s death.



90210 (season 4)

18,758 views Comments (18)

90210 The CW poster season 4 2011

24 episodes

This is a remake of the popular TV show of 1990 “Beverly Hills 90210.”  The history of seniors from “Beverly Hills 90210″ school will be continued. Harry Wilson moved from Kansas to Los Angeles with his wife, daughter Annie and son Dixon. The school will have children of different races and religions, and most students will live in a normal (by the standards of a wealthy Beverly Hills) homes, there will be their leaders and outcasts, old issues back with new heroes … (more…)


Gossip Girl (season 5)

26,745 views Comments (36)

Gossip Girl The CW season 5 2011 poster

24 episodes

The fourth season ended up with a heartbreaking decision of Chuck Bass to step away and let Blair start a new princess live with her fianc? Prince Luis. Meanwhile, Serena van der Woodsen got a job in a sunny Los Angeles at one of the most famous director’s. In New York lonely Nate convinces Chuck of going on a breathtaking adventure, while Dan Humphrey’s old friend finds his autobiographical novel “Inside” and gives it in print behind his back. The fifth season starts in Los Angeles when freshened Nate and Chuck decide to visit Serena. As Blair gets back home, she realizes that planning the royal wedding is a quite troublesome matter. Dan faces the results of his gossiping about his close friends. A sudden return of Charlie’s cousin threatens to ruin the van der Woodsen family from the inside. So, it’s getting more interesting to watch the residents of the Upper East Side! In this season no one is going to be safe or happy…XOXO, Gossip Girl.



Hart of Dixie (season 1)

19,313 views Comments (22)

Hart of Dixie 1 season

22 episodes

A brand new project from Josh Schwatz and Stephanie Savage (Gossip Girl, The O.C.). A comedy drama is talking about a young doctor from New York named Zoe Hart who gets a prescription for a doctor internship in a small town in southern USA, populated by unusual and eccentric people. She does her best in getting used to a new place. The script is written by Leila Gerstein (known for Gossip Girl, Eli Stone).  (more…)


The Vampire Diaries (season 3)

30,519 views Comments (87)

The Vampire Diaries The CW season 3 2012 poster

22 episodes

The third season The Vampire Diaries gives us the opportunity to get wind of more about Klaus and his own family, and finally of his ulterior motives for wanting to have Stefan on his side. Stefan is buried deeper and deeper into darkness,  Damon and Elena is feeling guilty for their growing relationship, while they are working together to bring Stefan back. Ghosts from Jeremy’s past  have a strong signal, and begin to affect his relationships with Bonnie. Caroline and Tyler are getting closer, but the war begins between their families. (more…)


The Secret Circle (season 1)

20,888 views Comments (5)

The Secret Circle season 1 poster

22 episodes

Quite and shy High School student Cassie Blake moves with her mother from the sunny California to a gloomy town of New Salem to her grandmother who is excited about mysteries and suspiciously knows a lot about herbs. At first, Cassie misses her house and old friends but soon she meets a group of teenagers who keep the whole school in fear. They accept her to their secret circle and after a special ritual Cassie becomes part of the powerful witch clan. Later. Cassie falls in love and she is supposed to make a difficult choice: to stay with her beloved or to step into the world of black magic, and also choose between the Good and Evil that are divided with a fine line in the magical witch clan. The TV series is based on the book series of the “The Vampire Diaries” author Lisa Jane Smith. (more…)


Ringer (season 1)

8,285 views Comments (12)

Ringer Season 1 poster

22 episodes

In the focus of the story there is a young woman (Sarah Michelle Gellar) who’s got lots of problems in her life. Besides that, big troubles keep adding as now she has to hide from mafia. She decides to usurp the figure of her rich twin sister. However, soon she realizes that her sister is already wanted for a reward and there is a whole hunt going on.