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Bedrag (season 1)

838 views Comments (2)


10 episodes

Not far from one of the largest hydroelectric power plants in Denmark found a man’s body. The murder charge police Mads Yustesenu. This man is known for its mysterious dark past, which he tries not to tell colleagues. Detective immediately deny the fact that the death is an accident, believing that a man intentionally killed and rigged all, if his death was sudden. The protagonist seeks to find out the details of the case. He has to go into the details of the deceased life. Director of “Energrin” successful company soon falls under suspicion.


Borgen (season 2, 3)

908 views Comments (25)

BORGEN-BOX-SETPolitics is a dirty business, and it’s hard to disagree. Everyone knows that big business is hidden from ordinary people through political parties and leaders of social movements. The series Borgen perfectly shows what’s really going on in government and how the things are doing there. Storyline discloses how the political struggle happens, what consequences it is accompanied. The key characters of the television series is Birgitte Nyborg, which is the leader of one of the parties. Despite the fact that she won the election her real problems with only a start.



Borgen (season 1)

1,631 views Comments (1)

Borgen is a Datch political thriller from the producers of popular tv show “Murder” (Forbrydelsen). Moderate Party leader Birgitte Nyborg becomes the first woman Prime Minister of Denmark. During the campaign, she stunned her adviser and political consultant Casper Yule because Birgitte refused to publish dirt materials on the prime minister, she dressed wrong clothes on TV debates, completely departed from the prepared speech … and won!